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Wonho, Wenee

How Wonho And His Fans Saved Each Other

'Fans always go beyond my expectations. I feel their dedication every moment,' Wonho tells Refinery29.

9/16/2020 11:31:00 PM

“I used to think about whether I’m worthy of the fans’ love. Now, I think I deserve their love and I want to give them back the same amount of love” - official__wonho 💙 Wonho Wenee Love_Synonym

'Fans always go beyond my expectations. I feel their dedication every moment,' Wonho tells Refinery29.

. He didn’t rejoin his former group, though, instead deciding to start a new chapter on his own. Now, his new music harnesses and synthesizes all the awe he had for the global fanbase that refused to give up on him. He appropriately named his fans 위니 (“Wenee,” short for We Are New Ending). 

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“I used to think about whether I’m worthy of the fans' love. Now, I think I deserve their love and I want to give them back the same amount of love.Wonho”“Last year, I had support from many good people around me and from my family, but the fans are the ones that kept me going forward,” Wonho says. “I was able to bear everything because of them. I’m just amazed every time I think about it. The fans always bring results that I can’t even imagine for myself. It’s not like I ask them to — some fans always go beyond my expectations. I feel their dedication every moment.”

His first message back to them, “Losing You,” is one of deep gratitude and reverence. While the singer has a penchant for sparkly EDM synths and and lush R&B flourishes, the title track is a simple piano melody, so the lyrics (written in English and Korean, as a nod to his diverse fandom) take center stage: “Baby I would go to war for you / Build an army if you need me to /'Cause losing me is better than losing you.” While seen as a man of few words, give Wonho a pen and a microphone, and he paints illustrative pictures that need no explanation. 

AdvertisementChanel, a longtime Wonho fan from Chicago, cried when she heard the song for the first time. “It meant so much to me, and I was just so overwhelmed thinking about the place he was in when he wrote it,” she said. “And then all of the time and energy me and the other fans went through hoping this day would come. It’s hard to explain, but on top of everything, the fact that all these people from all over the world who didn’t necessarily know each other — young women, older men, Black, Latinx, Brazilian, Alaskan, everyone — coming together because we believed in Wonho and his heart. I lost it. I still do.”

The love that he feels for and feels from his fans is just one aspect of the emotion that Wonho has been pondering over the last year, as he’s contemplated the larger meaning of love. That’s whatLove Synonymis — an exploration of all the different shapes and demeanors of love. But what does love mean to him? Quality time. “Rather than devoting yourself to giving and receiving, love is more about the time you spend with each other or just being there for one another, because we’re able to support each other even though we’re physically apart,” he says. “I don’t think there’s one definition of love.” He doesn’t say this somberly, nor does he look away. He seems assured, gesturing in order to get his point across, like someone who has turned over this idea enough times to know its grooves and ridges.

Advertisement“This is what I’ve learned about myself,” he continues. “I can work very hard, and I used to think about whether I’m worthy of the fans' love. Now, I think I deserve their love and I want to give them back the same amount of love.”Besides, well,

, theLove Synonymart bears another unique characteristic — the Os in the album name are made up of two parentheses. On some versions of the album, there are wide gaps between them. He’s creating space for listeners to fill in the blanks. “Different things can be inside the pair of brackets. For instance, my fans can come inside the brackets. I wanted the time we spend together — when you’re listening to the songs I’ve written for you — to feel undefined. Infinite.”  

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Is that how he’s felt in the past few months? Undefined? Infinite? Read more: Refinery29 »

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weneenudan official__wonho Thank you Mrs Natalie Morin for this so well written article, we can feel you really welcomed Wonho with a genuine heart, and you describe him so well in a very honest way, accurately to whom he is, we can feel all his love toward us..+++ official__wonho Wonho is absolutely precious 💙🙌🏼

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official__wonho I love you official__wonho this interview just made me fall in love with him 1000x more! official__wonho official__wonho You deserve all the love 🥺❤️ official__wonho WONHO WONHO_OPENMIND Love_Synonym official__wonho I love to read how he knew that we missed him & thought of us, now is more self-assured too, and I'm so grateful he decided to come back on stage... 🖤💙 Thank you for this article, very well written! wonho Love_Synonym official__wonho

official__wonho Wonho deserves all the love and more. official__wonho official__wonho Thank you for the article. Loved it . official__wonho I wonho you 💙 official__wonho wonho you deserve all the love and support in the world. i love you so much official__wonho official__wonho You deserve everything....

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this is definitely one of the best articles i’ve ever read thank you so much!! 💙 official__wonho official__wonho Wow, I cried. This is amazing you guys. We worked so hard for him and stood by him after everything. We love you Wonho official__wonho Worthy Are you kidding me You deserve all the love and happiness ❤ we love you so much ❤ official__wonho OfficialMonstaX

wonho__ official__wonho Thank you for this wonderful article. It was so sweet and well written official__wonho We always be by your side wonho 💙 official__wonho I can only describe Wonho with this quote: 'You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess.' Love Attracts Love. So official__wonho just be yourself & know that wherever you go & whatever you do..Wenee will always be there with you.

official__wonho Wonho, you’re worthy of all the love in the world! What a beautiful article! Wonho truly is amazing, isn’t he? official__wonho eshygazit official__wonho So proud he is back to us!!!!! molly_madd official__wonho I LOVE THIS MAN 🥺 eshygazit official__wonho official__wonho, my heart is filled with joy to know that you finally believe yourself worthy of your fans' love. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and you are deserving of all good things. I love you and am so happy to see you back on stage where you belong.

WENEE1HO official__wonho great article!!! thank you so much~ wenee love wonho forever 💖💖💖 official__wonho Excellent article! official__wonho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ official__wonho kaiyak naman tong article nato 😭😭😭 official__wonho Llorando ando..!😭 que corazón más grande tiene este chico!! official__wonho

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