How Will Superstar Tour Cancelations Impact the Industry?

Canceled and postponed March/April concerts will cost the industry over half a billion dollars — and that’s just the start.


As artists & execs scramble to reschedule album rollouts, an analysis of boxscore data from 2019 offers insight into the hundreds of millions of dollars the industry will likely miss out on from major tours in the coming months

Canceled and postponed March/April concerts will cost the industry over half a billion dollars — and that’s just the start.

In 2019, the top 30 tours of March and April collectively grossed $697.5 million and sold over 6.5 million tickets during the 61-day period, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore. That marks an 11% increase in revenue from the same period in 2018, which was already up 9% from 2017. These year-over-year increases can be explained by standard inflation, an ever-growing ticketing market and the broadening scope of global attractions, which are more inclusive of hip-hop, Latin and K-pop acts than ever before.

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How Will Superstar Tour Cancelations Impact the Industry?As cities, states and entire countries shut down to flatten the curve of the coronavirus, canceled and postponed March/April concerts will cost the industry over half a billion dollars — and that’s just the start. ...and when on shutdown do we start breathing different oxygen than before? People gotta be realistic here. It's all polluted! Let God take the lead. Let's not try to be too clever. Prove there are more important things in this world? Honestly, it's far too soon to make those kind of predictions.

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