How vaccinations are changing dating, hookup culture and ‘safe’ sex

1/15/2022 11:29:00 AM

Young, fun and full of Pfizer, here's how vaccinations are changing hookup culture:

Sex, Dating

Young, fun and full of Pfizer, here's how vaccinations are changing hookup culture:

Young, fun and full of Pfizer, i-D talks to vaccinated 20-somethings about what their sex lives look like after a 12-month dry spell.

dating appsIn February, a tweetsocial mediaFor Jacob*, a retail buyer in Brooklyn, the vaccine was also a matter of being in the right place at the right time — that place being, well, online. Eligible as a public service worker, he would periodically refresh vaccine sites throughout the day and ended up getting lucky later in the evening. A straight, cis, single man, Jacob says his dating approach hasn’t so much evolved as been stunted over the last year. Moving to New York only six months before the pandemic, he never really had the chance to “hit the field,” and he became increasingly dissatisfied with online dating.

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Inspector General's Report On Botched Anjanette Young Raid Finds City's Response Was 'Exceedingly Harmful To Young'The findings are damning and continue to prove how individuals across CPD, the mayor’s office, and COPA worked to cover up the video and minimized what happened, by failing to report it and also by issuing blanket denials of the video.

Pfizer says it applied for Japan gov't approval for oral COVID-19 drugTOKYO (Reuters) -U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc said on Friday it has applied for Japanese government approval for its oral COVID-19 treatment. The application is based on global Phase II/III trials that Japan was part of, Pfizer said in a statement. With COVID-19 cases surging again, Japan is betting heavily on oral treatments to keep serious infections and deaths at bay.

Pfizer Starts the Year by Hiking Prices on 125 DrugsAfter raking in enormous profits from its coronavirus vaccine in 2021, Pfizer has kicked off the new year by hiking the prices of 125 of its drugs.

After Year of Vaccine Profiteering, Pfizer Hikes Prices on 125 Drugs\u0022Drug corporations can do this because we let them—unlike other nations that use their purchasing power to get a better deal,\u0022 said David Mitchell of Patients for Affordable Drugs.

The omicron variant is causing young children to develop croupDoctors say cases of croup are on the rise. So you ghouls are back to trying to use children in your Covid propaganda, I see. It's weird how Fox 13 Utah is the only Fox station in America more Leftist than MSNBC. Also, what is up with the nutjobs hitting the 'love' icon for this? I've often said that Liberals literally WANT Covid to be more harmful than it is, and here's the proof.

As omicron surges, effort to vaccinate young children stallsTwo months after Pfizer’s covid vaccine was authorized for children ages 5 to 11, just 27 percent have received at least one shot, according to Jan. 12 data I feel so bad for the 27% 😢

twink ,” “daddy,” “looking now” — have been replaced with just one word: “vaccinated”.View this document on Scribd The inspector general’s office reviewed thousands of emails as part of its probe, and conducted three dozen interviews with city employees.Read full article FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Pfizer logo is placed near medicines from the same manufacturer in this illustration January 14, 2022, 3:40 AM · 1 min read TOKYO (Reuters) -U.from its coronavirus vaccine in 2021, the U.

After breaking up with his boyfriend in early quarantine, 25-year-old Will Lanthier began perusing potential partners online. The attitudes of men on dating apps in Brooklyn, he says, were divided. However, the inspector general’s office said that is due in part to the fact that 20 of the employees in question have already resigned or been forced out, but it also note that Lightfoot’s decision to enlist an outside law firm – Jones Day – to conduct a separate review of the Young case. Some just looked to chat, while others seemed to pretend the world wasn’t on pause at all — advocating for in-person meet-ups. The application is based on global Phase II/III trials that Japan was part of, Pfizer said in a statement. Will himself fell somewhere in between. According to the inspector general’s report, most of the people interviewed by the its office also were questioned by Jones Day, and city attorneys objected to any questions regarding the content of the interviews with Jones Day. When he did eventually heed hookup culture’s call, Will was wracked with post-coitus guilt over his flagrant irresponsibility.” “Due to sales of its Covid-19 vaccine, which is set to be the best-selling drug of all time, Pfizer shattered profit records in 2021.

  “In the back of my mind, I know I’m not only putting myself at risk, but my roommates,” Will says, adding that each of his three roommates in his Bushwick apartment have a different approach to dating during the pandemic. “In addition to raising transparency concerns, this also prevented OIG from assessing the full nature, scope, and effect of the Jones Day investigation. The government has already started distributing molnupiravir antiviral pills after agreeing to pay Merck & Co Inc and its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics about $1. “It feels like my dating life is in the same limbo it’s been since the start of social distancing.” In February, a tweet alerted all “NY fatties” that anyone with a BMI over 30 qualified to receive the vaccine in New York. Given those complications, the inspector general’s office said it wouldn’t be fair to make any disciplinary findings in the case. It concluded with a link to sign up, and the promise that vaccines were “aplenty”. Japan's Shionogi & Co Ltd is working on its own pill, with plans to supply 1 million doses this year. Will has always had a “complicated” relationship with his body and though he qualified for the vaccine, he was left with mixed emotions. “OIG’s investigation revealed a failure of City government that, taken as a whole, adds up to more than a sequence of individual actions by City employees.8 billion.

As a person with no existing health conditions, did he really deserve it? Furthermore, did this mean he was too overweight? Simultaneously, a series of vaccine-policing posts appeared on his social media feeds, disparaging those who’d been vaccinated without fitting the ‘traditional’ mold of eligibility.  “We’re all desperate to go to the club with our friends, meet new people, make connections, kiss, hookup, date,” Will says of the vaccine watchdogs online.” The inspector general’s report focused entirely on the city’s response to the botched raid, rather than the raid itself, which was investigated by COPA. 2 during what was the country's fifth wave of the pandemic. “At the end of the day, I thought if I could benefit off of what our country determines as a qualification to get the vaccine, I had to run with it. If my thick thighs were ever going to save me, I pick now!” For Jacob*, a retail buyer in Brooklyn, the vaccine was also a matter of being in the right place at the right time — that place being, well, online. As for the city’s response to the raid, the inspector general’s office said it “uncovered a troubling series of unfounded statements, internal and external disregard for the role and independence of COPA, and a [Department of Law] team whose approach to the case led to conduct unbecoming in the form of disrespectful treatment of opposing counsel and the plaintiff. Eligible as a public service worker, he would periodically refresh vaccine sites throughout the day and ended up getting lucky later in the evening. Some vaccine makers are already developing next-generation vaccines targeting omicron. Ashley Suder, a West Virginia resident who takes Pfizer’s Eliquis to manage her autoimmune disease, told P4AD that she has had to spend her “entire paycheck” on medication and will likely be taking Eliquis for the rest of her life.

A straight, cis, single man, Jacob says his dating approach hasn’t so much evolved as been stunted over the last year. “OIG’s investigation revealed the inefficient and wasteful management of the City’s response to a wrong raid. Moving to New York only six months before the pandemic, he never really had the chance to “hit the field,” and he became increasingly dissatisfied with online dating. After months of virtual chatting, Jacob all but gave up on attempting to find a connection from inside his four walls.” For example, the report said that a member of the mayor’s press team falsely suggested COPA’s investigation of the raid was opened when Young filed a lawsuit against the city in August 2019, when in fact the agency did not begin investigating the case until three months later. There are also disruptions in Kenya and South Africa where potato chip making has been stymied. Picking up his phone to solid slabs of grey text, he often just wanted to put it back down. That said, he’s hopeful vaccinations will offer new social horizons. “While the assistant press secretary was not legally required to tell the truth to or avoid misleading reporters, their conduct demonstrated a willingness to allow and encourage false narratives to enter the public sphere and an apparent intent to mislead a reporter inquiring about a story of significant public interest,” the report stated.3%, and one in four price hikes exceeded the most recently available inflation rate at the time of analysis.

His circle of friends consists of other single, vaccinated and romantically dissatisfied Brooklynites, and though he says their newfound immunity has left them hopeful — that hope is not necessarily “rooted in dating”. Primarily, they just want to reconvene in public, platonically or otherwise. Instead, an assistant corporation counsel sent a CPD member detailed to the Law Department to retrieve the footage, retrieving 14 videos.  “One thing I think we also need to realise and respect in others is that this has been an emotionally difficult time for all,” Jacob says, though he’s eager to start dating once he’s fully vaccinated. “I am looking forward to being able to meet people in real life as opposed to digitally.” When a judge later ordered the city to turn over the forage to Young’s attorney in February 2020, the law department turned over those 14 videos on a flash drive, but the Law Department didn’t first conduct a sufficient search or follow up to ensure it had acquired all body camera footage of the raid, despite a judge’s order to do so.” Half-vaccinated couples are also contending with a new set of social expectations.

Research coordinator and DJ Blake Song, has received both vaccinations, while his partner, Bailey Kinsolving, a marketing specialist, is yet to have her first. The report also noted that Lightfoot herself made misleading statements about what she knew about the raid. As a result, the LA-based couple are still taking precautions to avoid spreading the virus, even as that becomes increasingly difficult. Recently, they had to make several trips to Bailey’s Northern California hometown to visit her sick grandfather. However, a day after that apology, Lightfoot admitted that her staff informed her that Young’s case and other wrong raids were brought to her attention in November of 2019 . Several weeks ago, they attended his funeral among various members of Bailey’s family. Even after Blake had been vaccinated, both got tested prior. “Regardless of whether the Mayor recalled these conversations or information, the release of a public and declarative denial of any prior knowledge of the Young raid by the Mayor’s press office lacked the appropriate due diligence and fact-checking, and created an incomplete and inaccurate depiction to the public and the media of the City’s prior discussions of the wrong raid,” the report stated.

“The pandemic is not over, and we are very aware of that,” Bailey says. “We are inherently cautious people, so we are doing our part to be responsible in the decisions we make and the people we see. “As leaders of CPD—and as some of the first City officials besides the participating CPD members to learn of the raid—the failure of CPD senior officials to report or ensure the reporting of the wrong raid for investigation implicated the CPD rules and regulations requiring members to ‘report promptly’ to COPA such actions, and to ‘report … any other improper conduct,’ and therefore likewise implicates a ‘failure to promote the Department’s efforts to … accomplish its goals.” Freelance writer/journalist, Brianna Holt, suffers from asthma, and thus will receive her second dose of the vaccine in New York this month. Her boyfriend, Oskar ‘Oski’ Rozenberg, is a professional skater who frequently travels for work. As the CBS 2 Investigators have previously reported, COPA did not open an investigation into Young’s case until nine months after the raid , after CBS 2 first broke the story of the botched raid. Oski has no underlying health conditions, but expects he might be vaccinated come July per Olympic committee requirements.

The pair have been dating since October 2019, and split their time between New York and California. “OIG determined that COPA’s general counsel’s assignment to paralegals of the weight and responsibility of responding to CPD requests—especially along with the surreptitious instruction to provide blanket, boilerplate responses—failed to live up to the standards required for a supervisor and top legal counsel to a City department,” the report stated.  “We’ve become conditioned to caution, and that’s difficult to unlearn.” Prior to Brianna’s vaccination, the pair found a kind of compromise in the fact that Oski’s inherently more social profession is entirely outdoors, whereas Brianna usually completes her work solo, indoors. “The COPA chief administrator’s coordination with [mayor’s office] staff in the preparation of public testimony and written answers to the City Council created the appearance of political influence and diminished institutional independence of COPA,” the report stated. Nonetheless, Oski still wears masks while interacting with film crews or other skaters, knowing that — until now — Brianna might be seriously at risk were she to contract the virus. “Being vaccinated has definitely made me feel safer about social interactions, but also has made Oskar and I feel safer around each other,” she says.’” CBS 2 has reached out to the mayor’s office, COPA, CPD, and the Law Department for a response to the inspector general’s report.

Now, Brianna worries about the collective “frustration” felt by those non-vaccinated. Many are chomping at the bit to connect with friends and family in-person, she says, but the risk hasn’t changed. All other search warrants will now have to be approved by a deputy chief or higher. “Just because there are less people in the ICU or on ventilators, doesn't mean a multitude of super-spreader events could not cause another Covid surge.” Last summer, Blake and Bailey set an August 2021 date for their wedding. CPD also said it now requires at least one lieutenant and at least one female officer on the scene when executing any search warrant. It could be perfect timing considering Biden’s ambitious vaccine roll-out , but they’re prepared to compromise if things don’t go as planned.

No doubt each guest will be required to present negative Covid tests — regardless of whether or not they’ve been vaccinated — as an extra safety measure. According to the report, the Law Department has agreed to implement several reforms, including a new values statement to be presented to all employees, new training on employees’ duties to both city government and the public, creating a new policy manual, and working with COPA to create a clear policy on requirements for prompt notification of lawsuits against the city. We’ve become conditioned to caution, and that’s difficult to unlearn.  “I think we both are on the same page [with regards to the pandemic],” adds Blake. MORE NEWS: Thieves Steal $23,000 Worth Of Merchandise From Burberry At Oakbrook Center “The two most senior individuals involved in this matter at the time of the incidents described in the OIG report were asked to resign as a direct result of the conduct they either directed, approved, or encouraged subordinates to take in the Young case,” the Law Department stated in the report. “Of course we'd love things to go back to ‘normal’ right now, but it's patience that will help us emerge from this in due time.” “Patience” will remain a running theme for those still navigating pandemic-stricken cities.

Truly ‘safe’ sex, or anything in close quarters, still feels foreign. It will take unlearning all our newfound habits, carefully refined over the past year spent stripped of all the fundamentals of a fulfilling social existence. We can all talk a big game in regards to our sex lives and party calendars this summer, but it’s Blake and Bailey’s approach that likely best reflects society’s sentiments at large: just because we finally can get back out there, will we? Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. “Would it make me feel better meeting up with someone else who has received the shot once I have myself? Sure,” Will Lanthier says. “As long as they’re nice and cute — I’m open!” *Name has been changed .