Support For Western Wildfire Victims - Cnn

Support For Western Wildfire Victims - Cnn

How to support western wildfire victims

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7/21/2021 11:30:00 PM

Raging wildfires continue to burn across multiple states in the western US. Here's how you can help those in need.

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Amid high security, small pro-Trump crowd rallies at U.S. Capitol

Police and media vastly outnumbered protesters around the U.S. Capitol on Saturday at a sparsely attended rally by supporters of the people who breached the building on Jan. 6, trying to overturn former President Donald Trump's election defeat.

Forest fires can be prevented by thinning. It is the mountains that love the mountains a little more and are more hurt than humans. Even if it's hot, the mountains can't escape, It is human love to protect. Wildfires are man-made disasters. Punish the owner without blaming the mountain. The mountain had a bright red face and must have been hot.

CNN claims to be nonpartisan while announcing new streaming service: 'We're not an opinion network'CNN announced its new CNN+ streaming service on Monday, claiming that the platform starting next year will be free from partisan agendas despite the network's well-established liberal lean. I have one reaction to CNN claiming not be an opinion network. 😂😂😂 The Forbes tells the tale for CrapNewsNetwork (CNN). Forbes reports CNN has dropped a whopping 57% in prime time. MSNBC is in freefall at 37% decline as FNC crushed all of them. I hope both of these pathetic networks are driven into bankruptcy. Fact check: wrong.

Catholic shrine opens doors to other faiths amid deadly flooding - CNN VideoA Catholic shrine in Belgium has opened its doors to other faiths for the first time since World War II amid ongoing floods in the region. CNN's Al Goodman reports. Arizona's forensic audit proved what we already knew Trump won easily,there is no such thing as a perfect crime there is a poorly investigated crime Trump is the president of the United States although courts refuse to recognize evidence of electoral fraud

Heavy rainfall floods streets and subway stations in China - CNN VideoZhengzhou, a city in central China, has had a record-breaking level of rainfall that has caused major flooding and displaced thousands of people. How about some reporting on HARP and other technologies used to control, produce etc the weather. If you believe everything is only climate change your not crtically thinking outside the box. That’s fucked. Hope my Chiggas out East are ok. 🙏 How did increased CO2 cause this? I’ll wait for all the liberal “climate scientists” commenting to answer.

CNN lanzará un nuevo servicio de streaming a comienzos de 2022La cadena de noticias CNN anunció este lunes el lanzamiento a principios del próximo año de un nuevo servicio de streaming que operará en paralelo a su oferta de televisión y para el que contratará a cientos de profesionales. good luck

Eco Solutions - CNNThis eco-friendly vodka, made from captured carbon dioxide, has a negative carbon footprint. It takes an extra pound of CO2 out of the air for each bottle produced. So if I drink that, I can help save the planet? Anyone studying whether sex removes CO2 from the atmosphere? Asking for a friend who has a date nite planned. more detail; I thought all vodka is eco-friendly Saving the environment one drink at a time?

Inside CNN Plus: A First Look at the New Streaming Service (EXCLUSIVE)CNN disclosed the first details of its long-awaited new subscription streaming service Monday, which will launch in the first quarter of 2022 with 8-12 hours of original live content each day. CNN … Oh, no another paywall. Digital divide! So, 2 tier news now? hahahahahahahahahahah