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Professional Women, Entrepreneur

How To Successfully Pivot As A Female Entrepreneur

How To Successfully Pivot As A Female Entrepreneur

7/29/2021 3:03:00 PM

How To Successfully Pivot As A Female Entrepreneur

Three experts who have successfully pivoted their businesses due to external circumstances give tips for female business owners on how to do the same.

gettyBy: Olivia Liveng and Carly OrrisThere’s a bond of sisterhood between fellow women entrepreneurs and a sense of trust when discussing business with one another. As women, we feel inspired when we see a fellow female trailblazing a path before us and wanting to share her experience and advice to help others succeed in the path before them.

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Unfortunately, due to the past year's events, some haven’t built their businesses quite as easily because of a lack of resources, or they have had to quickly and effectively pivot. But even though “pivoting” may have a negative connotation, sometimes it is the best possibility for your business.

Here is advice from three successful entrepreneurs who understand the art of the professional pivot. After all, as Business Coach Abby Schultz says:Change happens because you are growing, learning, and evolving. You will change, your clients’ wants, needs, and desires will change, and your business will change with that.

Be honest and transparent.Ana Kover Alaelier, a design practice that has had to pivot tremendously over the years to fit with current trends and styles. Ovtchinnikova says:We are currently in the process of pivoting our business model as we have been taking on more work. As a small interior design company, we needed to develop a better strategy for ultimate efficiency throughout the design process. By analyzing our work methods, determining the best way to manage clients, contractors, and project deliverables, we have been able to improve the experience which we provide.

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