How to Store Apple Pie for a Fresh Slice

As if you’re going to have leftovers...

9/21/2021 12:02:00 AM

How to store apple pie for a fresh slice.

As if you’re going to have leftovers...

, you can store it in the fridge, but Lana recommends letting it come up to room temperature before serving. However, she advises against storing a fully baked pie in the freezer.In addition to location, location, location, it’s also important to properly wrap and seal an apple pie. If using plastic wrap, Lana recommends double wrapping the pie. To do this, “pull a long sheet of plastic wrap, place the whole pie tin on the wrap, and fold the ends over each other,” says Lana. Folding the ends over each other ensures that both the tops and sides are securely covered, which keeps the apple pie protected and fresh for as long as possible. If you want to reduce your plastic usage, Lana adds that can store your pie under a pie dome, in a pie box, or in an airtight plastic container.

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“The trick for all of these methods is tomake sure the apple pie is at room temperature before storing it; otherwise condensation can gather from the warm pie and make the whole thing a slick, soggy mess,” advises Lana.But Wait...I Haven’t Baked It Yet

If you are ahead of the game and prepared your pie a few days early, first of all, props to you! But second of all, there are a couple of steps to follow to properly store a pie before baking it. “While we don't typically recommend assembling apple pies too far in advance, we would recommend that you store a

in the freezer and then pop it into the oven to bake from frozen,” says Lana.How Long Is Pie Good For? Read more: Food52 »

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