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How to stay comfortable in a mask all day for work, school, flights and more

Make wearing a mask all day more comfortable by washing it regularly, using adjustable ear loops and more.

8/2/2021 10:27:00 AM

Make wearing a mask all day more comfortable by washing it regularly, using adjustable ear loops and more.

Make wearing a mask all day more comfortable by washing it regularly, using adjustable ear loops and more.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.As the country returns to school and heads back into the office, many will be expected to wear face masks in light of the. While we are used to wearing face masks in general, those who have been staying home up until now will need to get used to wearing masks for longer periods of time. But fear not—masks can and

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shouldbe comfortable to wear, even during an eight-hour shift.Subscribe to Reviewed'sResources newsletterfor tips, tricks and hacks to get through this together.Whether you or a loved one are on the job, at school, or traveling on a long-haul flight or train ride, there's plenty that you can do to make wearing a mask the whole day a lot more pleasant. Read on to see tips from medical experts on how to make your mask as comfortable and breathable as possible.

Find your best fitOne of the best ways to ensure a comfortable mask is by making sure your mask fits you properly. With a mask that fits you just right on the nose, chin, and ears, you can avoid common pain points like ear strain from the loops or the fabric rubbing against your mouth or nose.

One way to get a better fit is by double-masking asthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendsfor extra protection. The masks should be one reusable mask and one disposable mask layered on top of each other, not two reusable or two disposable masks."If you can't get a good fit [with other techniques], putting on two masks can make it fit better," says Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vazquez, infectious disease physician and associate hospital epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center.

If you still feel irritated by your mask rubbing against your face, you can try using a silicone mask bracket that cups around your mouth and nose to minimize contact with your skin. It helps one to feel less confined or constricted in a mask. Just make sure to properly wash your mask bracket after each use to avoid further discomfort.

Wash your masks oftenyour mask may cause irritationon your face, especially after long periods of wear."Mascne"—or acne under or around where your mask sits—can occur, along with other skin irritation problems like contact dermatitis, which is a kind of itchy skin rash. Dr. Cassandra Pierre, an infectious disease specialist at Boston Medical Center, recommends washing your mask regularly to prevent such conditions. The CDC says a reusable mask should be washed"whenever it gets dirty" or at least once a day. If you use disposable masks, throw them away after each use. 

You can toss your reusable masks into your washer with any laundry load, using regular detergent to clean it. If your masks have metal nose wires or delicate ear loops, you may want to hand wash them withor soap. Allow your mask to air dry in direct sunlight if possible or toss it into the dryer on a warm or hot setting.

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Anti-fog your glassesIs your face mask making your glasses fog up? While there are some temporary fixes for this common annoyance, sometimes it's just an inevitable part of mask-wearing with glasses or sunglasses."It can depend on the temperature and humidity of the area," says Andujar Vazquez."It's especially hard in the summertime when you go from the sweat, heat and humidity from outside, and then you go inside [into the cold]."

While Andujar Vazquez says fogging can happen even with properly fitted masks, such as a fitted N95 mask, Pierre says the fit can still be a contributing factor. "If you have gaps around the side, your warm breath will rise up and cause your glasses to fog more easily," says Pierre.

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37 face masks that are perfect for the new school yearThese fun designs might make wearing a mask a little less daunting. ones where one can breathe? I don’t think the writer has taught in a classroom… those clear panel ones make you feel like you’re suffocating and make your face just drip. swampmask The relevant factors to have considered should have been filtration, pressure drop (ease of breathing through), tightness of fit to face, and comfort over 8 hours. Not how “cute” the patterns are. What a horrid article. A better resource can be found here:

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