Job Interview, How To İnterview With Confidence

How To Start The Job Interview With Confidence: 3 Strategies Top Performers Use

How To Start The Job Interview With Confidence: 3 Strategies Top Performers Use

9/28/2021 11:56:00 AM

How To Start The Job Interview With Confidence: 3 Strategies Top Performers Use

When it comes to the job interview process, starting the conversation can be tricky. Here's how to interview with confidence .

Step 2: The Best Question to Ask in the Job InterviewYou want to know if your values are valuable. If your past has passed inspection. If your conversation has provided a solution. Right? So, how can you know if they are picking up what you are laying down? One of the most frustrating things is to come back from a job interview, and your partner or boyfriend or mom or best friend says, “So, how did it go?” and you fumble for a solid answer. “I...I think it went well...I guess...I answered all their, I’m not sure how it went really.”

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Because you don’t know where you stand. You share, you explore, you expound on your background...but what did you do to build rapport? To get the interviewer talking? To show that you are sincerely curious about what they want, and need?It’s an easy trap to fall into: the idea that your CV speaks for itself. That your experience tells its own story. But of course it never does. If you say something but they don’t hear it, it doesn’t exist! Character counts, in large amounts. Did you demonstrate who you are and what you value - and get the interviewer talking as well? In the interview, are you demonstrating and describing stories about your personal integrity, your understanding of words like “commitment”, “teamwork” and “collaboration”?

The only way to find out where you stand is to ask your interviewer for input. I’m not saying you should ask, “So, do you like me better than the others? Am I your favorite?” That’s tactless and will not serve you. But what about sincerely wondering how your background and the stories you are sharing are landing? Don’t you care about how you might be a fit, don’t you wonder about where you stand in the interviewer’s eyes? Stories that demonstrate concepts in action are the stories you need to share. Don’t wait to read the review on Yelp. Get the deets in realtime, or you might get to deal with disappointment instead.

Hav the courage to share experiences where your values were demonstrated - or tested. How did you overcome an obstacle in your career - and how can that experience be valuable to your next employer? Curiosity can be a valuable skill to bring into the interview.

Step 3: Consider the One Word Story in the Job Interview - and Access greater ConfidenceIn my career workshops and leadership seminars, I talk about the idea of the “One Word Story”. On the surface, you may think that a one-word story doesn’t exist. After all, a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end, right? Wrong. The one-word story can be a simple way to never lose sight of your message and your personal values. If you don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a one word story, take a look at the picture below, and see if there’s a one-word story that takes shape for you:

What one-word story comes to mind?PIXABAYPerhaps you see a story of connection. Caring. Protection. Legacy. Love. Or whatever shows up for you. Could there be a one-word story around your background, your resumé, your experience? Maybe that word, for you, is creativity. Or leadership. Service. Innovation. What comes to mind? What’s one word that has described your experience, from a very high level? Does that single word reflect your values, and your contribution?

The Power of Focus in the Job Interview ProcessWhatever the case may be, having a one-word story can help you to interview with confidence. Because the one-word story reminds you who you are. The one-word story represents your values. And your contribution.

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A great interview comes from focus. Knowing where to look, and knowing what to ignore. If you have a one-word story in mind, you always have a conversation starter at your fingertips. Because the one-word story is the story of you. A story of who you are. A story of what you value. A story of what you can contribute in your next opportunity. That one-word story is like the North Star. When you know who you are, you’re never lost. You always have a connection to share - and that connection creates engagement and distinction for your skills inside of the interview.

Of course, if you want to really know if your experience is a fit, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask how your story fits for the position, and how your interviewer might see your background applying to the new role. Find the courage to turn your story into a conversation, with curiosity as your guide. What would happen if you discovered a one-word story, and opened with something that’s not on your resumé? You just might create a conversation where you are as curious about the company as they are about you.

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