How to Remember Your Strangest Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

Experts say it’s possible to train your brain.

7/24/2021 12:28:00 AM

How to Remember Your Dreams in 5 Steps, According to Sleep Specialists

Experts say it’s possible to train your brain.

Don’t reach for your phone, andwithout looking at devices. You want to “bathe” in your reflections about what you were just dreaming about, and a distraction from a device will often suck you in while pushing any fuzzy memories right on out.4. Tell your partner about it.

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If you share a bed, tell the person next to you about your dream, and recount as many details as you can. Doing so can be a great way to keep yourself thinking actively about the dream that’s woken you up, or about one that you had during the night.5. Write it all down.

If you’re prepared byplacing a pad of paper and a pennear your nightstand, take some time to write details down after you’ve stewed on the dream in question while laying in bed. “It doesn’t have to be a detailed description,” Wu adds. “The point is to get in the habit of spending a few seconds remembering a fresh dream so you will more automatically do so in the future.”

Can you train yourself to remember your dreams?There’s more research that needs to be done, but Wu says it is indeed possible to train your brain to be ready to recall dreams by working on your intentions during the day.“Simply by having the intention to remember your dreams at bedtime, someone can increase their dream recall,” she explains. “Say to yourself, before bed, ‘I’m going to remember my dreams tomorrow morning.’”

A mantra such as this one canindeed impact your sleep routine, as physically thinking about the dreams you’re having can also lead to change in the way your brain acts, Wu explains. This is especially true for those with nightmares, as a chronic or recurring scary or traumatic dream is a learned behavior by the brain.

“If you take a nightmare and change the script, and rehearse this script in your mind for 20 minutes during the day, you’re giving your brain an alternative option at night,” Wu says. “The more you practice during the day, the more likely your brain will play you the alternate movie at night.”

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