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The Great Resignation, Quitting Your Job

How To Quit Your Job With Class And Handle A Counteroffer

Here's how to quit your job with class and handle a counteroffer:

8/1/2021 8:00:00 AM

Here's how to quit your job with class and handle a counteroffer:

If you are contemplating leaving your employer, and have already thought through this important decision, here is a classy way to tender your resignation without burning any bridges and maintain good relations with your former boss and coworkers.

Right about now, your manager is trying to process what is happening. Since you’re a good worker, she’ll be upset that you’re moving on. She then realizes a replacement will be needed. It's summer and not the best time to hire, she’ll worry. With a vacation planned, the role may be open for a while. Knowing that several other workers have time off scheduled, there will be a feeling of frustration that everyone, including herself, will be inconvenienced and required to put in extra hours.

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While her mind is racing, tell her, “I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I’ve learned so much from you. You are a mentor and friend, in addition to my boss.” Knowing that there will be extra work to do with you leaving, let her know, “I plan to give two weeks’ notice, so that I can help during the interim time period and hand off my workload to my co-workers. If you need an extra week or so, I’ll try to make that happen.” Your boss will feel a little more comfortable, knowing that you’re not storming out the door and the team has some breathing room to figure everything out for themselves. You should add, “Please feel free to call me at the new company if you need anything.” This will reassure her that you are thinking of her, your soon to be former co-workers and the company. It's a graceful and respectful way to leave on good terms.

Your boss may ask, “Is there anything I could do to change your mind?” She might inquire if her manager and other senior-level executives could speak with you. Be leery of this. It is a thinly veiled ploy to guilt, pressure or bribe you to stay. A counteroffer could backfire.

If you are resolute in your decision, let your boss know that it's not necessary to have the additional conversations, as your mind is already made up. The counteroffer is similar to a relationship breakup. The party who is jilted will usually say something like, “I didn’t know you felt this way. I thought we had something special.” As the realization sinks in, you’ll get the corporate version. “Please don’t leave. What can I do to keep you? I’ll change. I promise this time will be different!” 

In both instances, the person only cares when you’re walking out the door. They had plenty of time to do right by you, but didn’t. Knowing that you’re planning on leaving, they’ve woken up to the fact that you’re awesome and really hard to replace. It's too little too late. If they really cared about you, they’d have shown you the love before you said you’re leaving.

Your manager’s bosses may feel it's easier to throw some money at you to keep you from moving on. They figure you’d get a raise in the new year, anyway, so it's like paying you now rather than later. They’ll be aware of how tight the job market is, and it's not easy to find a person to take your place. It's likely they’ll have to pay a higher salary than what you were earning. Then, there is the cost of using a recruiter and all the time and effort that will be needed to vet a number of candidates through the lengthy interview process. 

It is best to firmly say, “Thank you, but no thank you.” If you don’t, one executive after another will try to pressure you into staying. The challenge is that if you relent, it usually doesn't go well when a counter is accepted. To retain you, they’ll profess their undying love and admiration. Shortly afterward, you’ll be seen in a different light. The tension could get very uncomfortable. They remember the conversations, as if you were holding them over a barrel, demanding more money to stay. They’ll think of you as a mercenary. The trust factor will be gone too. Your boss and management will think that you betrayed them by interviewing behind their backs. Every time you come into the office late, take a long lunch, sign out early or don’t promptly hop on a video call, it will be presumed that you are interviewing for a new job.

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Things could go downhill so fast that you feel the need to quickly leave. Since the mood at the company is so inhospitable, you’re likely to take the first offer to get away. The new job may not be nearly as good as the one you gave up to stay at the company. 

One last piece of advice. If you are called into human resources for an exit interview, you need to be careful. No matter how much you want to complain about your boss or share any and all sordid details that you know about, keep them to yourself. It's not worth the risk. You could come across as a malcontent, invoke the wrath of the people you threw under the bus and never get a good reference from the company.

The goal is to play the game, say all of the right diplomatic things and leave on good terms. Don’t burn any bridges behind you, as you never know when your former manager and co-workers could come in handy for reference checks or help you throughout the rest of your career.

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TERRIBLE advice. As an employee rather than an indentured servant, you are free to seek other work if you so choose w/o shame. And better not offer to stay a third week unless you cleared it w/ new employer. Plus, taking calls from old job will interrupt the new one. WTF ? this is terrible news

Got a job offer? Here's how to decide if you should — or shouldn't — accept a counterofferAsking yourself these four key questions can help you decide if you should accept a counteroffer from your current job, or take the new job. acorns good acorns Never accept a counter offer. You’ve shown your hand and I promise, they are immediately looking to replace you the MOMENT you inform them of notice.

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