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Wsjwhatsnow, California Energy Commission

How to Keep the Lights on in California

There’s no silver bullet for California’s electricity problems nor its solutions. @djtgallagher explains. #WSJWhatsNow

9/16/2020 11:15:00 PM

There’s no silver bullet for California’s electricity problems nor its solutions. djtgallagher explains. WSJWhatsNow

The state’s energy policies aren’t entirely to blame for its power woes, but a nuanced approach to a solution can help avoid future blackouts.

As California keeps facing electricity shortages, the discussion around its grid often veers to extremes.On the one hand, some see it as a sign that the state has moved away too quickly from natural gas and nuclear power, which can run on command. Others see the heat waves and the tragic wildfires as further evidence that the state should move even faster toward a carbon-neutral future based on intermittent renewables. That misses some nuances.

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djtgallagher Build more power plants... djtgallagher Just one new nuclear power plant would help a lot. Too bad public opinion and politics so often come up with the wrong answers. djtgallagher Nuclear energy. djtgallagher Nuclear energy? Or maybe natural gas? Also proper forest management(that is just an aside)

djtgallagher To go totally green is noble and all but like it or not fossil burners still have their place. CA decommissioned too much capacity too soon. Now the customers pay the price. djtgallagher Actually, there is. Make rational decisions based on economic and technical realities. Unfortunately, California is not prepared to do any such thing.

djtgallagher Add more solar panels you liberal buffoons... djtgallagher Get rid of your democratic government. djtgallagher Cleanspark is a huge step towards a solution. $CLSK djtgallagher How about building more gas fired and nuclear power plants, or restarting nukes that were recently taken off line?

djtgallagher Google South Africa and beware of Loadshedding

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Vaccine-Makers Keep Safety Details Quiet, Alarming ScientistsThe morning after the world learned that a closely watched clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine had been halted last week over safety concerns, the company&39;s chief executive disclosed that a person given the vaccine had experienced serious neurological symptoms.But the remarks were not public. My kids and I are fully vaccinated w recommend vax, and annual flu shots. I am not anti vaccine. BUT... I suffer from serious neurological symptoms from a vaccine trial in 2016. We need to make sure a potential coronavirus vaccine is safe! covid19 vaccinetrial Not sharing these anymore. It'll scare recruits. The illness was probably not related to the vaccine. I'm glad you're being careful , but let's go already! More than likely the 'vaccine' has a higher death rate than the actual coronavirus itself thats why.

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Police leaders pressed Rochester to keep Prude video secretRochester, New York, police commanders urged city officials to hold off on releasing body camera footage of Daniel Prude’s March suffocation death because they feared violent blowback, emails show. The video was made public by Prude’s family on Sept. 4. Pigs doing pig shit. They'll find out we didn't do our job! Spitters and shitters gonna loot

Many states keep patchy data or don't release results from antigen COVID tests, review showsMore than 20 states either don’t release or have incomplete ata on the rapid antigen tests now considered key to containing the coronavirus. “incomplete ata” 😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️