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Body C9nfidence, How To Boost Body Confidence

How To Feel More Body Confident, According To Experts

What to feel more body confident?:

8/2/2021 1:00:00 PM

What to feel more body confident?:

Three body image experts share their top tips on how to accept and embrace the way your body looks, no matter the shape or size.

Besides,"most of us aren’t posting photos of the everyday moments where we look like normal humans slouched at our desk or sitting on the couch in old sweatpants. All of this creates a particularly dangerous atmosphere in which a very small percentage of bodies get attention for what they look like for only a very small percentage of the time," explains Barnes. 

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So, what should you do when you find yourself falling into the social media rabbit hole of comparison? Instead of ruminating over what you don’t like about your body, try to shift your focus toward acknowledging and accepting everything that your body

canfulfill. Here's why it's important to cultivate body confidence:"Body confidence is the ability to feel at home in your body, no matter your size or shape," says Ima."It's the understanding that your appearance is simply not the most important feature of who you are as a person and that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' body," adds Barnes.

"When you live with body confidence, you free up a tremendous amount of energy that you can then focus on your goals, your mental health and on connecting with the people you love. On the surface it may seem like it’s about wearing a bikini confidently (and that part is fun!) but the real benefit comes in allowing you to live a life aligned with your true values," says Barnes. 

How to boost body confidence:So, are you ready to kick body dissatisfaction to the curb? Awesome! Here are six expert-approved strategies to help you become more body confident:Tailor your social media feeds."If you find particular sites or social media profiles triggering, avoid consuming them," suggests Taylor."Even if some of those accounts might belong to people you know in real life—you have no obligation to follow them on social media," says Barnes. Instead, follow accounts that are actively focused on building positive body image, represent people in diverse bodies or don't focus on bodies at all, suggests the Austin-based body image coach. 

Separate your self-worth from your appearance."We have been taught both directly and indirectly that we are only worth our level of perceived attractiveness. Once you realize that you are worthyregardlessof how you look, you'll move closer toward body confidence," says Ima. 

Don’t focus on numbers."Weight on the scale, the size on your jeans, number of calories burned—none of those define what a healthy and happy version of your body looks like," says Barnes. Instead, learn to listen to your body."Eat when you’re hungry, move your body in ways that feel good and get enough rest and your body will look the way it is meant to," she adds.

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Focus on what you love about yourself.It’s not just loving the way you look that helps build your body confidence, it's also about embracing who you are."Think about your values, qualities and accomplishments that make you who you are," says Taylor. Appreciate your strengths and if you're not sure where to begin, ask a loved one who has no doubt got a long list guaranteed to boost you up, adds the wellbeing expert. 

Try self-neutrality."If you are finding it hard to be confident in your body or nurture positive thoughts toward yourself, work on neutrality first. It's hard to jump from 'I hate my body' to 'I love my body' so body neutrality is a good stepping stone," says Ima. Start by frequently appreciating your body for what it can do. Statements like"I am thankful my body carried me to work today" or"I am grateful to still be able to exercise" will help you start to foster a much less negative opinion of your body, notes the health coach. 

Recognize that the world is home to a sea of diverse bodies—and that includes yours."It's so easy to compare yourself to others, as everyone does it. But whether it's someone's figure, chest size, muscles or legs, everyone's body has its own story. In fact, someone is likely looking at your body and comparing themselves to you!" Taylor points out. In reality, everyone's body is unique. This is why it's important to learn to appreciate other people’s bodies without wanting to change your own, says Taylor. 

Lastly, think of positive body image as a practice rather than a destination."It’s not a state to be perfected, it’s a daily practice of self-acceptance," says Barnes. So if you find yourself slipping on some days, don't beat yourself up about it. Remember that you are still learning and even small, shaky steps count as progress.

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How To Feel More Body Confident, According To ExpertsThree body image experts share their top tips on how to accept and embrace the way your body looks, no matter the shape or size. Want* Exercise and eat better.

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