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How To Drive Faster Energy Innovation With More Women


It’s also the sector that needs the most rapid innovation, especially as the planet reaches yet another record CO2 level. And, a diverse workforce drives innovation the most. What will it take to get more women hired and promoted into leadership in the energy sector? Six ideas....

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 03: Floodwaters surround homes on September 3, 2017 in Houston, Texas. A

: “The companies that care about diversity, sustainability, climate and safety are the companies that are going to win when it comes to the war for talent,” Mehnert told me.

“Companies need to look at the whole family…to make it easier for women to move up,”

and, thereby, driving concerted efforts for meaningful change and looking for accountability.

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How smart ideas are helping to accommodate China's renewable energy driveChina is aiming to lay down a marker on the renewable energy sector. first

104-year-old woman celebrates birthday with a children's book drive104-year-old woman celebrates birthday with a book drive to collect 104 children's books. Wow happy birthday Granny Una historia que pienso le puede gustar a ClaMoralesM Happy birthday 🌺🥂🎶💃🕺🕊❤❤❤❤

If You Do One Move For Strong, Sculpted Shoulders, Please Let It Be A Lateral RaiseThink BSE: Big Shoulder Energy .

Thousands of UK jobs at risk as E.ON breaks up NpowerGerman energy group E.ON plans a 500-million-pound ($642 million) break-up of th... first Conservatives sack workers for party donors profiteering A Chinese company will buy it and “save” workers.

Supplying clean power is easier than storing itAs the power sector seeks to slash emissions, the challenge is storing electricity Compress it into block form, like say, coal,.. Huh?..what? Why not? Well that's stupid. Yes, storage is the problem and batteries also wear and become a severe hazardous waste problem. Plus the fact that how long does a lithium ion battery last in a computer? Mxm does not that car use power from the batteries. How then will they be able to be used for storage. This is a marketing strategy to get electric cars popular.

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