How to clean a toaster — inside and out

How to clean a toaster — inside and out

5/13/2021 8:33:00 PM

How to clean a toaster — inside and out

This small-but-mighty appliance works hard for you. Here's how to make it sparkle (and keep your kitchen safe).

2. Read the manual."Since every toaster is a little different, it’s important to always reference the owner’s manual for safety and suggested cleaning instructions for your specific appliance," said Shimek. If your paper copy is long gone, check the manufacturer's guidelines on the company's website or on a site like

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.3. Banish the crumbs.It’s important to understand how to clean inside of a toaster."Most toasters have a removable tray, or one on a hinge — turn it over and open or remove the tray," said Gonzales. Next, shake off any crumbs and wipe off stubborn ones with a dry dishcloth. Note that this process can be messy, so do it over the sink or your trash can. If the tray is extremely grimy or sticky, Shimek said it's fine to wash it with mild dishwashing soap and warm water."Just be sure it's completely dry before you pop it back in," he added.

You might also notice some crumbs caught in the coils. Gonzales suggested using a clean, dry paintbrush to gently brush them loose before shaking them out. Read more: »

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