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7/1/2022 3:15:00 AM

Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and people across California are already planning to take to the streets in protest. Here are some tips on safety and preparation, should you choose to participate.

Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and people across California are already planning to take to the streets in protest. Here are some tips on safety and preparation, should you choose to participate. (KQEDNews)

Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and people across California are already planning to take to the streets in protest. Here are some tips on safety and preparation, should you choose to participate.

Can a protest ever be truly 'COVID safe'? Experts say that whether protesting is safe depends on the protest.Email WASHINGTON -- Instagram is blocking posts that mention abortion from public view, in some cases requiring its users to confirm their age before letting them view posts that offer up information about the procedure.Android and pick your alerts.19:54 Federal statistics show there were a record number of people who crossed the southern border last month: nearly 240,000.

"If they are.." Instagram said it was working to fix the problem Tuesday, describing it as a"bug..Senate, where businessman Joe O'Dea became one of the only abortion-rights-supporting Republicans in the nation to win a statewide primary this year.doing their best to keep a distance from others, it is safe enough that people should make their own choices," UCSF Department of Medicine Chair Bob Wachter told KQED in 2020." The post went on to encourage followers to donate money to abortion organizations and to protest the U."I completely understand the motivation for protesting, and people should just do it as safely as they can.illegally.

" In 2021, Chin-Hong told KQED that protests against racist violence and the killing of Black people by police were themselves"a response to a public health threat, if you think about the impact of structural racism and stress on health care.Supreme Court's decision to strip constitutional protections for abortion.O'Dea will face Democratic Sen." Now, in 2022, when it comes to weighing the desire to protest a cause with the risks of getting or spreading COVID,"I think the benefits of protesting are even more in favor of protesting now," says Chin-Hong.That"risk/benefit calculus," as he puts it, is even more in favor of attending a rally —"because we have so many tools to keep people safer," from vaccines and boosters to improved COVID treatment if someone is hospitalized." RELATED: Instagram will share local Amber Alerts in your feed to find missing children Instagram's latest snafu follows an Associated Press report that Facebook and Instagram were promptly deleting posts that offered to mail out abortion pills in states that restrict their use.It's important to note that the Black Lives Matter protests that swept across the country in May 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of now-incarcerated Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.” Democrats had spent at least $2.Many of the cities where major demonstrations took place — including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia — did not see any new surge in cases in the days and weeks following those protests.Yet, the AP's review found that similar posts offering to mail a gun or marijuana were not removed by Facebook.Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems to be completely paralyzed by its base, which doesn't believe in any kind of border controls, and that's been the problem.

COVID-19 and tear gas Members of law enforcement have used tear gas and pepper spray against protesters, including in the George Floyd protests of 2020.Medical researchers have heavily criticized this use of these weapons during this pandemic , noting how deploying them could raise the risks of COVID spreading in a crowd because of the coughing and crying they induce.Berlin photographer Zoe Noble runs the Instagram page that had its post referencing abortion blocked for viewing.But, at least for now, O'Dea's victory would seem to complicate the Democrats' plans.In 2021, Chin-Hong noted that tear gas could create an environment in which COVID-19 could spread further."You're rubbing your eyes, you're taking your mask off and there are a lot of people doing the same thing around you — so it's like you're going to a large group event without any protection on.Monday was the first time a post mentioning abortion was restricted by Instagram, although Noble has mentioned it many times before." Historically, some protesters have brought along wet bandanas or masks to help protect themselves from tear gas.But while Trump can add Bailey to his endorsement record, Democrats are betting that his victory may be short-lived.We spoke with Senator Cornyn just days after the bipartisan gun safety legislation he negotiated passed both the Senate and House and President Biden signed it.

But a wet mask will be far less effective against COVID, notes Chin-Hong, because of how the seal between mask and face can be broken by the moisture."I was really shocked that the word abortion seemed to be flagged.Chin-Hong told KQED that it's often easy to focus on what you as a protester can do to mitigate the COVID risks for yourself and those around you — but that law enforcement have a part to play on this front, too.He wanted to see police not only forgoing the use of tear gas, but questioning people outdoors rather than indoors or in a police car.The AP identified nearly a dozen other posts that mentioned the word"abortion" and were subsequently covered up by Instagram.B.He also advocated for police not asking or forcing people to remove their masks while being questioned, noting that offering mask alternatives like face shields — that allow police to still see a person's face —"would be more humane." Sponsored Have a plan, and a backup plan There's a lot you can do before a protest.An Instagram post by an AP reporter that asked people if they were experiencing the problem was also covered by the company on Tuesday, and required users to enter their age in order to view it.What we knew we had to do is something that would actually pass.

Travel with friends Choose a meeting place beforehand in the event you get separated.Among other things, the ads reminded the state's Democratic-leaning electorate that he is “100% pro-life.You may also want to designate a friend who is not at the protest as someone you can check in with.Hours later, Instagram's communication department acknowledged the problem on Twitter, describing it as a glitch.Charging your phone is an obvious one.But some activist groups also recommend taking digital security measures, such as disabling the fingerprint unlock feature to prevent a police officer from forcing you to unlock the phone.said in an email that the company does not place age restrictions around its abortion content.Pritzker's predecessor in office was a Republican.Others also recommend turning off text preview on messages and using a more secure messaging app, such as Signal.That's unfortunate.

Also, make sure that you can function without a phone.We're looking into this bug and working on a fix now," the company tweeted.Consider writing down important phone numbers and keeping them with you.Irvin, who is Black, refused to say whether he voted for Trump and largely avoided talking about abortion, delivering the kind of moderate message that could have cut across ideological lines in a general election.Pack a small bag Only bring essentials such as water, snacks, hand sanitizer and an extra phone charger."This can all take place behind the scenes, and it can be attributed to a glitch," Duffy said.The active component in tear gas adheres to moisture on your face.So it’s also a good idea to pack an extra mask or face covering in case you are exposed to tear gas.That's what's chilling about this.Kathy Hochul, who overcame primary challengers on the right and left to win her first election test as the state's chief executive.So this, to me is a much better, much more legitimate way of deciding this very controversial issue.

Some people.

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KQEDnews Pretty sure protesters in California never leave the street, they just rotate based on offense. A powerhouse state economy that habitually squanders their ability to make a change for the better. KQEDnews I don’t know anything about anything but it seems like what ever law that allows for someone to be taken off life support should guarantee abortion because the fetus needs life support to survive.

KQEDnews All these people have a need to kill unborn children... That's it.. That's what they're fighting for. Imagine, your life, requiring the ability to kill unborn children.. It's likely that most of them have no idea of what they believe in.. still,.. sad to see. KQEDnews This is how to prepare to protest. Get yourself some protective gear and means of defending yourself from the abuse of jack booted thugs. Break out the pitchforks and torches!!

KQEDnews 1. Start by being actually peaceful. 2. Watch out for the likes of 💩 and needles. 3. Don’t attack the police. KQEDnews Why haven’t they taken to the streets over high drug prices? Soaring energy prices? Food? The downward pressure on American living standards.

Instagram hides some posts that mention abortion following Roe v Wade rulingOver the last day, several abortion advocacy Instagram pages have found their posts or stories were hidden with a warning that described the posts as 'sensitive content.'

First Primaries Since Roe V. Wade Overturned Show Abortion is On BallotColorado GOP U.S. Senate nominee Joe O'Dea beat back a stiff challenge from state Rep. Ron Hanks, a Trump loyalist who opposed abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother.

Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Marc Veasey discuss migrant deaths in San Antonio, Roe v WadeCBS 11 asked both Veasey and Cornyn if there could be bipartisan legislation that's passed in Congress following this tragedy.

Pink Tells Fans Who Support The Overturn Of Roe V. Wade to 'F--k off'Pink tells fans to stop listening to her music if they support the overturn of Roe v. Wade. And she used some choice language. Some people have a need to rant & rage,to say “look at me, I’m a badass,& I’ll f**k over anyone who doesn’t think like me.” Fine, but it doesn’t signify anything, except that such a person is extremely intolerant of other’s views & would step on you like an ant if you disagree.

Actor Kimberly Elise Sparks Outrage On Twitter For Celebrating End Of Roe V. WadeOne Twitter user wrote, 'Kimberly Elise was literally in For Colored Girls.. need I remind her of the abortion plot point???' Good for her!

FAQ: Abortion in Mississippi post-Roe v. WadeMississippi Today has compiled a list of questions in regards to abortion in Mississippi after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week, and the state’s trigger law banning abortions is set to go into effect in less than 10 days. Full FAQ: