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How the ‘Star Wars: Visions’ Team Brought Anime to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

How the ‘Star Wars: Visions’ Team Brought Anime to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

9/25/2021 6:57:00 PM

How the ‘ Star Wars : Visions’ Team Brought Anime to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The producing team pulls back the curtain on the new Disney+ show and share some of the challenges that came along the way.

Waugh: Yeah, Lindsay has been an absolute hero and champion through this whole project in all honesty.Lopez: Yeah, we gave her zero time to do it, so it was pretty amazing. And like Josh said, because the lip sync is locked at the very, very end in anime, that really put us in a little three-month window there.

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Rimes:And we’re casting nine separate shows, if you look at it.Lopez: Yeah, it was 65 actors, I think.Kyber crystals are a common thread in a lot of these episodes. Is there any particular reason for that, or is it just pure coincidence?Rimes: I think it’s a coincidence. Again, it really came from the cultural perspective of the studios. To what Jacqui said before, there’s something very special to the idea of the ancient samurai in that culture and what a katana blade, sword, or family heirloom mean to the Japanese culture from generation to generation. It just really dovetails and fits really perfectly within Star Wars.

Do you get the impression that Star Wars is going to keep making bold choices a laVisions? Does Disney+ give Lucasfilm more latitude to take these big swings?Waugh:Yes, the way it’s managed now is that we see Disney+ as an amazing platform opportunity that has really redefined how we’re looking at Star Wars and what opportunities could present themselves for Star Wars. So I hope you will keep seeing us be as bold as possible and do really interesting things like this. I’m glad to hear you put it that way because I think this is a byproduct. We probably wouldn’t have been able to do this without Disney+, but the future is really bright because there’s a lot of great things to do with Star Wars that are completely unexpected. headtopics.com

Star Wars- VisionsLucasfilm Ltd.Whether it’s a personal connection or just sheer enjoyment, what episode are you most excited for people to see?Shirasaki: Which child is my favorite? (Laughs.) Ah, it’s so hard. Well, I’ll say the first one that came up in my mind was “Akakiri.” It’s a very interesting story, and it has two very funny sidekicks. I also want people to hear the music as well because it features a drum called tambora, which is very unique from other shorts. So I hope people enjoy that.

Lopez:It changes from month to month, and it has since the beginning. But I think that “Lop and Ocho” has stolen my heart. That character is so real and meaningful to me. The battle that she goes after and the strength that she shows in that story is just amazing and so heartfelt.

Rimes: I think “The Village Bride” and “The Ninth Jedi” continue to capture my imagination. “The Village Bride,” the music’s amazing. The colors, it just immerses you. It’s just such a beautiful tone poem. And “The Ninth Jedi,” they really leaned into the DNA of

Star Wars, but twisted it up in such an interesting way with how they depict lightsabers. But the score is so beautiful and it’s very evocative to John Williams. And Kara (Kimiko Glenn), our lead character is just someone you really want to root for in the same way you rooted for Rey or Luke Skywalker. So those ones are fantastic. headtopics.com

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Lopez: I’m going to be Kara for Halloween. I decided last minute. (LaughsThe music in “The Village Bride” is really something else. Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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It's apparent that Disney hamstrung them, espeically with the lengths of each episode. Those should have been an hour-long each, Starwars + Anime is a match made in Heaven, I can't wait for 2nd, and a longer season. Hopefully, Mad House Studios will be able to make one too!!!

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