Workouts, Exercise

Workouts, Exercise

How the SoulCycle Bike Transformed My Relationship With Fitness

After one year with the at-home bike, this Vogue editor has no plans to return to the gym.

6/16/2021 4:08:00 AM

If you're not ready or don't want to go back to the gym, the SoulCycle Bike is a great option

After one year with the at-home bike, this Vogue editor has no plans to return to the gym.

Photo: Courtesy of SoulCycleI decided to do it and take the plunge. It was July 2020 and it took only one week for the bike to arrive at my doorstep (yes, that quickly even during the pandemic!). I rode the bike that first day and dare I say, it was actually fun? As previously mentioned, I had never taken a SoulCycle class (yes, there are still some of us out there!), so my experience is truly a novel one. Ultimately, the playlists are what lured me to particular classes, so I always tried to search and browse by the song list (LCD Soundsystem, Sam Smith, Whitney Houston, Ellie Goulding, or Calvin Harris) before settling on one. And, of course, instructors are key in shaping every bike ride. Since new classes are added every week, I had no shortage of options. Even when I did not bike, I opted for a cardio or ab workout class instead via the

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Equinox+ app(which includes a broad spectrum of classes from Rumble Boxing to Pure Yoga). Note, every SoulCycle at-home bike purchase requires a 12-month subscription to the app ($40/month), but it’s free if you’re a current Equinox member.In the following weeks, I found myself being able to seamlessly integrate a bike ride into my daily life. Some days I’d slip in a workout in the morning before my first

Zoommeeting, sometimes in the evenings before dinner, and I often fluctuated between weekday and weekend rides. I loved that I could easily choose a 20-minute class one morning or a 60-minute class during the weekend. The beauty lies in the fact that I can be completely flexible. I’m not tied to pre-scheduled classes. I don’t need to really plan much at all. It’s a complete game-changer.

Photo: Courtesy of SoulCyclemental healthgoes, the workouts forced me to take a break from the screen, especially during a time when my days consisted of just work and sleep. Even if it was for half an hour, it was a time for me to focus fully and completely on my wellbeing. Once I am on the saddle and I hit go, I’m in the zone. Not to mention, SoulCycle’s signature

grapefruit candle by Jonathan Adler(which I purchased extra in addition to cycling shoes, hand weights, and socks—I really wanted the full experience!) certainly takes my rides to the next level.As the months went by, I felt my procrastination with exercise dissipate. The anxiety I used to feel at the gym, surrounded by people I felt were both more experienced and more fit than I was, had gone. I no longer felt inadequate because I was finally comfortable going on my own exercise journey, at my own pace, and on my own schedule without anyone else watching.

This July 2021 will mark one full year with the SoulCycle at-home bike. And to my complete surprise, there have been weeks where I bike every day. I know many people are contemplating whether they will go back to the gym post-pandemic, but for me, it’s time to say goodbye. I’m happy I’ve finally become the “exercise” person I’ve always wanted to be, just on my terms now.

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