How ‘The Onion’ Went Full-On Bernie Bro

The beloved satire site still has its knives out … for everyone but one 78-year-old senator from Vermont.


Over the latest presidential cycle, anyone reading closely might notice the site's treatment of Bernie Sanders looks less like a skewering than an affectionate back rub

The beloved satire site still has its knives out … for everyone but one 78-year-old senator from Vermont.

writers, the whole episode left a sour aftertaste. Joe Garden, a former writer and feature editor for thethat he wished the site at the time “had looked more at [Biden’s] actual career in politics … and tried to really puncture him, rather than just turning him into a clown. We helped make him more likable by inventing a version of Biden that never existed.”

It’s easy to imagine a more ambivalent humorist taking issue with such an argument that essentially gives Sanders a pass until January 2021 or beyond. Two of them I found willing to do so are among the founders of the“The punching up and punching down dichotomy works really well when you're talking about the lowest people in society—homeless or disenfranchised people—but punching up is always with regard to political figures and authority figures, and [writing about] Bernie Sanders is absolutely punching up,” said Scott Dikkers, one of the

, agreed: “These are people who are running for president of the United States. I don't think that's a valid way of talking about presidential candidates at all, especially someone who’s arguably the frontrunner in Bernie Sanders.”need to be fair in how mean they are? ... You might be asking too much of

And it surely has not been, as it’s been far more pointed in its critique of candidates like Buttigieg and Klobuchar—both of whom are far less likely than Sanders to reach the Oval Office as events currently stand. And as predictable as some of those jabs can be, they occasionally hit the mark. (I dare you, upon reading “‘I Could Spare Some Change,’ Says Man About To Become Buttigieg Campaign’s Top Black Donor,” not to simultaneously laugh and wince, the sure sign of a satirical direct hit.)

This leads to what might be the true existential question: What would its coverage of an actual Sanders presidency look like? What happens when the populist becomes the establishment?“They traditionally go for the real soft tissue,” Keck said. “One of the hallmarks of the

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I do like the graphic. It’s a nice antidote to the absurd tryna-be-Saint Francis little birdie meme. Well, if they can’t bring themselves to make fun of him now, they’ll certainly have time to do it later. I mean, it's not the onion's fault if Sanders didn't lie about his nationality, or make racist policies, or make out with his granddaughter, etc etc. You can make jokes about him being socialist but that's a tired joke that's been done to death.

i’ve seen “the onion isn’t mean enough to bernie sanders” and “the onion is too mean to candidates” takes in a week and i just don’t understand how we’re still whining about the onion in 2020 The Onion has become strangely mean lately. It's a fine line! Nope Whereas Politico's coverage looks much like a skewering.

Good How many days in a row are you going to post this?

Marianne Williamson Casts Powerful Endorsement Spell on Bernie SandersMarianne Williamson, onetime Democratic presidential primary candidate and full-time potential sorceress, has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Powerful!?!? Love orb mom🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮. Bernie showing up on Monday with a sapphire amulet and esoteric bracelets up to his elbows

Is graphic design your passion? The fact that this is your example of what it means to be a 'full on Bernie Bro' should illuminate just how vapid your grift about Bernie Bros has always been. 'We loved The Onion, until they poked fun at the media for their unfair treatment of the guy we ignorantly hate'.

we policing the free speech of a satirical magazine now? Hoes mad Imagine 'reading closely' into a staunchly satirical website lol BREAKING NEWS: Investigative reports at Politico have reported that Madison’s The Onion newspaper has been pushing fake articles in order to boost Bernie Sanders popularity! 🤪

Is the onion now bernie bros who hurt your feelings online by making a joke? What are they going to parody him for? Being right about everything for the last 50 years and being the only humane person in the race? Why are you reporting on a satirical newspaper as if they’re a credible news source?🤣 And they are still surprisingly better at analysis, keeping in touch with the American people, and far more funny than any lame ass corporate outfit like you.

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Did the onion go full Bernie Bro or are you just desperate for anti Bernie content 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 not much to mock there, SORRY! Silence rich pundits LOL who did the graphic? '....and you want him to be an *checks notes*...onion?' Corporate press really laser focused on the issues most important to the American people. Tomorrow: Is Garfield secretly in the tank for Amy Klobuchar? Find out!

*Reads The Onion CLOSELY* yes, their headlines are constantly harrassing me. This post is proof that satire died in 2016. The Democratic Establisment will just have to be happy with 90% of corporate media including Politico and let us Bernie brothers have the Onion.

I Hated Bernie Bros Until I Loved and Lost One'Raghav believed true Medicare for All—healthcare that was free at the point of service with everyone automatically enrolled—was a life or death issue. It turned out he was right: Six months after we said I love you, Raghav was dead.' katewillett writes: katewillett BoycottElleMagazine BoycottElle katewillett

Bruh u already posted that yesterday Good. Lmao they’re mad bc a parody news website might like the guy who also shares a distaste for the reality we live in. Parody has become reality at this point evidenced by the Simpsons literally doing a bit about Trump going on an escalator announcing his candidacy.

The Onion while not always funny is consistently mean-spirited. Enter the last angry man from Vermont TheOnion can go fuck itself The Onion isn’t funny anymore. Reminds me of when they went full on Obama Boy Are you people are running some YMCA scam? LOL Maybe they learned you can't skewer someone as solid as BernieSanders. Something the other media outlets can't seem to figure out. Bernie2020

6 takeaways from Bernie Sanders' huge win in Nevada.JohnKingCNN goes through the latest numbers as CNN projects Bernie Sanders will win the Nevada caucuses. JohnKingCNN smh, Americas supporting a socialist. How far we’ve fallen. JohnKingCNN Have you asked MikeBloomberg for his tax returns today? ❤️

bloomberg? is that you? So sad for you. Please try to carry on. 'Why don't comedians like us?' Getting educated: wow really speaking truth to power Bullseye Um, so? Have you watched MSNBC at all in the last year? This is a story?! A satirical 'news' service likes Bernie?! Did you just assume the gender of a non-biologocal, legal 'Person'?

Is Joe Biden the one giving those back rubs?

Bernie Sanders' Nevada win forces Democrats to reckon with potential impact of his nominationSanders' big win in Nevada, following his strong performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, increases fears among some Democrats that a Sanders nomination could cost them both the White House and Congress. Looks likes it's going to be sanders v. trump in the general election Sanders is not the reason you will lose, He’s the reason you won’t lose as bad! they want an excuse for gunning for a long-shot at impeachment and getting egg on their face. K

are you going to critique a comic book's coverage next? Isn't skewering progressives your job? If parody sites find better material in how media outlets treat Sanders then in Sanders himself, maybe that should merit some self reflection. Cool AF, to be honest 🤘 Politico Headline: Can We Get More Hate Directed At Bernie, Please?!

Try a little self crit while you’re at it Turns out mocking the one candidate who's fought for decades to bring justice to the people does not go over well with...the people? LOL Comedy writers are a smarty, savvy plugged in set who typically have a better grasp on what people are feeling than you’d expect. Funny people connect. The Onion and John Oliver have a better pulse read than Chris Matthews and Carville. reposted this?

Pete Buttigieg left Nevada gunning for Bernie Sanders before it's too lateButtigieg criticized what he called Sanders' 'inflexible, ideological revolution,' saying his view of 'capitalism as the root of all evil' would reorder the economy in the ways most Americans wouldn’t support. This guy's billionaire donors keeps him flexible alright. Why are you trying to convince us we don’t deserve a better life Pete?

ne0liberal Did TheBabylonBee write this? This is not a matter of close reading. Effective humor punches up. MIND-BOGGLING. Yeah this might make sense if you had never read any mainstream news coverage of Bernie. If you have and realize how ridiculous it is, then of course this is the angle they take It’s easier to make fun of the pandering milquetoast centrists

“tHe OnIoN iS sOdEviSiVe!!” ne0liberal Please stick to sucking at horse race analysis. Ha ne0liberal 'The onion is liberal!! In other news; water is wet. Who knew?!?' We're going to break ALL media conglomerates. We're coming for you, Politico, and we're glad to see you trembling. Be scared. You’re criticizing a satirical publication?

To be fair there’s not much material to go with after all the ‘main stream’ ‘left wing’ news outlets have gone ham on him. He’s pretty: what you see is what you get and a decent person who wants to fix things. .... A Politico backrub includes free knives. Lemme get this straight. A journalistic organization is-- checks notes-- writing an expose on how a site that satirizes journalists is not being mean enough to Bernie Sanders. Ok, then. Thanks for protecting the first amendment and informing all the citizens with your brave work.

Your actually trying to shame the onion😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 seriously?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ne0liberal it’s really so funny that this upsets you Hard to parody reality. Headline today saying Trump and Sanders have the same stance on climate change.

The Onion is doing a good job of mocking mainstream media too. Maybe the two are related? Bc the MSM seems determined to show their anti Bernie bias at every turn. Bernie Bro is a misogynistic, transphobic slur.

One of the most biassed papers accusing a satire paper of bias because people who work for the onion are sane and good and working/middle class lol WTF is this Horse Shit Cool. It helps offset the bad stories you write trying to knock him down. when the onion is the sane one You know Bernie is winning when POLITICO starts demanding satirical sites like The Onion attack Bernie. 🙄

So what does that make politico? The corporate hack? Is this a real article? Omg 😂 Politico, noooo what are you doing 🤣🤣🤣 Have you guys read Politico? Who is this article for

Hoes keep being mad. NEWS: comedy and satire can have a point of view and reflect the writer's values Why did I read that whole article? And why was it written? ah yes, how dare these artists value truth over nonpartisanship Lol it’s a satire site. They are doing satire on MSM. Connect the dots. this is the opposition dump we've all been waiting for. sanders is finished.

Waaah Are you going to cry about it

ne0liberal Neolibs crying that a satire site isn't being fair to their candidate. How about we stop using the idiotic term “Bernie Bro.” They have always let the left know that they're on our side. Since way back. the onion has been clearly left leaning since they unionized ...which totally invalidates the satire that came before.

Hard-hitting investigative journalism right here Actually there’s plenty to skewer on Bernie. His yelling. His finger pointing. His saying the same stuff over and over just like my elderly Mom. Now Marianne’s endorsement, Russians trying to help him win No por mil millones una persona decente se mete en esa farsa!!!!!

the onion and Politico are in SenSanders back pocket same pocket as his little hammer & sickle tie pin Cry more

Because he’s not a hypocrite. Hypocrisy and irony are closely related, and irony is needed for good satire. Yeah and it’s still more fucking accurate than MSNBC. I think you mean ”Bernie bro job” I’m sorry the satirical outlet pointed out that shit is bad and there is a less bad person doing well, politico ?

I mean he's not very satirable... its hard to make fun of someone who's right Now do MSNBC becoming Anti-Bernie

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