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How 'The Mandalorian' Score Found The New 'Star Wars' Sound

Ludwig Göransson reveals how he scored #TheMandalorian | #Artisans presented by @HBO

8/15/2020 4:00:00 PM

Ludwig Göransson reveals how he scored TheMandalorian | Artisans presented by HBO

How did the new 'Star Wars' spinoff series ' The Mandalorian ' find it's eerie opening tune? Ludwig Göransson, Academy Award-winning composer, walks viewers th...

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Live updates: US election and SCOTUS news

As the US election draws near, the race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden heats up. Here's the latest news around campaigns, SCOTUS vacancy, voting, and more.

HBO There’s a whole episode about it on the Making Of show.

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Mississippi flag could have Choctaw-inspired diamond shapeThe new Mississippi flag could include a magnolia or stars or representations of rivers. Or it could reflect the state's Native American heritage with a diamond shape that is important to the Choctaw community. Or it could be a mosquito Why don't we include them all? They should put me on their flag, in awesome! My people really enjoy how fun I am. I can do several commands too, I sit, down, and even stay when I want to. _Sir_Ray_ for flags! flags FunWithFlags GoodBoy