How the Kardashian Fam Has Been Spending Quarantine

How the Kardashian Fam Has Been Spending Quarantine

5/23/2020 9:25:00 PM

Kylie sizzles in another bikini – while Kim shows off her totally WILD workout gear (via toofab)

How the Kardashian Fam Has Been Spending Quarantine

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TooFab Is a whr TooFab What a waste of the air we breathe TooFab Slow day in the Stalker's Market, I take it? TooFab She is a coke head whoe TooFab NOBODY CARES! TooFab MeToo TooFab Who friggan’ cares 🤬People are dying by the 1,000s & this is important Get real 🤬😡 TooFab Dear KimKardashian kourtneykardash khloekardashian KendallJenner KylieJenner and KrisJenner Nobody wants to see your twisted plastic bodies and faces anymore. Please take your money and disappear, we don’t care where. Warm regards, The World Ps: 🖕🏻 natural is better!

TooFab TooFab TooFab Lol omg they're trashy TooFab TooFab TooFab Nobody cares! TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab TooFab I know ✋ Getting Face lifts ! Do I get a prize for the real answer ? 🤣 TooFab The Kardashians family are the virus TooFab SHE HAS MORE PLASTIC IN HER FACE AND BOOBS THAN A CHEVETTE.

TooFab Who cares TooFab Who cares. 😵 TooFab TooFab 😍😍 TooFab Body positivity from a family who purchased their faces and bodies 🤦‍♂️ TooFab Guess the Botex doctor moved in! TooFab The thot(😏) of them actually being ugly af without make up and surgery is a straight turn off so less of them on here would be appreciated.

TooFab TooFab As the world is in disarray, these people lack the intelligence to add anything of true meaning and worth outside of bikini pics. It shows you can have millions but still be a true idiot. Money doesn’t buy smarts or class. TooFab I wanna smell her feet. TooFab Karashians all got that stank puss

TooFab I’d like it more than once, but you could only hit the heart once on Twitter 😁 TooFab I’d like it more than once? but you could only hit the heart once on Twitter. TooFab The most shallow self obsessed people ever. TooFab Love to see the clip of her springing out of it 😳😳😳 TooFab I clicked that link and my IQ went down by half.

TooFab And we don’t give a flying fuck TooFab And .... In other news. Nobody gave a fuck. TooFab Man, you can tell a quarantine is happening with no news on “celebs” -they aren’t out or sending their dumb info to tacky’s always the Kardashians! Desperate fam. TooFab Tmz...the kartrashians personal announcer: kimyo farted today, kaka went to the park, kymera painted her toes blue, blah blah blah.... PLASTIC MEDIA.

TooFab You'll excuse me if I dont give a damn what those 2 idiots do TooFab I was scrolling too fast and I read “spreading” instead of spending. TooFab How are them spending time during quarantine? By staying away from the camera. Fine by me TooFab The coke head sisters! TooFab TMZ is obsessed with them.

TooFab Meanwhile, Khloe has a head transplant! TooFab They desperately are trying to stay relevant TooFab oh well, the MeToo movement was good while it lasted TooFab We need a new family to give a shit about TooFab Really TooFab TooFab Beautiful, not overdone. TooFab who gives a shit about what those plastic dolls are doing

TooFab big boobs sell the news better TooFab TooFab TooFab Eat the rich TooFab TooFab TooFab If only we could go back in time we would delete all the Kardashians family TooFab The Kardashians family are the virus TooFab When will TMZ get the 411 on what those farts smell like? TooFab As if we care chile

TooFab Who tf cares? TooFab Who cares TooFab TooFab To hell with anything Kardashian or Jenner!!!

Quarantining at home can mean being online all the time. For your own sake, unplug.'We need to build a future where we have a sustainable relationship with the environment, technology, time, and each other,' writes tiffanyshlain for usatodayopinion. tiffanyshlain usatodayopinion hershel sa tiffanyshlain usatodayopinion That mask is creepy tiffanyshlain usatodayopinion The future looks bright.

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Kourtney Kardashian Says She's 'Proud' of Her Body After Gaining 'a Few Pounds' During Quarantine'We're all shaped differently and that's my body and I'm proud of it.' TooFab “Clapped back” is the cringiest term I’ve ever heard in my life. Especially when using it for a fucking Kardashian. TooFab Don’t let em bother you. Kourtney Kardashian (Remix) [Audio Track] TooFab compared to 3 of her deformed sisters her body looks perfectly fine and natural. From certain angles Khloe, Kim & Kylie look like circus sideshow freaks.

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