How the GOP is trying to use Kanye West

Chris Hayes: “In the absence of any other notable spoiler candidates, Republicans are pinning their hopes on Kanye West to siphon off enough votes to squeeze Donald Trump through.”

8/6/2020 7:41:00 AM

.Chrislhayes: “In the absence of any other notable spoiler candidates, Republicans are pinning their hopes on Kanye West to siphon off enough votes to squeeze Donald Trump through.”

Chris Hayes: “In the absence of any other notable spoiler candidates, Republicans are pinning their hopes on Kanye West to siphon off enough votes to squeeze Donald Trump through.”

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chrislhayes It is sad and pathetic how trump, the Republicans, and Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian are taking advantage of a man with mental illness...KimKardashian should be ashamed of herself to allow her husband to used and humiliated like this! chrislhayes Do the Republicans know his wife has already announced that he’s mentally unstable! I don’t know ANYONE who takes this seriously. Their just STUPID! GOP

chrislhayes “How the biased media is trying to get gullible Americans to believe their BS.” chrislhayes Not needed after today and yesterday Biden's remarks on the black voter is disgusting and shows he is a racist! chrislhayes THIS IS A BOLD FACED LIE! DEMOCRATS WON'T VOTE FOR KANYE. BLACK REPUBLICANS LIKE KANYE. THE DEMS WANT THOSRUMP TO LOSE HIS BLACK VOTES. NICE TRY. ANOTHER SAUL ALINSKY MOVE TO BLAME OTHERS FOR WHAT YOU'RE GUILTY OF.

chrislhayes It's almost as if politics has an element of strategy to it. chrislhayes And if Dems want to siphon off Trump and GOP votes, they’ll need to get a white supremacist on the ballot. That’s the sad truth about the Republican Party. Most are not racist, but most racists are Republicans. chrislhayes Sick. He has mental problems and they are shameless. 89 days to go.

chrislhayes And he’s falling for it chrislhayes That would mean that Joe Biden would be running against 2 morons. chrislhayes OMG chrislhayes Absurd assumption and shows your opinion of the REAL citizens who take the election seriously and outnumber the ignorant MSNBC with trash coverage and editorial journalism.

chrislhayes This is incredibly sad. He is not well and the Republicans are absolutely disgraceful for doing this. Shame on them. Shame on Trump, he could stop this. mhg1325 chrislhayes Remember how he said he's now a Christian. I take him at his word. He should be focusing on maturing in the faith, not smoke & mirrors politics and trickery. Some gop operatives pushing this are probably also believers. Not good.

chrislhayes Well, the worst thing is, even being such an ignorant mouthbreather, West would be a better president than Trump. chrislhayes The sad part is Kanye doesn’t even know what they’re doing. chrislhayes Lol! Look, you don’t have the pulse of the country. At least 77 million Americans are going to vote for President Trump. Creating a landslide victory.

chrislhayes I guess Kim is going to have to tear her pity party letter up.... chrislhayes Haha haha the Republicans are funny lmao chrislhayes Sorry, don’t see the rapper world making a difference in the election! chrislhayes Well we’ll see don’t see much there. chrislhayes Really. Please don’t vote for this man. We can’t do four more years of this administration. Please stop and think before you cast your vote. Our lives depends on it.

chrislhayes 🤣 chrislhayes Of course the GOP would USE a person. Including a person of COLOR to make a mockery of self and system. GOP uses many people for their very PERSONAL agendas. chrislhayes And here I thought my disgust for the gop had finally maxed out. Why do they always — ALWAYS — have to pervert EVERYTHING to such a disgusting level? Why do they ALWAYS have to cheat their asses off? Why can’t they EVER do what’s right, honorable, ethical, moral, appropriate?

JoeBidenForLife chrislhayes chrislhayes Wait..GOP pushes a Trump supporter as a candidate to take votes from Biden? Oh yeah....Kanye is black so the GOP figures black voters will automatically vote for him. Got it. chrislhayes What if Kanye will get more votes than trump ? chrislhayes That's the reason why liberal groups are buying state legislators to push for mail in voting. Democrats are the only people attempting to change the way elections are held and for good reason. Everything else is a distraction from their intentions.

chrislhayes chrislhayes So the GOP is supporting two candidates with metal health issues. chrislhayes 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 chrislhayes One more person to make a mockery out of the voting process- hopefully people see this a a ploy to help tRump. chrislhayes This guy is their useful fool! Don’t let it happen

chrislhayes The only squeeze I can detect is the Democratic party's realization that the most recent 'mother of all attacks' against our President didn't work either. America isn't electing a man with questionable mental acuity. We're not stupid. Cleanhouse2020 chrislhayes Trump team is so unethical that they will do anything to win. I just hope that Kanye fans aren’t that stupid and that this won’t further impact negatively our democratic process!

chrislhayes squeeze lol chrislhayes Someone should tell dotard chump that no one is voting for this man. Chump is so desperate that he’s using a clearly ill person to help him win. chrislhayes This Is Desperate!!!🤬 chrislhayes Lol okay chrislhayes When will he realize Trump only sees him as a house boy? Aka useful idiot in modern terms.

StarbucksVente chrislhayes Why chrislhayes 🤔❓ How is this of ANY benefit or concern for blacks & other POC? I sure hope those voters are smart enough to see this! chrislhayes Just another noise to distract from his complete failure as a leader in the Covid crises. Once a challenge could not be twittered away, BunkerBoyTrump was completely lost. „It is as it is“ when no miracle happened and it is a TrumpIsACompleteFailure

chrislhayes I'm curious as to how someone with a diagnosed mental illness can even run for president. chrislhayes Such a sad desperate attempt to use a mentally ill person this way. RNC has really fallen to an all time low. chrislhayes But one has to ask, are Kanye West voters Biden supporters or realDonaldTrump supporters? Doesn't kanyewest run around with a MAGA hat all the time? I don't see any JoeBiden voters wearing maga hats. That's all trump and his supporters...

chrislhayes You have to stop thinking this is going after the black vote. Its going after the GOP voters who won't vote for Trump and will only vote for Biden because they have no choice. Kanye gives them a choice. 20-30k votes can steal a swing state. Jill Stein did that in 2016. chrislhayes Never going to happen!

chrislhayes I’m hoping it siphon Off Die Hard Republicans Who Refuse to vote for Biden, & Losing hope with trump... take more votes from tRump 🤔🙏 chrislhayes Who will vote for Kanye? That is still their racist thinking. Believing because he is black then black people will vote for him. News flash we are educated consumers.

chrislhayes RP Ben Jacobs Bencjacobs 'Of Kanye West's 18 electors in Ohio, six appear to live at the same address in Cleveland.' chrislhayes Despicable chrislhayes Makes sense who else should help a Narcissist than another Narcissist. If only DEMs had a Square to run against Biden, he or she would pull Trump Square base votes to Biden. Pure GOP WTF? Poor Kanye. Sad.

chrislhayes I guess Kanye believes he has shot. After all America elected Trump in 2016. chrislhayes Trying? 😂 chrislhayes He is likely to take votes away from Trump voters than Biden. He is the trump alternative chrislhayes Not going to happen. Kanye’s “candidacy” isn’t going to help Trump. chrislhayes Oh really? Earlier this morning they were pinning hope on slowing the mail. Yesterday they were pinning their only hopes on election fraud. 2 days ago they pinned em on CAUSING the rioting 🙄 2 weeks ago it was a photo op. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia MerryGoRound

chrislhayes Dudes a token and doesn't even know it. chrislhayes VanJones68 will vote for him, and the other bozos that voted Jill Stein lass time chrislhayes I think he’s meant to take votes away from black ppl because they think that lowly of us. Remember, Jill Stein was working for Russia to siphon votes from Clinton, this is the same. Also, they blocked Trump primary challengers.

chrislhayes Lol. chrislhayes What a joke JoyRoseM chrislhayes kanyewest I am sorry you are being a pawn. I hope you get the help and support you need chrislhayes It's not going happen. chrislhayes He needs to be committed, he doesn’t understand how serious this election he’s becoming a threat to our democracy, arrest him for fraud

chrislhayes I highly doubt it will work all the normal Americans know what doctor trump realdonaldtrump is and right now doctor trump realdonaldtrump will do everything you can imagine and all of it will be negative TRUMPFORPRISON TRUMPVIRUS TRUMPGATE chrislhayes No they aren’t they figure they can change the numbers and make it look like people voted for him! You know like what happened in 2016 just enough to take electoral college!

chrislhayes You fail to realize the DemonRats are done come November chrislhayes Trump and the GOP must be desparate. Not only are they desparate, they are insulting the mentality of Black people. Like we will vote for anybody black. WRONG! We voting Biden. And voting tht crazy racist Trump out. chrislhayes By any means necessary, to quote a famous American

chrislhayes Oh, Republicans. chrislhayes Likely siphon from Trump not Biden. chrislhayes Even if this retard were to win; do you guys actually thinks these racists would be progressive enough to work with a rapper?🤣😂🤣 chrislhayes Russia can use this. chrislhayes This just makes me sick. Desperate and disgusting that they are willing to cheat.

chrislhayes 😂😆 Seriously what moron came up with this...oh yeah that makes sense. chrislhayes It's so nice to get a TV salary while working for the DNC. chrislhayes Why doesn’t JohnKasich run as an Independent? Why is it always a Dem spoiler? chrislhayes Because Republicans are THAT stupid. They actually think that all black people will vote for him because he's black. They are that stupid, and cruel. Its obvious Kanye needs some serious mental help. BTW, can the Trump lawyer be charged w/fraud for the fake names on petitions?

chrislhayes Don’t these republican strategists know that splitting the idiot vote is bad for trump? The idiot vote is his bread and butter. chrislhayes That is straight up cheating chrislhayes Stupidity in action. chrislhayes Can we please not discuss this like he’s completely incapacitated? Yes, he has BPD, it’s an illness. He needs treatment. But it’s not like he’s being dragged around like it’s Weekend at Bernie’s. He’s a WILLING participant here.

chrislhayes LOL 😂😂 I'm done! Stick a friggin fork in me,!😂😂 chrislhayes Lord have mercy! chrislhayes Time to join OpStopVoterSuppression chrislhayes I can’t stand Kanye. We don’t need another egocentric narcissist fool and then add bipolar on top of thanks. chrislhayes Obviously. The fact elonmusk publicly supports Kayne was disappointing.

chrislhayes LOL 😂😂😂 he's a friggin nut! God I just can't 😂😂 I hope no one votes for this asshole! Geez it's like a friggin comedy show 😂 chrislhayes Oh it’s going to do is siphon votes from Trump chrislhayes But why would anyone voting for Biden vote for Kanye? Isn’t it likely to take trump votes?

chrislhayes That's racist. chrislhayes This is despicable. This man needs help. chrislhayes KimKardashian should be proud... mentally ill husband being used as a political puppet. Anything for a buck these days apparently. 🙄🤬💯 chrislhayes If that is the case then we deserve a second term of Trump

chrislhayes If he wants to run he has a right. I don't think he should for his health but up to him chrislhayes Am I the only one who thinks that Kanye actually hurts Trump lol chrislhayes Ah yes, I remember in 2016 when 'Trump was there to split the vote'. Kanye2020 for sure. chrislhayes A fascist move

chrislhayes F*** Kayne, his crappy music and his support of Dump. chrislhayes I'd vote for Shock G over Kanye West. chrislhayes This dude's going to pull votes from the one of two candidates who doesn't hate black people. chrislhayes Keep your eyes on Kanye. Wow that’s gonna he easy, I love Kanye chrislhayes stop sharing this and get that man some help lol

chrislhayes Now that's what I call DESPERATION! chrislhayes MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary slams network as ‘cancer’ after quitting job “Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.” chrislhayes Pathetically transparent

GOP lawyer who represented Trump campaign helping Kanye West - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. They are assuming Kayne West absorbs some of the progressive and black vote? Just a guess, but seems plausible. I can tell you what blocks of voters won't pull the lever for West. Trump is so racist he thinks Kayne will pull in the black vote. Lol. Republicans don’t care about black people or mental illness. Remember that America.

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