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How The Executive Director Of HearstLab Invests In Women-Led Startups


Hearst Lab provides seed investment and access to several resources at Hearst , including the legal team, experts in UX design and DevOps engineering, and orchestrates Hearst Lab Scouts, a group of 70+ women leaders across Hearst businesses who provide guidance and advice to the founders in the resi...

While studying as a mechanical engineer, O’Toole focused on data science. Before graduating, she managed online ads for her aunt and uncle’s business. “I built out some basic models,” she states, “and got my feet wet. I figured out that I just like working in that area, and then when I went to apply for the job, I was able to talk about that experience and use their lingo; understand the space a little bit better.” As a data scientist working at startups, she was able to work alongside various departments of an organization. That experience became invaluable when she started consulting.

Action” panel at the Hollywood Commission IDEAS Summit in 2018.

O’Toole and her cofounder began pitching to investors. They were introduced to HearstLab. Her startup was accepted into the residency program. At that time the company relocated from Austin to New York City. “I continued working with the startup for a while,” she continues, “and then came to my next step. I was pretty wowed by all the other women in the program and saw that these women building these companies, who are the hardest workers and the most resourceful people I've ever seen, and I realized that there was another way to have an impact. It wasn't necessarily building your own company. There was a way to help fuel these amazing people building these great teams and companies that I could have an even bigger sort of multiplicative effect.” At that time, HearstLab was looking for someone to join the team. O’Toole transitioned out of the startup to the executive director position.

Through all of O’Toole’s pivots, she’s focused on the following essential steps:

Build a strong network. Your community is going to be your biggest asset and support system.

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