Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, El Paso Shooting

Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh

How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media Stars

Language like “invasion” and the “replacement” of Americans has increasingly become a regular part of Fox News broadcasts, Rush Limbaugh shows and other prominent conservative media.


There is a striking degree of overlap between the words of right-wing media personalities and the language used by the Texas man who confessed to killing 22 people at a Walmart in El Paso

Language like “invasion” and the “replacement” of Americans has increasingly become a regular part of Fox News broadcasts, Rush Limbaugh shows and other prominent conservative media.

— Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle,” July 10, 2019

Days after the shooting, the “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade dismissed a connection between words used by the gunman and by President Trump, saying: “If you use the term ‘invasion,’ that’s not anti-Hispanic. It’s a fact.”

Before the first groups of Central American migrants received heavy news media coverage in 2018, words like “invaders” or “invasion” were rarely used by American outlets. In the last year, the use of such terms has surged, with references to an immigrant “invasion” appearing on more than 300 Fox News broadcasts. The vast majority of those were spoken by Fox News hosts and guests, but some included clips of Mr. Trump using that language at rallies and other public appearances.

He added, “The use of what once would have been viewed as really extreme and inappropriate and sometimes conspiratorial, sometimes dehumanizing language is really striking.”

that aired on nearly 200 Sinclair television stations.

Before the El Paso shootings, others with deadly or hateful motives used the same language.

in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March.

” before he opened fire on the congregation with an AR-15-style assault rifle, the authorities say. During the white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 that left one woman dead, marchers shouted, “You will not replace us.”

the country with millions of people who are predestined to vote Democrat, in a vast majority sense, who are inexperienced and low wage, what in the world is going to happen? When you bring in that many or legalize that many and you’ve given up your assimilation, the assimilation aspect of immigration?

of new illegal immigrants to try their luck using the refugee excuse.

of illegal immigrants, think what actually enforcing it will do.

the United States. Their express purpose is to storm the border and flood in.

is not stopped, this is all — it’s gonna become demographically axiomatic after a while. It has to be stopped. It has to be stopped.

the border no matter what Trump does because I think this is all politics. I don’t think that the root of this is people escaping disease and poverty and what have you.

this country and to paralyze the Trump administration.

. They want invasion because they don’t like America, and they want to restructure America and erase all aspects of the founding.

Read more: The New York Times

Yeah they are ALL full of shit sunny FinePeople . Your right, you can't hide his liberal leanings, just like you can't hide the African American 'mass shooter' shooter in Philadelphia last night. And look at how many times he used the word 'the' ... So “invade” and “infested” are now incendiary words? Let’s toughen up, America!

Aliens man. Can you prove he was the author of that 'manafesto' ? Manufactured crisis. Shooter was a Democrat, stop blaming Republicans.

Lady Gaga to fund 162 classrooms in Dayton, El Paso and GilroyIn the message, posted to her Facebook page, Gaga reveals that she has partnered with -- as well as her own Born This Way Foundation -- to fully fund classroom projects in each of those cities. Gagamanism to education. One should be very concerned if their child is a part of this. Wonder if the 26 year old 3rd year teachers are strong on being Progressive 'educators'

Maybe instead of pointing fingers we should all use kinder words to build this country up in unity. And maybe if young adults were not told life is a choice rather than precious they would not decide that it does not matter if the life is unborn yet or not. Really? “Invaders”? This is an “invasion”? Why are we so afraid of 5 foot tall people with two little kids in their arms? When did we become terrorized by people with a hole in their shoe? FrMalloy

He’s a left wing identitarian. Climate change, healthcare, UBI are all leftist ideas he supported. The media’s attempt to push this on the right is FakeNews. Democrats are the real racists. They push hate through their media & then blame the right when one of their crazies kill. He also wrote abiut automation, climate change, and enacting sweeping socialist programs. He sought to create division, utilizing a what was once a uniting force to further divide the nation.

Man fire bombs ice facility. Calls it a concentration camp... Still waiting for that NY Times article... It’s invasion indeed! Not because Trump said it. (What else do you call 100 thousands crossing your border in matter of few days?).... what if you show us the rest of the script before you try to penetrate to another mentally ill with a gun.

Pretty good overlap of language of the ICE facility attacker and the left wing too wouldn’t you say? Get it straight - we are be invaded by illegal immigrants. What the heck does that have to do with your analogy - nothing! Hmm, using that kind of glossary and supporting left radicals...

Lady Gaga Vows to Fund Classrooms in Gilroy, El Paso & Dayton After ShootingsLady Gaga's putting up cash to help the affected communities of the recent mass shootings. tmz and hows that gonna benefit her?

Soo if someone does something its not their fault? Or because the Democrats have made false promises for years promising to secure the border. Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton... all on video saying securing the border is priority. But since Trumps in office they obstruct. You have it Backwards like most everything you print.

Don’t worry about the Dayton shooter who spouted leftist ideology and was an antifa supporter. Or the antifa fighter who firebombed the ice facility that directly used the FALSE rhetoric of concentration camps.... who is fueling this divide and hatred Wow, similar to the leftist in Dayton! I think this guy lost some brain cells, the land isn’t what makes a country it’s the people , and the land doesn’t belong to anyone if it was stolen in the first place.

The loonies are being stirred up by right wing hate spewed on Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, And Calson. So Infront of Walmart is the invasion point? It is the boarder where invaders alight off? Left wing analysis indeed He also wanted universal healthcare and universal basic income. That's the real scary language!

Why don’t you just report news? Ok, NYT prints a story about media over using variations of the word: 'invade' and as far i can tell, the NYT uses the term over 50 times in one article. All i can say is that at least the NYT is useful for lining a birdcage

Organizers of El Paso march say they will stand against hatred, one week after massacreA week after a gunman killed 22 people in El Paso, activists on Saturday will le... Bravo!!! Stand against hatred of what? All they will do is choose who and what to hate. We can tell.

When there are hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing a country's border illegally, virtually unchecked, what would you call it? But why am I asking you when you erroneously & insensitively call the detention centers concentration camps? AGENT PROVOCATEUR, clearly you Leftists used an Agent Provocateurs

Nowreport on the rest of his manifesto where he denounced both parties and spewed radical environmentalist garbage. Oops doesn’t fit your narrative. Let's try this too... 'There is a striking degree between the words of progressive left-wing media personalities...'. This is only if your not cherry picking to fill your bias. nomorecherrypicking

Non stop 24/7 news headlines of hatred against Trump with non stop mischaracterization of his words. The blood is on the media’shands... Since you all get 3am talking points you assume others do too..that's not reporting that's projection. wwg1wga LockThemAllUp militarytribunal There is a striking degree of spin and divisive garbage emanating from your outlet, designed to radicalize your audience, whom you consider dim-witted and gullible.

The manifest was not written by the killer. There's also a lot of phrases used by the left in there, as well as environmentalism, and demands for universal health care. But that doesn't fit your narrative, does it, you fucking hacks?

Beto O'Rourke: Trump talking about crowd sizes in El Paso shows 'how sick this guy is'Democratic presidential candidate Beto O&39;Rourke didn&39;t mince words when asked about President Trump&39;s recent visit to his community of El Paso, Texas. 🤣 ORourke, you represent your party well. “He’s more popular than I am, I’m offended!” You have ZERO chance at the 2020 Presidency. Honestly, this far, no current Democrat has a fighting chance at that Only sicko fool I see is Beto O'Dork!! you are a sick puppy; and right up there with the shooters..

Hispanic community unchecked corporations anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right automation America will have to initiate a basic universal income Achieving ambitions social projects like universal healthcare and UBI our lifestyle is destroying the environment Our European comrades Oh , Please give me a break!

It’s called English. If you don’t like it, learn another language. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But lets not mention the Dayton shooters admiration for Bernie and Elizabeth because that would be fair reporting. And what about the Dayton killer who followed Bernie Sanders and Warren? Rather an understatement, NYT. You do realize he was not a trump supporter, but an American who unfortunately thought he had a duty to defend this country. He was wrong, but your leftist ideology has spun an agenda which ends in division.

CraigMeyerPG Now do the Dayton shooter. Oh the horror! Who speaks the truth these days? How dare they expose the Democrats failures. Stop the hate talk and blame game already... it’s old and showing how desperate you are. Thinking your 5 minutes of fame are over.., AOC who?

Beto O’Rourke condemns Trump in wake of El Paso shootingBeto O’Rourke is running to take on Donald Trump in 2020, and has been an outspoken opponent of the president’s immigration policies. The Democratic presidential candidate joins Joy Reid to discuss immigration reform, the deadly shooting in his home town of El Paso, Texas, and Trump’s controversial rhetoric. We will protect El Paso Mr. O'dourk Whose fault is it that Beto's approval is less than 1%?

And the Dayton shooter was a fan of socialism and Crazy Liz Warren. Your point? Now do BernieSanders and AOC Obviously you are not in the business of reporting the news But we already knew that You are in the business of spreading your own false narrative /propaganda to further your own liberal goals

But, it’s not untrue, he just handled the truth wrongly! It’s not like Maxine Waters has any truth to why she wants young people harassing their elders in restaurants & public places. She hasn’t proved White people are breakfast no laws while eating dinner with their families! surprise, surprise! Cool, now do the Dayton killer.

Fake News ! MAGA 2020 If u look at the twitter account of the guy from the Garlic Festival, Ohio, ICE facility terrorist. Words Concentration Camps, Fascism, Fascists, socialism, ICE nazis and any of the 100’s of incendiary language u use would look the same. AOC don’t throw stones from a glass bar. Why dont you display the rest, that clearly aligns him with leftist ideologies minus the race bs? Love how you non stop push the narrative!

There is a striking degree of overlap between the soviet union’s Pravda in the 1980’s and the new your times in 2019

El Paso and the Strength of the Mexican Corrido'El Llanto de El Paso' is a collective cry that brings people together — el canto del pueblo, or the song of the people — that says: 'We do not fear you. You have only made us stronger. Your hate will only bring us closer.' (KQED) KQED We do not fear Hispanics, but we do not want them to demand tax funded benefits, like free K - 12 for 5 kids, a green card, citizenship after you broke the law to enter my home. Do not ask me to be a responsible law abiding citizen, but not them. Hard pass.

Thats one word Y'all are ridiculous Tell us some more about how Trump's white supremacy is merely a smart political tactic. Just like you can turn on any msm and hear the same exact argument from everyone on go pound sand with your holier than now attitude Duh. Such a simple minded take. Anyone looking for honest discussion on relevant topics, should look elsewhere.

Does this mean you won’t use the word invader anymore? Reaching... Hacks StopYellowJournalism 🙄🙄 Stretching facts again. Now do the Ohio shooter and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

The is still proving how and why they are not journalists, but National Enquirer garbage. No sale! Clear. As. Day. Kinda like how the rest of the media parrots what you misled your readers about Trump's speech on Charlottesville... And what striking resemblance would we find in ANTIFA language and yours world? We can ALL play this blame game. A REAL QUESTION to NYTimesPR . Are YOU to blame for YOUR READER'S ACTIONS? or... crazy thought... are THEY responsible?

Who dosn’t know the history of USA think for invaders everywhere. Really blame it on the radio? He said in his manifesto what set him off was the Dems promising free health care to illegals. You know this, but instead you spread a false narrative. That is why you are fake news. Great! Now we have to assume we will see Facebook post of the Dayton shooter being dtiven to viler deeds by Senator Warren. By the way no conservative has declared racism. But progressive left have. Even threatening Sen, McConnell. There is video.

Now do the other half when he talked about environmentalism, parroting every democrat running for president, Garbage media outlet. THESE AREN'T WORDS FAKE NEWS. THESE ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS COMING ACROSS A SOVEREIGN BORDER The Gray Lady is dead.

where’s the one from the Dayton shooter? Note: “Organizers and Activists” what are they “organizing”and what social change are activists trying to engineer on our southern border? An invasion maybe? Child trafficking? Medical Black market? Pedophile ring? What are they organizing? and the words like corporate America destroying our world, the environment, climate change which all echo AOC does that mean she also is responsible for these deaths. you just can't pick and choose which words to highlight to fit your narrative. Dayton shooter Democrat socialist

your fake news, everyone knows it’s now the fault of Fox News? How come you bastards are Not reporting on the Socialist shooter in Dayton? He was a big Liz Warren backer. Is she responsible for his actions? Why can’t we call it what it is? It’s an organize, well funded INVASION. If they were carrying guns what would we call it? We can’t stop”this invasion”because they are UNARMED. What prevents them from picking up guns once here? And if they do, should we count them on the census?

But only one of them wanted to address the issue with violence We know. The boilerplate is everywhere. 3 words. Invasion, flood and replace. Wow! That's amazing dipshit. The cosmic historical stupidity of the OG invaders—settler colonial whites—calling, Invasion! Sounds like reverse racism, white affirmative action, white lives matter, etc. etc.

Wow. People use the same word. That’s news? Now you’re just making stuff up FakeNews Your rage news is a waste of time. Anyone who things you don’t work for the left is in denial! Close shop and save a few trees! More finger pointing and blame game from the leader of the idiot squad. The four of you need to be voted out of your silly summer camp congress seats or removed and then exiled. You don't belong here all you do is create problems and incite chaos. This isn't needed now or ever

C’mon. Dayton was an extrem left person. Everyone needs to tone it down including The NY Times Change your headline again? Go away It’s true so no matter who says it doesn’t make it wrong. Only the left denies the invasion of our southern border. No, no there isn’t! If you genuinly still dont see a connection then it feels your just not very well educated and so critical thought is a problem for you or you DO see one but it doesn't help you feel right about things so you ignore it

The word invasion is accurate Thank you racist NY times for helping elect Donald Trump! We are thrilled you are doing it again! NLP perfectly legal and used in the Court system by very good lawyers. NLP can do anything and everything. I'm so old, I remember the nytimes actually published news...... invade is an apt word though

Hey New York Times: Don’t forget realDonaldTrump also used the word “of” and “on”.... and don’t you dare forget “IS”! Lame When you see everything through your 'left' eye all you see is ElPaso and you overlook Dayton. I reiterate, ONLY A PERSON WITH A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE CAN KILL. Oh stop it with this crap


One of the dumbest articles I have ever read! Grow up NYT, I hear those same exact words from people on all sides! How pathetic you have become! What BS. How many times did Dayton shooter offer support to Elizabeth Warren & ANTIFA? What about the Muslim mass shooters & bombers? NYT cherry picking to support their bias.

I’m surprised you didn’t highlight the word “the” , that’s how ridiculous you are. More of the blame game. Do you plan to change the definition? Invasion: an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity. Or an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain. 'stadium guards are preparing for another invasion of fans'

Duh uh. Uhhhh mmm what? He also breathed air and drank water, JUST LIKE HITLER!!! NTY Fake News 👇👇👇👇👇 Definition of invasion: 'an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity'. How the nyt lies to Americans. FakeNews Propaganda Your obsession to eliminate words that make you uncomfortable due to their truth is more disturbing! Invasion: an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity. ex: 'stadium guards are preparing for another invasion of fans' Sticks & stones

Over a million people in a year storming - and overwhelming - our border - what would you call it? OK, Professor. We'll use YOUR words. What are they? Domestic Terrorism HQ Fox Lol. Nothing like ignoring all the progressive ideologies the El Paso & Dayton shooters believed in to push a false narrative. That’s called yellow journalism.

Extremely childish ignorant logic of the highest level - embarrassing to the profession of journalism There's a striking degree of moron in this article What abt the overlap b/tw AOC's language and anti-ICE antifa-terrorist? Wow! So crazy right wingers are the only ones concerned with invasion. Which means a stable average middle of the road person is a no-borders globalist not an American. Thank you

So if words did this, millions of people speak them, you publish them, interesting how they only make a handful go out and shoot people. Maybe they are broken inside and it's not the words. Let me guess... it was written in English? FailingNewYorkTimes HeyLookWords SuchWow

I guess they both spoke English... Worst 'Reporting' Ever Truth is truth. It’s the way we deal with it that makes the difference. It is an invasion and one the left wants bc they are trying to change the demographics to gain power. If you blame Right for this shooting because of words then you have to blame the left for Dayton shooting.

He said he got it from the democrat presidential debates not from Trump or right wing media next Of course there would also be a correlation if you LOOKED for left wing terms. No. There is a striking resemblance with your propaganda companies to every other 'news' paper and network on tv though. One single word used by a psycho is not a clue. MSMsucks NYTimesPropaganda

Fake news propaganda as usual The owner of the website that manifesto was posted already came out and said there was no way the shooter posted it 🙄 stop spending ignorance please meow Words that expose FACTS are only bad for those who are on the wrong side of the law and have promoted the invasion for personal profit and pleasure.

No surprise You foul liars really R grasping at straws. Over 2 yrs of constant lies & attacks on POTUS realDonaldTrump, you still cant hurt him with your made up garbage. This is all you got? Word association? If it werent for the web, no one would know you still existed WakeUpAmerica

It IS an invasion. Talk about the most desperately reaching strawman tactic.....🙄 New York Times article you say the shooters manifest has a lot of right-wing words in it I could take the Bible and do the same thing that's not journalism my 3rd grade son could do the same thing Where was the Ohio shooting again?

Your motive publishing this tripe is what exactly ?! ... Did you interview the nut who claims flags at half staff on 08/08/2019 was a secret code also🤯🤯🤯you people are crazy How many times has the media said 'racist '? Thousands? There for the media is the cause of racism. You guys are making this too easy. realDonaldTrump landslide 2020

'Crusius also stresses that he has maintained his white supremacist ideology for many years, predating President Trump and his 2016 campaign, which he says did not influence his reasons for carrying out the attack.” Now can we get an article about Betts?

We all know this is yet another failed narrative attempt. Try harder Dishonest, agenda driven comments. This is not journalism, it’s indoctrination. You mean like the 'overlap' in the radical-Left, AssassinationNewsMedia, 4 a.m. talking points memos? THAT kind of 'overlap' The disastrous Joe Rogan interview sums up the NYT pretty well... I'll never voluntarily read their 'work' or share it.

Have you noticed the amount of times the President uses the word 'the' and how many times white supremacists use it as well? Shocking correlation and definitive proof of a connection. Morons... NYT once was known as the newspaper of record. Now it's just another arm of the DNC. Now it has become the Enemy of the People.

Pathetic This nonsense from a rag that changes headlines to appease the rabid leftist mob. No one takes you seriously anymore. You don't even take yourselves seriously anymore, or you wouldn't be sharing this B.S. I think that the lack of enforcing the laws probably enhanced his mental illness. how about enforce the immigration laws, stop harming and making fellow American people lives miserable. let's all follow the laws and make this country safe.

So, y’all are going to just ignore the large section where he basically cites AOC/Sanders about a pending environmental catastrophe as his motive, pushes population control, and states he doesn’t support either political party? The guy was nuts at a minimum and you amplify him? Why don't we see who Andres Breivik quoted in his manifesto...oh it was the NYT, funny how that works.

So you're saying that if there was a border wall and realistic immigration system this wouldn't have happened? Got it. You seem to forget the environment rant of this killer and the pages of the NYTimes. You skipped the shooter of the GOP softball practice and the opinion page of the NY Times Now do SteveScalise’s assailant you Leftists!

Okay, two words. Now do Dayton, go ahead, I'll wait. Now compare his words to those of AndrewYang and any environmental wacko. The correlation is much stronger between the killer and the left as it's been proven well over 80% of ALL Americans consider the southern border to be in crisis mode and being invaded.

Perhaps the NYT would like to offer some solutions to the illegal immigration crisis in the country? This is not a 'striking degree of overlap', it is a manifesto, a bible, a textbook copied from the Trump administration playbook. 'striking degree of overlap' is a noncommittal , weak observation. Do better . If it quacks like a duck...

INVASION - and what do you call millions of people ILLEGALLY entering the country? and Democrats who support spending huge amounts of resources on it when millions of Americans struggle with poverty, food, health issues.... DOES NOT MAKE CommonSense CNN CNNBRK OANN Are we blaming all blacks every time a black person kills someone?

And a GREAT deal of socialist words in there too. NYT has no integrity, no value, they are a political propaganda rag. If someone enters your home without permission, do you call them a guest or an asylum seeker? No, they have INVADED your home ~ as in 'a home INVASION robbery'. There's no difference. If someone enters the U.S. illegally, they have INVADED or borders.

Now do the R softball shooter and Dayton shooter... How about stop fomenting hatred and division 👉 You're just a shell of your former self. In fact, your less than MTV these days 😎 'A striking degree of overlap'...the death our society narrated in toneless passive voice. So what? those words are used freely in movies and comics,the smart asses at the post haven`t noticed it?

Why would anyone 'invade' the US? They are welcomed in Canada with open arms and free schools, health care etc... The real invasion is north. 46% of Canadians are not even born in the country. No one but Canadians wants to go to the US now.

Echoed echoed echoed. This is the 'media' trying to tie El Paso to Trump. Google it. I am sure you will find 6 plus articles with the exact wording like the writers used recycled talking points. It is lazy and lame. Ok, commies. RafaelAnchia Kyklos - The current administration is merely a circuitous path from foxnewsalert to the bogus potus, then on to the white supremacists, circling back to the TERRORISTS. Yes, 🦊 FOX is a Doppelgänger for all the TERRORISTS they inspire. In 2020, let's VOTE to change this cycle!

How come you never mention anything about the Dayton incident? Is it because he didn’t murder as many people or because he was influenced by the Democrats? You sound like a desperate new outlet Just another excuse for a blood thirsty loner to commit murder!!!! No excuse, start public hanging and see how many cowards stop picking up weapons and killing randomly🤔

Historically speaking, an invasion by a foreign nation is a declaration of war. Those who aid the enemy are guilty of treason. You should be blaming yourself. Liberals are reaching for a narrative, aren’t they? If it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be funny. Ten years of division, mayhem, violent protests and cop killing due to Obama’s Marxist techniques. Don’t blame people who speak out to protect their nation.

He echoes the words of any book or publication on war Perhaps you should stop sliding in that direction then and get back to just doing news? 🙄 In other news, a new study found that mass murderers, conservatives both breathe. COLLUSION!

When are you gonna fire Bret Stephens then? Two thoughts: 1. Maybe because it’s simply an accurate observation of events. 2. His left wing thoughts were left out of your story......why. He parrots left wing talking points also. adolf hitler — 'If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.'

That analysis and 25 cents will get you a cheap cup of coffee! How does that explain the mass murder in Ohio? He was inspired by Elizabeth Warren. Stop looking the wrong way to solve a problem. Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. I don’t see the correlation, political hacks. Epstein MondayMotivaton ElPasoTerroristAttack ElPaso

As a foreign person I always felt watching American TV news that the level of hysteria was overly high as if designed to maintain a level of fear in the population, especially of ethnic minorities hispanic/ black. That does not mean that the right wing entertainers are not correct. It more than likely means there’s frustration that the left is doing nothing to fix these problems.

Oh for crying out loud

Who's words was he echoing here? 'If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable.' For the last 20 years. Ban Fox News Like the 'striking degree of overlap' between democrat politicians and ? Ask his grandparents which news channel they watch? I have 2 family members who have become very hateful because they moved in with my parents. My dad has Fox News on allllll daaayy!

Didn’t he also talk about climate change too? Are you guys still in business? How about the Antifa loving shooter from Dayton? We told you so in 82 when the liberal-bashing industry was born TrumpIsARacist Faux News spreads evil..

The media has been influential for years. It got 45 elected by trumpeting the alarm about Hillory. It’s no longer news, it’s sensational entertainment. ( and not entertaining) IlvesToomas what's your point NYT? Propagandist Care to comment on the overlap of the Dayton shooter and the NYT CARAVANS ARE AN INVASION...INVASION DOESN'T MEAN RACIST...IT SIMPLY MEANS INVADING SOMEONE'S SPACE...AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE GOT A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT AN UNCONTROLLED INFLUX OF IMMIGRANTS...THE U.S DOESN'T BELONG TO THE MEDIA AND THE DEMOCRATS...THE U.S IS A REPUBLIC! CNN

Now do antifa and their violent acts in comparison with the left wing politicians and MSM. WANT TO STOP MassGunShootings? Memetics is a MAJOR INFLUENCE CAUSE... The SOLUTION is FOUND in Memetically Active TRUSTBINDING ---- How? Approve spoken voice text narrative media popup window. The audio media has extended messaging applied!!

WANT TO STOP MassGunShootings? Memetics is a MAJOR INFLUENCE CAUSE... The SOLUTION is FOUND in Memetically Active TRUSTBINDING ---- How? Approve spoken voice text narrative media popup window. The audio media has extended messaging applied!! We have millions & millions breaking our laws & that is unnerving to a lot of us; y'all won't or can't change the real law but feel ur morally fit to ignore it & pompously shame those who want to obey it & u don't think that's enormously unsettling to some simple individuals

The shooter was literate, you say? Now do the Dayton killer who was a socialist inspired by Pocahontas Migration is what brings development to the world at large. Without which we would have been in stone age. There is nothing like invasion. What I see is people changing environment that they think will favour them.

Just like NYT, the liberals and Al Qaeda ,ISIS hatred of Christians around the world. Why not name the “right wing media” as Fox. Be brave I wonder who started this back in 2015? I blame Trump and his imbecile supporters The same amazing overlap occurs from the Dayton shooter and Elizabeth Warren, Bernie, AOC and others. The Dayton shooting is all on the Liberals. Liberals forces that kid to shoot those people.

You forgot to do the maniac who quoted AOC when he blew up the ICE facility.... THAT was a direct link... Just commonly used words so doesn’t prove anything. More left wing propaganda. The New York Times strains hard, trying desperately to incriminate as many political opponents as possible by blatantly using a national tragedy for partisan warfare. FakeNews

👁️ 🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔 What do you say about the Dayton man? MS13=Friend / Foe? Drugs=Friend / Foe? Crims=Friend / Foe? If you answer Foe for any of the above, then by definition it's an invasion. Don't parse words. Fox News has blood on their hands. So does the president. Something to think about. Just saying u all.

Point made. But by your logic, if I tell someone to harm another, does that person have personal responsibility? Or am I to blame? He did this of his own free will. No matter what he read, who he listened to, or what vile things he believed. The choice was his alone. Every dictionary has the same description which fits people who come here illegally.

There striking similarity between fake news and news from NYT. Oh wait,you are the source, of all fake news.

Many mainstream political and media establishment people, including the New York Times, use similar terms when pushing for aggressive, destructive and murderous foreign wars. NY Slimes Soooo all parties involved speak English? 30 million illegals in the USA is an invasion. *ahem* NO SHIT THERE WAS THE MAN WAS LITERALLY INSPIRED BY TRUMP!!! I'M NOT PAYING YOU $15 A MONTH TO TELL ME SHIT I ALREADY KNOW! WELCOME TO THE PRESENT NYT! YOU WANNA JOIN US?

No shit Sherlock. We have a target on our backs because of this president and BetoORourke is calling him out. Actual lives are on the line and pundits are twiddling their thumbs Why is it so difficult; illegal vs. legal

It's inciting via propaganda. The Nazis engaged in the same thing. Knowing there are always certain types of people that can be revved up and triggered into action. Hitler isn't known to be responsible for personally killing anyone, but he certainly incited it.

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