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How Scary Is Midnight Mass, the New Netflix Show by the Creator of Haunting of Hill House?

Just because it’s made by the same writer-director doesn’t mean it has the same sorts of scares.

9/26/2021 3:31:00 PM

Just because it’s made by the same writer-director doesn’t mean it has the same sorts of scares.

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Midnight Massdoes best, often forgoinglook out behind yoususpense in favor of steadily rising uncanniness. It’s a movie about belief, and the perversion of it, so that when Hamish Linklater starts giving off-kilter sermons, you know something is wrong, and the inability to immediately pinpoint it just makes it more unsettling. (Add at least one full point to this score if you were raised Catholic.) The resonance with the current tide of religious extremism in the U.S. isn’t underlined, but it doesn’t need to be to make the rising tide of fanaticism in this isolated, homogenous community feel especially eerie.

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