How prosecuting Donald Trump could protect the future of American democracy

“We have to learn and study exactly what went wrong, because we were very close to seeing the collapse of American democracy,” Abdallah Fayyad says about prosecuting fmr. Pres. Trump.

6/13/2021 7:01:00 AM

“We have to learn and study exactly what went wrong, because we were very close to seeing the collapse of American democracy,” Abdallah Fayyad says about prosecuting fmr. Pres. Trump.

A new piece by the Boston Globe editorial board argues the Biden Justice Department must act now to hold Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power while in office. Abdallah Fayyad, member of the Boston Globe’s editorial board, says prosecution would “restrain future presidents from abusing their power,” and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says prosecution would show “we will not tolerate a runaway, criminal president.”

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Trump was doing things right in our faces what’s there to study The average voter was told to vote for a businessman instead of a politician. Those pushing that idea didn't mention businessmen are out for a profit, not for noble causes. So what do you expect such a person will do as POTUS? Try lining his own pocket.

But Republicans are doing everything they can to continue that destruction If they're not held accountable, and never truly face any consequences it WILL happen again. As soon as they can find (Desantis for example) just as bad as Trump. Those that are still supporting TFG are going to be asshats either way, WE want to see justice for all involved

The one thing **trump did was to bring the seething ignorance and ugliness out into the open so it can be seen and dealt with. Somehow. Transparency is coming, people will tell you where they stand without being asked. Lock him up. Replace collapse of democracy with collapse of the swamp Donny will do fine.

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Trump has no business roaming free. He has committed a litany of crimes in and out of office. Bank , tax fraud, rapes, campaign finance, Quid pro quo, emoluments clause, Trump university, phony bankruptcies, treason, murder of police officers at the Capitol etc🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😡😡 CNN director admitting they drove trump out with PROPAGANDA

With Donald Trump gone, NATO is plotting its futureAt past NATO gatherings, Mr Trump physically jostled one prime minister, threatened to withdraw from the alliance and stormed out early after being mocked by fellow leaders

If the US wants to be a leader in Democracy, Biden will need to prove it by charging Trump for all his crimes. Otherwise, the US has no right to tell the world that Democracy works. Don't preach what u cant practice. Same thing that always happens people don't want to fix problems they'd rather scapegoat them to other people and the rich and powerful take advantage of that. As long as they're rich people needing money there will always be a devil to be afraid of.

AnnaAjhughes408 Protect the future LockHimUp already guilty InsurrectionHasConsequences helpAmerica 'Were?' Sorry, abdallah_fayyad, we're still teetering on the edge of a cliff. It's still mid-collapse. The streets dude's say they gonna stop killing each other & go at the oppression.. now I've been around & I seen it coming.. let's see how they can handle it..

Cough! It still could happen if we don’t take action and focus on strength our democratic values /2 There are those white people that truly believe if you aren’t like them, look like them, be like them, that YOU need to be cast out or bend to serve their interest. This I can’t blame on trump. He is simply a conduit. A tool, a pawn in the grand scheme of things.

Sure. The next Republican president will prosecute the democrat president. Dont start the cycle. Don’t have to study long. We know exactly what went wrong. We have to come to grips with the realization that there are people in our nation that doesn’t want democracy. They want a land where they are on top and everyone else serves them.

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What went wrong, is that the Presidential election was highjacked by the left. The nefarious activities which perpetuate the fraud were omnipresent, yet the media beat the drum of, “there is nothing to see here…” The left succeeded in their coup & thwarted American democracy. 💯%‼ it is not over yet.2022 élections could end the democracy. 😪

What went wrong was for 4 years that man abused our government for his own gain, and the dems allowed it... and STILL the dems don't have the balls to hold him accountable... How 'could' It's the only way to give back the reputation of the 🇺🇸. And not only him, all involved ppl.. If the USA don't walk this path, you never ever could be trusted again, because you let this racist cancer alive and have feeded him..

We have much, much bigger problems than this. Bro y’all have been trying this shit for five years now, but by all means, keep letting him make you look stupid. We must keep the pressure on Congress and the Biden Administration to keep moving forward on getting to the bottom of Jan 6. It’s awesome seeing things get done but we can’t lose focus on our democracy and the continuing peril the Grand Obstructionist Party callously puts us in.

Still a free man.

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Boston Globe Editorial Board member thinks the next Trump will have a ‘much easier time usurping American democracy’Abdallah Fayyad, Boston Globe Editorial Board member and opinion writer, breaks down the Board’s series on the need to hold Trump accountable, because what happened during his presidency showed “just how weak our checks and balances are against a tyrannical president.” I cringe every time this topic comes up. We need more people to care. Vote.🇺🇸 Trumpers are apart of a cult. It's just that simple When are we going to see any actual justice? When will these criminals be held accountable? Do we or don’t we still a legal system?!

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