How police pushed aside protesters ahead of Trump's controversial church photo

A timeline of confrontation, contention and confusion surrounding Trump's photo op at Washington church

6/6/2020 4:02:00 AM

The forceful removal of demonstrators before Trump's press conference and photo op may become a defining event of his presidency.

A timeline of confrontation, contention and confusion surrounding Trump's photo op at Washington church

President Donald TrumpToday I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets. Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presenceuntil the violence has been quelled.

Coronavirus has not disappeared, as Trump predicted Future Tense: The 20 Best Time-Travel Movies The Legacy of Jim Morrison and the Doors

Quote iconTrump ends the speech by saying,"Thank you very much. And now I’m going to pay my respects to a very, very special place. Thank you very much." He leaves for his walk to the church.7:01 p.m.Lafayette Square is clear. Trump leaves the White House on foot. Along with a security detail, some officials, and his daughter Ivanka, he crosses Pennsylvania Avenue, walks through the park and crosses H Street to stand in front of the Ashburton House, the church's parish house. The walk takes about 4 minutes.

7:05 p.m.Ivanka Trump takes a Bible from her purse and hands it to the president. Trump is photographed holding it. A reporter asks what his thoughts are.President Donald TrumpWe have a great country. That's my thought. We have the best country in the world...

we will make it even greater.And it won't take long. It's not going to take long. You see what's going on, it's coming back, it's coming back strong. It'll be greater than ever before.Quote iconTrump is later joined by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Barr, national security adviser Robert O'Brien, chief of staff Mark Meadows and McEnany for additional photos.

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Biden has been in Congress 36 yrs and VP for 8 yrs.. Name 3 things that JoeBiden has done for the black community? Dont tell me about some unproven marching nor some fake NAACP endorsement which never happened. Joe was on the wrong part of segregation, do your homework And the may someday been seen as a sound and credible source for news.

But the alternative is Biden it was a great moment. Trump showed he was in control and the rioters and astroturf protesters will not control this nation. its time to move forward. No RESPECT damaging churches! Protest about how people are being mistreated & damaging churches does not show any respect for people who worship!!!! You should protest about people who are disrespectful and damaging property!!! All you have do is show respect if you care!!!

Lol, really? Hahahahaha ha ... Jesus, you guys are truly clowns. Fake news! Seriously? 🤣😂 Hmm, so u would rather the president get hit with bottles, bricks ,etc?! Give America a break!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 He’ll do something worse. The defining event that marks the end of any chance of being reelected. jlanders2019 Protestor damaged church? You're kidding right? Haven't you figured out the protestors were peaceful for the MOST part unless they were provoked into self defense? Those acts of violence were by white supremacists and/or BAD COPS. GET IT RIGHT. We're not stupid or blind.

Protestors were warned 3 separate times to get out of the middle of the intersection. Another Democrat narrative that will fail just like the other 50 narratives in the last 3 years You mean like what he does on Friday nights ... TrumpDeathToll100K As rapes rise in DC and desperate parents call the police for help no police show up. The 911 emergency system has failed the citizens of Wash DC

At least your photo is right. 'Protester damaged church'. That along with the asterisk * No it won't.

Defense official resigns from Pentagon post, slams Esper for role in Trump photo opIn an extraordinary resignation letter, provided to The Washington Post, a Pentagon official resigned citing Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's role in President Donald Trump's photo op. Progress. Esper is toast whichever way he turns. ETTD Cnbc-Concast is a criminal hedge fund boiler room operation disguised as “business news” wise up FBI SEC and put them out of business, open your eyes, any moron can see their daily MO

George Floyd Memorial: Al Sharpton Decries Trump Bible Photo, Says “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks”George Floyd was remembered by family and friends at a memorial service on Thursday that mixed poignant memories and humorous moments of his life with calls for genuine social justice GeorgeFloydMemorial | Can always trust al to turn up when the cameras do.

Trump Signals Roger Stone Pardon: 'He Can Sleep Well at Night!'The president said his longtime friend was a victim while all but promising that Stone will see no prison time Well, I guess now would be the time to do it. Follow gylan_williams Insane

Colbert Taunts ‘Full Of Crap’ Trump With A Scathing ComparisonThe 'Late Show' host ripped into Trump for having peaceful protesters violently removed from near the White House. Slow news day Misrepresent the situation to make it easier to attack. Steve is great at form strawmen.

China Steps Back in Airline Dispute With the Trump AdministrationChina appeared to retreat partially from an escalating dispute with the United States over air travel between the 2 countries, announcing that foreign airlines would be allowed to operate one flight per week in Chinese cities Wimps air france planes to illustrate . China & WHO good decision President Trump! No more paying for the mafia!!! Ghebreyesus is responsible for the current tragedy of the world, the crime against humanity!

Democrats push to rein in Trump after threat to deploy troopsA trio of progressive House Democrats is pushing to amend the Insurrection Act amid Trump's threats to deploy active-duty troops to intervene in protests across the country RepJayapal At this point, it seems prudent to look at rescinding any and all bills that have given additional powers to the presidency. The old thought that a president wouldn’t abuse his or her power and that these powers were necessary in case of emergency clearly no longer applies. RepJayapal All of them were alive during the LA Riots, and today probably even agree that was correct to send in the National Guard. However, even a bunch of them together still have to have the President sign it. RepJayapal The same troublemakers as always. This isn't news.