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How Oral Health Companies Can Boost Revenues

How Oral Health Companies Can Boost Revenues

5/6/2021 7:25:00 AM

How Oral Health Companies Can Boost Revenues

What oral health marketers should focus on to get patients back in the office.

can allow oral health marketers to tailor messaging to parents whose children are a certain age.That said, that level of ad customization can be expensive and may be outside some oral health marketers' budgets. There's another message that will likely work for parents of children of all ages: It's very important to avoid toothaches. When kids get a toothache, they can't sleep well, and they tend to eat softer foods that typically have more carbs and sugar, as opposed to eating harder, more nutritious foods such as vegetables or fruits. Sleep deprivation can impact their alertness and behavior in school, and the meals and snacks consumed during this immense period of growth impact their whole-body development. And of course, poor nutrition can impact the health and appearance of a child's teeth, which can, in turn, negatively affect the confidence they have in their smile and, subsequently, their self-image with peers.

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So, oral health professionals should remind parents of the mouth's outsized effect on a child's well-being and happiness — especially as the end of the school year approaches and they start thinking about things like dental and orthodontic visits.

In closing, as an entrepreneurial-minded oral health professional who has built up a brand that now employs a few hundred staffers across several locations, I can't overemphasize the importance of smart marketing this summer. While this industry looks to recoup the greatest revenues possible from what was lost during the pandemic, the best way to get patients back in for their needed care is to remind them what's at stake: the winning smiles that we all want to see.

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