How much Uber and Lyft pay engineers, lawyers, finance, strategy jobs

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11/29/2021 1:00:00 PM

Uber and Lyft are hiring for thousands of jobs. Here's what the companies pay for roles in engineering, legal, strategy, and finance.

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

on the jobs website Indeed. The imbalance between demand and supply has paid off for employees, and not just in the engineering field. For example, a data scientist in California for Lyft makes $190,000 a year. A marketing analyst at Uber has a salary of $125,000.

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Insiderpulled the numbers from thousands of work-visa applicationsUber and Lyft filed recently with the US government. Companies are required to disclose salary information, and the salaries must be the same level a US citizen would get paid if they were offered the same job. Stock-related compensation, a major component of how tech employees are compensated, is not included in the data. Nor is experience and its influence on pay.

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The premise of this article 🙄 Start paying people what they really deserve an honest wage. If everyone made 2,000 a week without working 12 hour shifts it'll be a much better environment. Is that too much to ask or do the top execs still need their dumb Ferraris they never drive? 🤡🗑️🍿🙈🙊🙉 优步和Lyft正在招聘数千个职位。以下是这些公司在工程、法律、战略和金融领域的薪酬。

I prefer ethics.

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