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How Many Have Recovered From Covid-19 Cases? No One Knows.

How many people have recovered from Covid-19? One figure of 3.5 million recoveries is an undercount, officials say—but by how much, they aren’t sure

10/29/2020 1:15:00 PM

How many people have recovered from Covid-19? One figure of 3.5 million recoveries is an undercount, officials say—but by how much, they aren’t sure

One measure of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact has proven impossible to pin down—the number of recovered cases—highlighting the challenges in assembling data that would help authorities to track the virus and people to fight it.

Understanding how the body clears the new coronavirus is becoming more important as the U.S. begins to reopen. WSJ’s Daniela Hernandez explains how the body fights infection and why feeling better doesn’t equal being virus-free. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann

Georgia Republican officials reject Trump's calls to overturn election results Trump sees 'the writing on the wall' despite what he maintains publicly about the election, advisers say Moderna applies for FDA authorization for its Covid-19 vaccine Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Sweden's new car carrier is the world's largest wind-powered vessel

With its five, massive, solid sails, this ship will carry 7,000 cars across the Atlantic, while being almost emission-free.

Take the lethality rate and proportionally balance off of the deaths to get an approximation Just take the number of cases, subtract the number of deaths & those that have contracted it in the last 2 weeks. Shouldn’t it be that simple? Unless your saying there’s millions others who never got tested but showed no / minimal Symptoms & are living perfectly normal lives

It is impossible to know. There is a whole gradient of people that never knew their immune system even dealt with it. More proof that compulsory high school biology class has been pointless. Way to go everyone, asking the big questions. تمسكوا 'بترامب' جيدا ، تمسكوا برئيسكم ، فلن تجدوا مثله ، لا تهتموا بما تقوله وسائل الإعلام فأغلبها تثرثر كثيرا هذه ٱلأيام

Of course they aren’t sure. All of you (and them) are only obsessed with reporting death and “cases.” Recoveries aren’t a part of your (their) agenda. I would guess a minimum of 25% more that known.... MILLIONS probably had it and never knew, or had it and the case was so mild they just thought it was a cold... The picture painted by the fear open peddling media and 'experts' created an illusion that it would devastate you..

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Many have already recovered, but the side effects some encountered could be lasting Sleepy JOE And Kamala Will STOP The Worldwide Invisible VIRUS Joe Can't Even Find The Remote Control For His TV~~Wake The FCK UP America~~Take The TRUMP TRAIN!!!! Death rate is way down. Should be the leading indicator.


NFL reports 19 new cases of COVID-19The number of positive COVID-19 cases in the NFL stayed even from the previous week, according to numbers released Tuesday by the league and the NFL Players Association. RIP to the grandparents of these players. They would probably have 20 if they were to use one of their thumbs to help with the counting but unfortunately it’s stuck up the BLM arses so they stopped at 19. They need to stop the end of the game covid congratulation love festivals

Here's How Joe Biden Would Start Fixing Our COVID-19 Mess From Day OneThe biggest difference would be simply returning to time-tested public health measures. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. Normally, nothing is easy that is worth something. Joe Biden won't do shit. He has no idea what's going on. Dementia is bad. Nothing worth fighting for is easy...

Eli Lilly strikes optimistic tone on COVID-19 therapy after trial failureEli Lilly fell short of analysts' expectations for third-quarter profit due to increased costs to develop COVID-19 therapies and lower demand for some its major drugs, including diabetes treatment Trulicity Breaking: SaudiArabia: An amount of SAR 500K /( $133K) is disbursed to the families of the deceased due to the Corona working in the gov or private health sector, whether civilian or military & whether Saudi or non-Saudi. It applies from the date of recording the 1st infection Thank you realDonaldTrump and SenateGOP_ and HouseGOP for all your hard work to make this coming 3rd wave of Covid-19 not only possible but it is going to be setting record highs for Covid numbers in cases,hospitalizations and deaths while taking away our healthcare coverage good luck

UK starts real-time review of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine candidateModerna Inc said on Tuesday United Kingdom's health regulator has started a real-time review of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Sweden did the right thing by going for a semi-lockdown.Other countries are in their second or third complete lockdown and STILL don't know if it works.

Tennessee voters with COVID-19 can now vote in-person at special sites under new guidelinesTennesseans with COVID-19 or those showing symptoms should be able to vote in person with new safety measures on Nov. 3 if they choose to, state elections officials told counties this week. The covid numbers are going to go down as predicted when there are that few people and it explains why retard metrics are being used in raw numbers instead of percentage controlled statistics like statistically significant controlled populations with the standard deviation. Everybody has the right to vote,your voice can bring change

Coronavirus study: Antibodies fading rapidly after COVID-19 infection - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. So realDonaldTrump was right about his 'experts' saying the Chinavirus antibodies are good for 4 months. Oh well, this is the illuminati 'great reset' that they wanted. yeah, this was a bioweapon to create havoc. Murine (lab rat) HIV. It kills and wipes out minks🇨🇳 for a reason So, this Chinese virus will keep leaving its negative impact on the world.