How Louisville Can Still Get Justice For Breonna Taylor

Demands for justice in Kentucky's largest city go far beyond accountability in a single police shooting.

9/25/2020 2:04:00 PM

Demands for justice in Kentucky's largest city go far beyond accountability in a single police shooting.

The officers who killed Taylor won't face murder charges. But demands for justice in Kentucky's largest city go far beyond accountability in a single pol...

.)And the officers likely had the right under Kentucky law to return fire when threatened, said Aubrey Williams, an attorney and the former head of Louisville’s NAACP chapter.“What are they to do?” Williams said, adding that despite his legal opinion in this case, he still believes the United States needs deep reforms to its criminal justice system in order to end systemic abuses of Black people. “It’s what they’re trained to do. It’s what a human being would do. They began to defend themselves.”

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That opinion was not unanimous. Laura McNeal, a University of Louisville law professor, called the grand jury decision a “miscarriage of justice” that represents “the profound bias and systemic racism permeating throughout our legal system.” She said the officers’ conduct warranted second-degree manslaughter charges “at the very minimum.”

But Cameron took the view that “according to Kentucky law, the use of force by Mattingly and Cosgrove was justified in order to protect themselves,” he said. “This justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges in Ms. Breonna Taylor’s death.”Attorneys for Taylor’s family and Walker disputed key aspects of Cameron’s explanation during an appearance on CNN later Wednesday night.

Lonita Baker, who represents Taylor’s family, questioned how the grand jury could indict Hankison for wanton endangerment for shooting into other apartments but not into Taylor’s, saying that “the attorney general’s logic does not make legal sense.” Steven Romines, who represents Walker, said that ballistics reports were inconclusive on whether Walker’s shot struck Mattingly, and said that Kentucky law did not allow self-defense claims when a third-party was shot and killed. Cameron and Kentucky, Romines said, were attempting to apply an “artificial heightened level of self-defense” to police that ordinary citizens cannot claim.

Both lawyers called on Cameron to release the full grand jury report.For many, Taylor’s killing underscores that the law offers systematic protection for police.“There’s an argument in the activist abolition community that ‘arrest killer cops’ is the wrong framework, because it makes it seem these are individual bad decisions as opposed to an entire bad system that makes these things inevitable,” said Tahir Duckett, a Washington-based civil rights attorney. “You’re [trying] to hold a single cop accountable for doing what a system asks them to do. They did everything they were ‘supposed’ to do, and it came to its logical result: They killed an innocent person.”

“You can plug and play 1,000 cops into this situation, and you’ll get the same outcome,” Duckett said.The protests erupting in Louisville are not rooted solely in anger over this particular killing, but in the city’sdeep history of racial segregation and oppression

. Thathas often exhibited itself most clearly in instances of police brutality of the sort that killed Taylor and David McAtee,whom law enforcement officers shotwhile cracking down on protests in late May. But it extends far beyond the criminal justice system, to the city’s persistent racism and poverty and a “system of law enforcement that is essentially criminalizing all of that,” said Kentucky state Rep. Charles Booker.

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“Justice failed us today, but the reality is, it’s been failing us for generations, because it hasn’t accounted for the humanity of all of us,” said Booker, a Democrat who represents parts of Louisville. “Breonna Taylor’s killing, and her life and this case, was never just about what happened to these officers.”

Even if these officers did everything by the book ― at least to the extent that they’re not prosecutable on homicide charges ― that Breonna Taylor is dead is only the latest major indictment of the way that book is written.Although the loudest demand in the wake of Taylor’s killing was for accountability ― to the extent that “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” became, at times,

a meme― there were also cries for an overhaul of the city’s police force, and an insistence that Louisville doesn’t miss this opportunity to deliver justice the way it has in the past.“What’s different about the Breonna Taylor situation is that awareness has gone up 10 times from any other police-involved shooting I’ve seen here in 20 years,” said Christopher 2X, a local activist who has worked alongside Taylor’s mother.

There have already been efforts at reform. The Louisville Metro Council, and Booker and other lawmakers introduced a similar measure in the state legislature. Read more: HuffPost »

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gut these fish Send a message to repressive and elitists leaders by charging Trump and his ilk with CrimesAgainstHumanity Read the police report cops did nothing wrong. Stop lying to yourselves End no-knock raids. End the war on nonviolent drug offenses. Taylor was shot when officers returned fire. There will never be an indictment for her killing. But the lesson from the raid itself should be learned and acted upon.

Don't run with drug dealers should be the lesson here She got justice, plus her family got $12 million dollars. The Grand Jury made it's decision, justice was served. Well....they elect people like McConnell then wonder why they are becoming a s*ithole!!! They have a fantastic candidate from the military and they still want the turtle?

'It's Still Breonna Taylor For Me': Taylor Family Plans Friday Press ConferenceTamika Palmer broke her silence in an Instagram post today. 'It's still Breonna Taylor for me,' she wrote beside a portrait of her daughter, followed by a broken-heart emoji and ThesystemfailedBreonna. Who? That story is so yesterday I'm going as Sexy Breonna Taylor this Halloween How do we know that Breonna's tragic murder was about race? Are we suggesting the police wouldn't have shot back if she and her boyfriend were white? To prevent this from happening again, it seems like we should focus on changing the drug-war and judicial/police protocol.

2 Louisville police officers shot as protesters gather following Breonna Taylor grand jury decisionLATEST: Police said two officers were shot during demonstrations that erupted after a Kentucky grand jury indicted one officer for allegedly endangering the neighbors of Breonna Taylor during the police shooting that resulted in her death. Someone should place those protestors on administrative leave Video of One Shooting On Police Riot Line It should absolutely piss every single one of you off that the state of Kentucky basically said they can break into your house at their discretion and murder you with 0 consequences, what kind of freedom is that?

Louisville police officer shot as protesters gather following Breonna Taylor grand jury decisionJUST IN: Protests in Louisville turned violent as police said an officer was shot during demonstrations that erupted after a grand jury indicted one officer in the Breonna Taylor shooting case. So let's use pictures of black people to bring the point home😳 Bloods on ABC hands. False narrative has created this. P̶r̶o̶t̶e̶s̶t̶s̶ Riots.

The Charges Against the Louisville Cop Involved in the Killing of Breonna Taylor, ExplainedOnly one officer has been charged in connection with the shooting death of Breonna Taylor — and the charges aren’t for killing her

Two police officers shot amid Louisville protests over Breonna Taylor rulingTwo police officers were shot and wounded late on Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky, during protests ignited by a grand jury decision that civil rights activists decried as a miscarriage of justice in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor. You couldn't have thought of this a week ago? Rioters don't want to understand the outcome. They just want an excuse to do harm. Geez Kentucky McConnell and this 😬

2 Louisville police officers shot, multiple injured in Seattle, following Breonna Taylor grand jury decisionThe public reacts after a former Louisville police officer was indicted Wednesday on three counts of wanton endangerment in the shooting of Breonna Taylor. How long do we have to pretend these are “protests” THIS IS A RIOT. Also, the man was told to move multiple times. Play stupid games... There you go, classic ABC fanning the flames? Wow!