How LeVar Burton (and Others) Helped Us Get Through the Pandemic

9/26/2022 11:07:00 PM

From BTS to Lily Tomlin, inspirational figures who helped people get through the pandemic.

From BTS to Lily Tomlin, inspirational figures who helped people get through the pandemic.

Notable pop culture figures, including the actor LeVar Burton and the K-pop phenomenon BTS, helped people get through Covid — from a distance.

health care workers who cared for them and their loved ones.29 other mammals.It found, between 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working from home tripled from 5.It found, between 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working from home tripled from 5.

But some never even met the person who helped them.Here are the stories of four of those people: one who found comfort in LeVar Burton’s reading podcast, one who discovered the Korean supergroup BTS, one who identified with Lily Tomlin’s character in “Grace and Frankie,” and one who never missed a local musician’s daily web performance.But some scientists fear that if the virus continues to spread to new species, it might pick up mutations as it adjusts to the environment inside those animals and then, transmit potentially more dangerous variants back to humans.Thank You for Your Podcast In November 2020, Mary Gaughan, her husband and their two daughters left their 900-square-foot apartment in Brookline, Mass.6 million people., for a house in East Brewster, on Cape Cod.But the vaccines did not, as some had hoped, bring the pandemic to an end.The popular summer vacation town was empty — ideal for avoiding Covid.The average one-way travel time to work dropped to 25.

But it was also lonely and cold, and did little to provide Ms.Advertisement “They’ve been extremely effective, but they also have their shortcomings,” said Mark Siedner, an infectious-disease doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.6 minutes in 2021, among the shortest times in the past decade and two minutes shorter than the average of 27.Gaughan hope.Then she learned about a podcast in which Mr.” Even people who were fully vaccinated have become infected with the latest iterations of the virus.Burton, the “Reading Rainbow” host and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor, recites short stories.Geographically, some of the nation's economic powerhouse metropolitan statistical areas are also seeing the biggest increases in work from home since the pandemic.Ms.While a new booster shot targeting both the original strain of the virus, as well as the now-dominant omicron subvariants, was authorized in late August by the U.While more people were back in the office in 2021 than the first year of the pandemic, there were many fits and starts to going back last year, thanks to case-count spikes from the Delta and Omicron variants.

Gaughan’s daily walks through the woods transformed into literary adventures.Image “It’s like meeting a friend for the first time,” Mr.Food and Drug Administration, some argue that reconfiguring vaccines to match the last variant will always put us one step behind the virus.Still, the increases are substantial in certain MSAs.Burton said about seeing Ms.Gaughan in person.“Can we develop a universal vaccine, effective across all existing and forthcoming variants, that confers sterilizing immunity, in other words that prevents infection altogether?” he said.Credit.That spiked to 36.That spiked to 36.

.In the meantime, “the beauty of [existing] RNA vaccines is that they can modify them very quickly,” he said..Bethany Mollenkof for The New York Times “Even though we had gotten out of the city, it wasn’t clear how we were going to get back.“But the problem with these variants is that this is the exact part of the virus that is changing the most,” Siedner said.2% in 2019 to 35.How was our life going to continue?” Ms.Gaughan, 57, said.One strategy researchers are hoping will improve vaccines is to target them not only to the virus’s spike protein, but to other viral proteins as well.The nearby San Jose, California, MSA had only 4.

“Was there any light at the end of the tunnel? That’s where this found me.8% of ACS survey respondents in 2019 working from home, compared to 34.” On one walk, Ms.“Maybe these will work on the respiratory tract more,” said Bernard Camins, medical director for infection prevention at the Mount Sinai Health System.Gaughan listened to Mr.Burton read Nnedi Okorafor’s “Mother of Invention,” set in a future version of Nigeria.” For the near-term, Siedner said, we may need to modify vaccines the way we do with influenza, by changing them each year.But it's increasingly clear one of the biggest permanent changes from the pandemic is adoption of remote work.It was snowing on Cape Cod, but Ms.Many markets with the most sizable share of remote workers are tech-oriented, including San Francisco; Denver; Austin, Texas and North Carolina's Research Triangle region.

Gaughan found herself transported.Ideally people could be immunized against covid and flu during the same medical visit, he said.“It felt like being in a bubble,” she said.C.(At the start of every show, Mr.The condition itself is one huge question mark — a persistent illness marked by a variety of symptoms including fatigue, fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, pounding heart, headaches, difficulty thinking or concentrating, dizziness and joint pain.Burton encourages listeners to take a deep breath, inspiring Ms.Gaughan to implement a breathing practice into her life.“We see the phenomenon in terms of all these symptoms, but why? What’s generating them?” To develop treatments, researchers must answer such questions.2%, among U.2%, among U.

) Though Ms.Gaughan and her family returned to their Brookline apartment last February, Mr.If that is the case, Gibbons said, the answer may be using antivirals to clear more or all of the virus from the body.Burton continued to be a calming presence for her.Only 3.She finally finished the podcast’s 170-episode catalog, which she listened to on the Stitcher app, this spring, but not before recommending it to about 10 friends.A third notion is that the symptoms are caused not by the virus, but by an immune system gone haywire.“I just want him to know that this had a profound impact on my life during the worst part of the pandemic for us,” Ms.Mountain View, California, part of Silicon Valley, saw 4.

Gaughan said.She said the long-term effects on the brain, including brain fog and mental health complications, bear some similarity to those of Lyme disease, which is transmitted by infected ticks.1% of ACS respondents in 2019 working remotely.“At the end of each one, he’ll sort of give you just a few moments of, like, why did he pick this, what does it mean to him, how did he connect with it, which I really liked because, again, I was feeling very isolated, and it’s not just reading a story to you, but, like, sharing things about his life.” After Ms.1 billion to study long-term effects and possible treatments for covid-19 and long covid.Gaughan submitted her note, The New York Times flew her out to California to meet Mr.The growth of remote workers in cities or towns like Redmond and Cary, North Carolina — close to, but not the major city, of a region — could also be correlated with a growing number of households relocating to the suburbs , especially in the wake of the pandemic and adoption of remote work.Burton in person for the first time.Why does covid severity differ by age and from one person to another? When deaths from covid-19 are charted by age they form a ladder.The push toward more people working remotely has significant implications for the office markets of MSAs seeing the biggest gains in remote workers, especially city centers.

He often meets fans who, like Ms.Gaughan, have followed him since his “Reading Rainbow” days, he later said.Worldwide, children and adolescents under the age of 20, account for just.C.But Ms.Gaughan’s relationship with the podcast was particularly moving, he said.“Young kids, even really young kids, are much less susceptible to severe disease than older people,” said Stephen Goldstein, a postdoctoral fellow studying coronaviruses at University of Utah.He felt an immediate kinship with her.3% of ACS respondents working remotely in 2019 to 33.3% of ACS respondents working remotely in 2019 to 33.

“It’s like meeting a friend for the first time,” Mr.Why is it better to be 1 than 50? I mean, a 1-year-old with influenza, that’s bad.Burton said.“We have all this history in common, when we first encounter each other.In the , the highest death rates were among children 5 and under and seniors 65 and over.4% in 2019 to 48.I could tell if we lived closer, we’d, you know, we’d see each other.” Image Joanne Orrico with a ticket stub from a BTS concert, along with portraits of the K-pop supergroup, at her home in Las Vegas.Bethesda, Maryland, and Arlington, Virginia, each had a higher share of remote workers, as recorded in the ACS survey, than D.

Credit.C...Bridget Bennett for The New York Times Thank You for ‘Butter’ The antidote to Joanne Orrico’s pandemic malaise appeared last summer in a YouTube thumbnail.8%, respectively.Mrs.Both Bethesda and Arlington are significant office markets.

Orrico started the video and almost immediately felt a shift.“Butter,” the relentlessly catchy hit by the K-pop group and worldwide sensation BTS, filled her headphones.C.“After I listened to it, I listened to it again,” Mrs.Orrico, 56, said.“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing.The work-from-home Census survey data somewhat mirrors how return-to-office metrics have fared in 2022.The work-from-home Census survey data somewhat mirrors how return-to-office metrics have fared in 2022.

’” The pressure to put on a happy face amid so much suffering and political turmoil had left Mrs.Orrico, a school librarian from Las Vegas, feeling anxious and depressed.But as she learned more about the seven members of BTS — Jung Kook, V, Jimin, SUGA, j-hope, Jin and RM — with their sunny dispositions and positive lyrics, she rediscovered her pep., saw 44.For Mrs.Orrico, BTS “spoke” to her during a trying time.14, according to Kastle Systems International LLC data.

“It’s important to spread kindness and acceptance and love,” Mrs.That was a 4.Orrico said.Mrs.Orrico, who is of Japanese and Chinese descent, said her immigrant mother had always stressed the importance of behaving like an “American.14 in the San Francisco metro was 40.” Mrs.7%, or 2.

Orrico never understood the power of representation in the media, but that changed when she learned the Korean group had a global fan base.At a time of rising anti-Asian violence, Mrs.San Jose, California, had the lowest physical occupancy among 10 cities tracked by Kastle — 39.Orrico took pride in knowing people around the world enjoyed BTS songs, most of which are in Korean.Her awakening inspired her to start learning the language and to begin cooking Korean food.Image Mrs.It's not certain whether physical office occupancy will continue to rise in the coming weeks.It's not certain whether physical office occupancy will continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Orrico, who is of Japanese and Chinese descent, took pride in knowing people around the world enjoyed BTS songs, most of which are in Korean.Her love for the band inspired her to start learning the language and to begin cooking Korean market and return-to-office believe this year's post-Labor Day office-using activity will be the...

Bridget Bennett for The New York Times BTS fans call themselves the Army (Adorable Representative M.C.for Youth); on April 15, some of them packed Allegiant Stadium, in Paradise, Nev.At the concert, Mrs.Orrico looked out at the sea of Army members, many dressed in purple — BTS’s signature color — and the country’s divisions seemed to melt away.

“Seeing people of all ages, seeing male, female, Black people, Asian people, Mexican.Grandpas, grandmothers, little kids, and everybody.There was nothing like hearing 40,000 people all singing along to the songs,” she said.“For that brief time, nothing else existed.” Mrs.

Orrico’s favorite moment came when the group performed “Life Goes On,” a somber pandemic-themed song that moved Mrs.Orrico to tears the first time she heard it.At the concert, Mrs.Orrico, who attended with a friend she reconnected with after 30 years over their shared BTS fandom, said the group sang the song in a more upbeat tone.“It was purely joyful and happy, like they were just so happy to be there,” she said.

“We felt that too.” Image The actress, writer and producer Lily Tomlin at the RBC House in Toronto, where she was attending the city’s international film festival.It was her performance on the Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” that inspired Hilary Almeida during the early months of the pandemic.Credit..

.Philip Cheung for The New York Times Thank You for Being Frankie Hilary Almeida placed her laptop on her husband’s side of the bed and fell asleep to the Netflix hit “Grace and Frankie.” It was April 2020, and Mrs.Almeida believed she had Covid — she had lost her sense and smell and was experiencing fatigue, headache and a low fever but did not take a test because of low national supply — and didn’t want to infect her husband, a physician.For a couple of months at their home in Teaneck, N.

J., as her husband slept in the guest room, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) were Mrs.Almeida’s muses.She felt a particular kinship with Frankie, the eccentric artist with a deep well of compassion.Mrs.

Almeida, 65, was working as a middle school E.S.L.teacher, and she played the show on loop after her workday as her symptoms raged for a couple of months.“This vulnerable character, I could relate to all these things,” Mrs.

Almeida said.“She was feisty.I consider myself such a strong person but I felt so challenged at the time.I was physically weak and I had a headache.Frankie also had moments where she was vulnerable and she didn’t feel well, but she was full of emotion.

” Like so many others, Mrs.Almeida first discovered Ms.Tomlin on the TV show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” which ran from 1968 to 1973, but her fandom took on another level with “Grace and Frankie,” which, before the pandemic, she would watch with her mother after her mother’s chemotherapy appointments.The practice took on even more importance after her mother died and the pandemic hit.Grace and Frankie are an odd couple, staggering into friendship after their husbands reveal they are in love.

In Frankie, Mrs.Almeida found a kindred spirit.“I love her,” Mrs.Almeida said, “the way Grace learned to love her.” Image The musician Semisi Ma’u at his home in Vista, Calif.

Janell Cannon developed a routine that revolved around his rendition of the song “Lata Lullaby.” Credit...John Francis Peters for The New York Times Thank You for Your Lullaby During the pandemic, at her San Diego area home, Janell Cannon and her cat, Taliesin, developed a routine every night around 9.

Ms.Cannon would pour herself a glass of wine.Taliesin would curl up on his bed.And together they would listen to Semisi Ma’u’s rendition of “Lata Lullaby.” Mr.

Ma’u, a musician with gray Albert Einstein hair based in the San Diego area, played the song, written to honor his mother, nightly on Facebook Live with various family members from March 2020 to March 2021.The performances, with guitars and a piano, would last for about five to 10 minutes, and Ms.Canon was among the locals who tuned in.“I never got tired of it,” Ms.Cannon, 64, said.

“The familiarity helped to deal with the uncertainty.” Though Mr.Ma’u and his family played the same song every night, one musician was always allotted time for a solo, whether on guitar or the drums or something else.Ms.Cannon particularly enjoyed when Mr.

Ma’u played the fangufangu (nose flute), popular in his native Tonga.Ms.Cannon, author of the popular 1993 children’s book “Stellaluna,” was in isolation, but she was hardly alone.“Everybody loves Semisi,” she said.Advertisement.

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life goes on will forever be cherished as the song that helped me so much to sail thru those struggling time I lost my father a few weeks before Covid. BTS carried me through my grief and pandemia. That's not a small thing. Frankly, they saved me and allowed me to remain human during this ordeal. It's hard to explain but.. they are genuinely really humans in the most beautiful way.

I found BTS after the first year of the pandemic. They kept me coming, helped my daughter & I communicate about something fun and connect & more importantly inspired me ‘carpe diem’ & take the first steps towards traveling again…..I had to see their concert ! BTS_twt is truly amazing!!! Thank you nytimes

Yes, please check out khj_heneciatwt .He's made it his mission to spread a message of hope during in this pandemic. A Bell of Blessing was released in 2020. Starts off 'Can you hear this echo The angel’s victory The sun rises and the darkness disappears' BTS are amazing and really have helped so much. I don't think I can ever thank them enough.

Conocí a Bts 💜 un inicio de 2020 y ha sido una bendición para mi vida I was ARMY before the pandemic but they were the ones who helped me survive it. I would not have made it through without them. Their concerts, music, RUN BTS episodes, and Vlives are what kept me going and gave me light at the end of the tunnel.

More than just the pandemic, BTS has helped me be a better, happier, and more inspired person. I feel more alive, more creative, and hopefully someone capable of also inspiring others to be kind, to work hard, to be humble, and to drown the hate with love. During pandemics I felt entrapped in a tunnel. BTS were the light that guided me to find the path out. I even found courage to quit a job that was killing me as a person. I began to love myself more than ever! My daughter has experienced their live saving impact even before me.


Five things about covid we still don’t understand at our perilIn less than three years, researchers have published more than 200,000 studies about the coronavirus and covid-19. Still, the virus has kept many of its secrets. Here are some of the most pressing questions they are trying to answer: Any research what lab covid came from?

Heard of BTS back in 2017 but i found them during the pandemic. Can u please put down the subscription wall? BTS save lives. They were also stressed, sad and tired about the pandemic but they did everything they could to be there for ARMYs. Now it’s our turn to be there for them in chapter 2 💜 YetToCome BTS BTS_twt

I was a pandemic ARMY too. Life Goes on was healing LEVAR STOLE OUR READING RAINBOW DONATIONS TO FUND A FOR-PROFIT COMPANY 🤦‍♂️ I am happy to find them just before the pandemic💜thanks to them they kept me alive 💜💜💜😭 BTS are truly inspirational and a comfort for us Armys Literally BTS got me through it, it was a lot that first year!

That's so beautiful. I can't even imagine the endless long days of the pandemic without the 7 members of BTS_twt and the BTSARMY community 💜

These office markets may see biggest impact from remote-work adoption - Phoenix Business JournalBetween 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working from home tripled from 5.7%, or about 9 million people, to 17.9%, or 27.6 million people, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

I found bts_bighit during the pandemic and their music, passion, and joy kept me from shattering. They are smart men who care about the message they send to people and ARMY reflect their message in action. They make art that inspires and truly heals. 💜 Yes BTS helped me alot Hi BTSARMY you have to check this video out and see how our awesome Tannies BTS have been a positive vessel. bts_twt

BTS made the pandemic bearable. They expressed same feelings we all had and gave many new fans the chance to become part of our big purple family BTS 💜💜💜 BTS_twt Thank You so much for saving me from depression..🙏🥺💜 Kim Hyun Joong helped me through the pandemic, my mother’s illness and her passing. His music, his YouTube channel and monthly online concerts were a wonderful help to my mental health. khj_heneciatwt

The boys BTS_twt practically saved me and my daughter. She was stuck in Italy during peak COVID alone with her studies postponed and marooned in her room for 6 months Thank you BTS_twt Kim Hyun Joong helped me get through it!! His Music, You Tube Channel, monthly on line concerts gave me something to look forward to!! Thank You khj_heneciatwt

These office markets may see biggest impact from remote-work adoption - Jacksonville Business JournalThe U.S. Census Bureau released data from its 2021 American Community Survey earlier this month, including metrics that show how much work-from-home has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic.

My wife and I also found BTS during the pandemic. Our lives have been made so much more colorful since we embraced the Bangtan boys! I discovered BTS in 2017 when I was depressed about the state of the world and they have given me joy and solace ever since. Their music is uplifting and comforting telling us that we're in this together.

This comment section is so beautiful 💜 They walked with us through some of the hardest times. They worked so hard and gave up so much without us knowing of it. 7 beautiful souls brightening our world simply being there and being themselves 💜 modooborahae BTS have truly been with us all the way. 💜 OK when everyone ask why bts ? Because thire music gaveus the strength we neededInner peace when i listene to them i can relate to every lyrics Bts is my only safe place bts makedme realize that there's still hope for us happiness starts frm loving our selves bts purpled my🌏

BTS_twt really helped me during the pandemic with their inspirational music and funny engaging video content (In the Soop, Bon Voyage, their docs on YT premium) 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Agree ~ inspiration music & figures. Also do check out Kim Hyun Joong khj_heneciatwt & his YouTube channel. He will be performing in New York on 6 November 2022.

Love the article! 💜 Likewise, BTS has tremendously helped me esp during the pandemic. Being isolated away my family and friends (in another country) was really hard. Watching BTS's RUN BTS episodes made me laugh so hard, and their videos and music def lessened my insanity. 💜 Thx for including BTS_twt and the fellow army in your article! I’m sure millions of ppl can relate to her story bc the fandom nearly doubled during the pandemic. BTS is a positive force in the world spreading joy love & comfort wherever they go & whatever they do!

I agree - BTS_twt totally helped me weather the isolation and general anxiety during Covid by letting me know it’s ok to be anxious and talk about it with others.

Accessity continues to help small businesses rebound from the pandemic -SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Two talented salon owners are feeling the generosity of Accessity, a nonprofit that offers small business loans to entrepreneurs of color, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs. KUSI’s Diane Tuazon went live in Little Italy with the owners and operators of Upper Level Salon to talk about how the non-profit is helping them recover from the COVID-19 pandemic....

I discovered BTS during the pandemic too. They really brought joy and soul back to my life 💜 💜💜💜 modooborahae BTS was one of the reasons i didn't lose hope during the pandemic.. i was depressed and on the verge of giving up when I 'met' BTS_twt via youtube recommendation. Their music lifted my spirit and gave me a renewed hope & positivity in life.. Thank you, BTS. 💜

bts_bighit help me during the pandemic. It all started with Dynamite and then knowing them, all of their work and content as a group and individuals and in April attending to their concert in Vegas. Now I'm a big fan! Army is it safe to click? modooborahae Life Goes On by BTS_twt is so special because of this! 💜

BTS really helped me through the pandemic! I had just become a mother for the first time and I was very sad because I couldn't even leave the house to show my baby...I had so much fun with all their content that made me laugh and forget about those difficult times a little! 💜💜💜BTS is truly one of the most positive influences out there. They stayed connected with their fans every way they could, even while dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic, just to spread as much happiness and help ARMY forget for just awhile. BTS BTS_Proof 💜💜💜

Yes BTS 🥺 modooborahae Good for you, Times, for producing a feel good article and smart of you for including BTS. Let the clicks begin.

modooborahae 🫰💜 A lot of people around the globe told me I helped, but since I say stuff like this, you guys usually ignore me.