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How impeachment of Andrew Cuomo would play out in New York

How impeachment of Andrew Cuomo would play out in New York

3/2/2021 7:43:00 PM

How impeachment of Andrew Cuomo would play out in New York

Removing the New York governor from office could be as difficult as convicting former President Donald Trump.

to sign on to an impeachment article so that it can pass the assembly is unlikely," Battista said."The probability of winning the required two-thirds majority in the impeachment court is very unlikely, again absent new revelations."Battista's comments were made after the first

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allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomobut before the new accusations on MondayOnly one governor has been impeached in New York's history. In 1913, Democrat William Sulzer was successfully impeached and removed from office based on accusations of embezzling campaign funds.

However, Sulzer had clashed with Tammany Hall—then the powerful Democratic machine in New York—and refused to appoint party boss Charles F. Murphy's business partner to a position as a state highway superintendent. Some have maintained that Sulzer's conviction in the impeachment court was unfair and motivated by politics. headtopics.com

Jack O'Donnell, author ofBitten by the Tiger: The True Story of Impeachment, the Governor & Tammany Hall,told NY1 in 2020 that Sulzer's impeachment was largely a political matter."He was really impeached because he got into a battle, a political battle, a battle for supremacy with Tammany Hall," he said."Impeachment, whether it's William Sulzer or other impeachments we've seen since then, are political acts. And voters tend to see them as such."

The only other governor to come close to impeachment was Eliot Spitzer in 2008. Facing a prostitution scandal, Spitzer resigned and Lt. Governor David Paterson saw out the remainder of his term.Impeaching Cuomo would be both difficult and without recent precedent, while successfully removing him could be nearly impossible unless enough Democrats join Republicans in the impeachment court.

A person places his red painted hands on a poster of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's book as people gather outside of his NYC office to protest against cuts to health care on March 1, 2021 in New York City. Cuomo is facing calls to resign and suggestions that he should be impeached.

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Just do the right thing and resign..........