How I started my own successful YouTube channel reviewing tech products

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How I started my own successful YouTube channel reviewing tech products investinyou (In partnership with acorns.)

But the more I worked at it, the better I got at making my videos. I saved up money from various little jobs and birthday presents and bought myself new tech to unbox for the channel. I started to get more and more interested in the production aspect of making these videos, and would challenge myself to make each new video better looking and more engaging than the last. I watched hours of YouTube tutorials on lighting, sound, editing and storytelling to try to consistently improve upon my craft.

I finally knew I was on to something after I made an unboxing video of the iPhone 7 that got 100,000 views in the first month it was live! I kept creating more and more content over time, and I've been fortunate to have a few videos perform really well on YouTube's platform. I was super excited when last summer, just 5 years after I started the channel, I hit the 10,000 subscriber milestone.

Shared new videos with my friends and family to get in some initial views, which helped the algorithm pick up my videos and share it with a larger audience.

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