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How Huawei Lost the Heart of the Chinese Public

When an executive wrote about her house arrest in Canada, an outcry about a former employee’s treatment arose on social media.


An open letter from a chief executive at Huawei, discussing her house arrest in Canada, sparked a backlash on Chinese social media that exposed the company's worsening image in its home country, writes liyuan6

When an executive wrote about her house arrest in Canada, an outcry about a former employee’s treatment arose on social media.

In China, however, Huawei has been considered the crown jewel of the country’s tech industry and has enjoyed tremendous good will. Many Chinese proudly abandoned their iPhones for Huawei phones.

after a labor dispute has made it clear that people in China are starting to sour on the company

, who have never experienced an economic downturn and have always thought they had more protections than lower-paid migrant workers. People said they could see themselves in Mr. Li.

“Huawei has the right, and in fact a duty, to report the facts of any suspected illegal conduct to authorities. We respect the decisions made by the authorities,”

Online commentators called the statement “arrogant” and “cold blooded.” “The elephant stepped on you, but you can step back on it,” one popular WeChat article said. “What a response of justice!”

After Ms. Meng’s arrest, there was an outpouring of support for Huawei. In the most recent quarter, Huawei’s smartphone sales in China grew 66 percent from a year earlier. Sales for Apple and most of Huawei’s domestic competitors declined, according to the research firm Canalys.

of a pair of Huawei-branded handcuffs are circulating online as a new, smart-fitness wristband. One of the “bands” is called the “free meal and accommodation version,” referring to jail life.

he wrote, “but a very high percentage of the young generation care about values, too.”

They say they feel helpless because they can’t criticize the government. Now they feel they are also not able to criticize a giant corporation.

“A company that’s too big to criticize is even scarier than a company that’s too big to fail,” Nie Huihua, an economics professor at Renmin University in Beijing, told the news site Jiemian on Tuesday.

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StandwithHong18 LiYuan6 fxxk u chinazi LiYuan6 they always have one goal LiYuan6 Not surprisingly. China afraid their people lost the patriotism once they know the true. LiYuan6 Well, all Chinese are like that, they always hate the products made in their home country LiYuan6 Chinese spy is in everywhere. AntiCCP

LiYuan6 If you are experiencing fear, torment, disappointments, etc. Why did you leave China at the beginning? Under the protection of CCP, you could have the harmonist and stabilized life. Or you had decided to facilitate the mission from CCP and extract data from other countries? LiYuan6 Huawei 251 case remind us the important of rule of law and human rights. But CCP see these things are evil! Chinazi antichinazi

LiYuan6 It's all or nothing in CCP China. If brands or individuals get praised to celestial level, it's just a matter of time before they did one thing wrong and got bombarded to the depths of hell. Welcome to China. LiYuan6 They will soon forget what happened and the worse image. They will continue to support Huawei blindly because it’s Chinese-based company.

LiYuan6 The fake news is really a fake news. How can they announce Huawei lost our heart and trust? To be honest, the sanctions posted on Huawei have united people here in China. LiYuan6 They are Chinese. They should love their country and stay there to serve for their people, shouldn't they?

U.S. judge disqualifies Huawei lawyer from fraud, sanctions caseA U.S. judge on Tuesday disqualified James Cole, a Washington lawyer for China&... Conflict of interest for prior work at the department of justice? What is this, a kangaroo court? American justice? US will take all possible measures against Huawei

LiYuan6 Boycott Huawei !!! Huawei is a state firm of China !!! Their product will become a big national security risk!! StandWithHongKong antichinazi BoycottChina LiYuan6 Many chinese will still buy iphones to show their supports and passions on Huawei LiYuan6 Quite interesting! LiYuan6 But winning outside it's borders. Now in 2nd place and growing thanks to your President's help.

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LiYuan6 MAGA an letterful from a executiveful at huaweiful, discussing her houseful arrestful in canadaful, sparked a backlashful on chine…ful

Huawei faces online storm in China over employee treatmentThe treatment of Li Hongyuan, who had worked for the company for 13 years, has become one of the most discussed topics in recent days on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform.

LiYuan6 impressive

Huawei urging suppliers to break the law by moving offshore: RossChina's telecoms giant Huawei has been encouraging its suppliers to violate... WTF?!!?

Huawei Bolsters Public-Relations Blitz With Legal Action Huawei Technologies has been on a public-relations blitz to convince the world that it isn’t a bad actor. Now Huawei’s intensified defense of its image is also being waged on a legal front. That doesn't seem like a good business strategy. In countries where the rule of law is whimsy. Sue me, commies.

Huawei executive says she's been reading, oil painting while fighting extraditionMeng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer and deputy chairwoman of Huawei, is fighting extradition charges to the U.S. following her arrest in Vancouver last December. Hmmm Shouldn't America focus more on Hillary Clinton's Crimes which our corrupt FBI covered up for the Democrats? Wow, remember when this is the type of stuff that got us all bent out of shape? The good ole' days.

Huawei plans to shift research center to Canada from U.S.: Globe and Mail Huawei Technologies Co Ltd plans to shift its research center to Canada from the... الَّذِينَ يَسْتَنبِطُونَهُ مِنْهُمْ ۗ وَلَوْلَا فَضْلُ اللَّهِ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَتُهُ لَاتَّبَعْتُمُ الشَّيْطَانَ إِلَّا قَلِيلًا (83) manny_ottawa SundanceConstr1 it is sort of like a migrating cancer. Did you mean stealing center?

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