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How Ewan McGregor 'Completely' Transformed For Netflix's Halston

5/17/2021 9:56:00 PM

How Ewan McGregor 'Completely' Transformed For Netflix's Halston

The Netflix short film Becoming Halston gives fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of Ryan Murphy's Halston, which premiered May 14.

onlyactor that Minahan shared his research materials with. "The first time he came to set, the hair on the back of my neck stood up because he completely embodied the character," Minahan gushed.ATSUSHI NISHIJIMA/NETFLIXEven Indiana-born Halston's "imitation" voice was perfectly pegged by McGregor. "He had this incredible accent that he invented almost," McGregor explained.

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He even worked with San Juan in the costume department to actually drape and construct garments in scenes. "I felt like I really got close to him in a strange way," McGregor concluded. "I think he would have been really happy that we were telling his story."

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He deserves an award!!!! He was brilliant and I loved Liza with a Z.