How crypto is making us rethink money

1/9/2022 10:50:00 PM

💸Imagine a future with your checking account, Bitcoin account and Ethereum accounts standing side by side. Could it happen? 🎧We're talking about that on our latest podcast. LISTEN HERE:

💸Imagine a future with your checking account, Bitcoin account and Ethereum accounts standing side by side. Could it happen? 🎧We're talking about that on our latest podcast. LISTEN HERE:

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Why do i need that? I pirchase what i need digitally with a card and pay for it digitally with a transfer why do i need other “money”? Banks and crypto don’t mix like two di*ks and no bi*ch

‎Best New Ideas in Money: How crypto is making us rethink money on Apple Podcasts💸Should your bank offer crypto services? That may be coming in the future, aaronlammer says. 🎧LISTEN HERE: aaronlammer Still cannot get anyone to explain why the average consumer needs crypto to live their lives… aaronlammer There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about nichelle_90 it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done. aaronlammer Yes, although I trust my money more with the blockchain than I do an actual bank, because you know I have access to it 24/7 unlike a bank.... InvictusDAO Please ser, turn into the DAO blockchain version of a Bank.

Victims of $200 million hack of BitMart crypto exchange still waiting to get their money backUsers have been waiting for over a month. lmfao they won't get their money back Not your keys, not your coins. Please learn to self-custody your coins

Sign Up for WSJ’s Six-Week Money ChallengeFinancial advisers and researchers say the prescription for money happiness is to accept the fact you’ll spend more this year than you did last year, explains juliaccarpenter WSJWhatsNow juliaccarpenter juliaccarpenter As you approach retirement the most important number you must know is your budget. Your spending drives all of the calculations and helps you know if you can retire with confidence. juliaccarpenter Don't worry BE HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 😂😂😂

Here's how much money Apple CEO Tim Cook made in 2021Apple CEO Tim Cook got $98.73 million in compensation in the company's fiscal 2021, not including more than $754,000,000 of shares from an old grant that vested.

We Can Teach You That & Totally Worth It: How to Take Control of Your MoneyIf your new year's resolution is to get your money in order, you're in luck. jessica_roy is teaching a personal finance class next Tuesday. Learn how to make a budget, cut your spending and pay down your debts. Tickets 👇 jessica_roy 💵❤️ jessica_roy For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Derrick_Jones39 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️

Lehi couple accused of fraud, keeping man in Samoa to steal more moneyA Lehi husband and wife face federal charges accusing them of obtaining millions from fraudulent schemes. One scheme resulted in a kidnapping charge, as well, after they allegedly kept a 26-year-old in Samoa under false pretenses.