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How Brands Can Successfully Engage With Consumers Quarantined Due To COVID-19

Strategies for engaging consumers during the COVID-19 crisis are discussed.

4/2/2020 9:58:00 AM

Here's how brands can successfully engage with consumers quarantined due to COVID-19 :

Strategies for engaging consumers during the COVID-19 crisis are discussed.

. While these shows have generally been free and focused on fundraising, they surely build up goodwill. In addition, they keep the act top of mind, and likely have the potential to spur online purchases of albums and merchandise, especially if scheduled regularly. These innovative types of strategies can be especially valuable in some industries that are heavily impacted by the virus.

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2) Influencer marketing strategies may need to be changed to target “homefluencers”As with everyone else, the lives of social media influencers have been impacted by COVID-19. Gillespie of Criteo stresses that there is a major opportunity for brands who have capitalized on influencers from Instagram, Youtube or other social media channels to capture what he calls the new “homefluencers.” He notes that influencers “...are suddenly facing a moment where the cocktail dress they’ve been trying to sell is no longer for a night out, but for a mirror selfie or a virtual happy hour,” and that, “Influencers who have depended on ‘location candy’ suddenly find their backdrops unavailable.” To stay relevant, these individuals become homefluencers and find ways to connect with their followings.

Gillespie observes that these influencers tend to instinctively understand where they fit into a consumer’s life during a crisis and many are good at adapting to new situations. As a result, homefluencers can be highly effective in educating audiences on social impact initiatives or simply entertaining customers while promoting a brand that they use.

3) Strong consumer brands should deliver simple messages that address COVID-19 and social responsibilityGillespie suggests that bigger brands that have influence within consumer communities keep their messages simple, obvious, and informative. He cites

Coca Cola’s recent out of home ad in Times Squarethat delivered an effective social distancing message as an example:“Recently, Coca-Cola featured their impossible to miss logo with the letters spread out in Times Square. The vital marketing campaign was a testament to the success that can be derived from keeping the messaging light — yet powerful — all while spreading a message about the importance of social distancing.”

Given that young consumers are especially prone toreward a brand that they believe shares their values, this is a good time for large brands to address COVID-19 and deliver socially responsible messages.4) Tone and human-centric messages are especially important for companies experience an uptick or shift in distribution channels during the crisis

The public is well aware that this crisis has hit many individuals very hard. As a result, messages that focus on the human element are likely to enhance effectiveness. Gillespie cites Hyundai’s recent television ad campaign in which the company puts out the

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offer that for those affected by COVID-19 the company will cover six months of paymentsas a good example. He says, “While it’s designed to boost sales at a slow time, it’s not ‘sales-y’ and comes across as caring about the consumer. This approach will likely build strong loyalty for those who happen to need to take advantage of it.”

For companies making products for which their is an increase in consumption, such as alcohol or grocery retail, sensitivity is especially important. Gillespie citesDiageo’s(owner of the Guinness and Johnnie Walker brands) promise of over $1 million to support bartenders and other affected groups around the world of a good example of incorporating the human element into marketing messages. While some companies may even achieve sales gains, remaining sensitive to the human side of things, and especially job displacements and hardship is important to consumers and resonates.

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“homefluencers”.. another interesting new marketing termonology! Really Easy or no. Clean 10 Ways to manage stress: 1. Exercise. 2. Get more sleep. 3. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. 4. Meditate. 5. Take regular short breaks. 6. Manage your time effectively and efficiently. 8. Learn to say “no.” 9. Reduce multi tasking, focus on priorities.

I’d add 4. Wear masks

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