How ‘antifa’ became a Trump catch-all

Antifa doesn’t appear to have any organizing structure, but it has become a potent term for conservatives — a quick way to brand part of the opposition

6/3/2020 9:00:00 AM

Antifa doesn’t appear to have any organizing structure, but it has become a potent term for conservatives — a quick way to brand part of the opposition

Antifa doesn’t appear to have any organizing structure, but it has become a potent term for conservatives — a quick way to brand part of the opposition.

But the messaging lands among conservatives, who have fears of their own.“I think that the president is trying to say that if you're a terrorist, you lack moral authority,” said Walter. “You're not somebody who has to be listened to, or taken with any moral seriousness. You are outside the bounds of civilization. And certainly most conservatives, I don't think, would object to that.”

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Protesters turn an American flag upside down outside the White House. | Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesWhile Walter said he personally empathized with the broad message against police brutality against African-Americans, he observed that conservatives were equally concerned, if not more, about antifa using violence to promote those causes. He pointed to college students protesting divisive conservative speakers, as an example, noting the time protesters

descendedupon a Milo Yiannopoulos talk at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017, and claimed that his speech was “violence”.“Conservatives object to that in principle, because speech isn't violence,” he said. “But they also are very worried because the left likes to swap that little equation and flip it the other way. 'Our violence

isthe speech. So if we burn up police headquarters and police cars and loot stores, well, that's really just speech, that's just people objecting to some political or public policy.'"But regardless of what conservatives think about antifa, Ross said, Trump appears willing to exploit it.

“It's this kind of thing that he does, periodically; using the term as a sort of Boogeyman that can accumulate all those things that he hates, and take on these super powers that require the full force of law enforcement to neutralize,” he said. “And so, in this case, I think that pretty much the cardinal reason for trotting it out is to create a scapegoat.”

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Don’t you believe it Antifa is well organized Like clockwork. As soon as Barr talks about releasing Antifa communications and their accomplices. Uh...Antifa is a figment of conservative imagination. Sunlight is the best antidote. Step 1: 'All those protesters are Antifa (whether they are or not).' Step 2: 'Antifa are terrorists.' - We are here Step 3: 'Therefore the protesters are terrorists.' Step 4: 'Therefore it's okay to kill the protesters.'

Wrong! Who is staging rocks and bricks in the rioting areas. Providing deadly ammunition to the rioters and criminals. you might want to wait for the DOJ & FBI on that Lib propaganda Is a real news outlet? morgfair 'ANTIFA doesn't appear to have any organized structure.' Kinda like Al-Qaeda. Same philosophy too.

morgfair IT'S A LIE. Why do Rs get away with lying? morgfair Hilarious that conservatives are OFFENDED by being anti-facist. A whole World War was fought on that premise. Glad to know what they really feel! morgfair In much the same way as they always do, dishonestly and with the intent to stoke fear in their supporters. How very typical.

morgfair So basically the antithesis of qanon Whatever you do, Do not go to Stop gaslighting. This is a lie. People need to stop believing MSM and check everything out for themselves. Research yourself MSM lies. Carrying water for terrorists, I see EnemyOfThePeople No organising structure....they just have similar tactics, consistent messaging, cells in plenty of cities, comms channels to organise, wear the same type of clothing... How long are you going to keep this up? You are bankrolling a Trump presidency with this disingeneousness

sedition Q You people are so blind! Just keep drinking the kool aid! 'appear'. Boy, this sure is news. *eyeroll Sure, pal. It was just RANDOM PEOPLE IN EVERY TOWN WITH BIG PROTESTS FINDING PALLETS OF BRICKS POSITIONED AT STRATEGIC LOCATIONS because someone randomly decided to dress in all black and buy a pallet of bricks.

The JTTF can make that determination, not the media. No One Believes your pro antifa propaganda These are the lefts scum. Embraced by seemingly all Commiecrats and specifically keithellison IlhanMN You guys expoit everything even trying to spin that antifa are right-wing. Not sure how that works. The left projects what they themselves do on the right. You call EVERYONE who opposes you or merely disagrees with you an 'Alt-right Nazi fascist' It's so pathetic and nobody is buying it. Antifa IS a terrorist organization and BLM IS a domestic terrorist organization

That explains the bricks. Just like the Taliban? ANTIFA Destroys The Black Community Making Their White Supremacist Ancestors Proud BlackLivesMatter it exists So look closer with your glasses on . . . Antifa, Black Lives Matter hundreds of other similar groups are well enough organized for recruiting, fund raising, coming together at chosen sights, moving about in troubled areas to spread the violence in an planned fashion with plenty of supplies to accomplish their crimes.

As Antifa aren’t well defined, that means ANYONE can be declared Antifa which would make them a terrorist. Now combine that with The Patriot Act. If that doesn’t concern you, you don’t understand how bad things are or how much worse they will get. They are saying there is no head to this organization but they are funded well so I think they will find one or several big donors.

Antifa are fascists. Politico has no problems with catch all's when they can use it against the gop. How about the catch all that all white people are either white supremacists or just racist. Hmmm I hope that branding all of the looters as antifa doesn't come back to haunt Maga: Trump doesn't know jack..

You would think conservatives could of found something other than Anti Facism as a battle cry. FFS who’s in charge of the conspiracy theories, Goofy? “Appear”. EntelechyInc Amazing how they all seem to turn up at precisely the same places, simultaneously, and have street leaders and medical teams with them. But, hey, brah, they don't seem to have any 'organizing structure'.

Right. All across the country the same riot instigating tactics are used. No organization? This rag is part of them. Wonder who else? They don't need an organizing structure. The concept is simple, go around using textbook fascist tactics while claiming to oppose fascism. Like if someone changes their name to Notta SerialKiller it's now okay for them to pile up bodies in their basement.

Crazy how it’s only extremely FAR LEFT leaning “news” outlets writing these opinions on ANTIFA. So sad how you put your agenda before the America that so many fought and lost their lives for. whipping up another conspiracy Go_The_FK_Away_ I guess Obamagate didn't catch on so now they have moved on to calling all liberals antifa.

Well ... I’m no ‘member’ of ANTIFA but I am opposed to fascism so 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m fine if you call me anti fascist Trump is such a clown...he really should have been a comedian. He is HILARIOUS! We are all Antifa unless you are a fascist MAGA so lock up the red hats Antifa is Trump's new MS-13. Do you know anything about the Boogaloo Boys?

They brand everything. And now they are trying to define the opposition as Antifa. Since when did America embrace fascism? Did I miss something? Is it government policy? Do we have to embrace racism and bigotry also? Don’t lie So who were those 'DOJ soldiers' in D.C.? Weird because the FBI said they have a structure, intel and logistics operations

TrumpGate Also this: the good old boys are causing this BS. Everytime Republicans downplay domestic threats for political reasons, the people are the ones that suffer. MJMusicEars Seems to me, if one isn't Against fascism, one IS FOR Fascism...there is no middle ground See baseball bats, golf clubs. C’mon Politico, you can do better than this. You don’t even discuss the protests in Alexandria, VA, where neonazis instigated violence against blacks and killed a woman. Antifa protestors were also present, peacefully protesting Trump’s fascism...

but you can always identify sources of funding and cut them The problem with attempting to brand Antifa a terrorist organization is that Antifa is a nonexistent organization. Where is the website of Antifa? Who is the leader of Antifa? What is the organizational structure of Antifa? And conservatives obviously like fascists.

WOW!! Who are you trying to kid. They are extremely organized. Really? Then explain this Antifa Lieutenant paying his Antifa Rioters & passing down orders to them. I see organization there. MichelleMalkin MichaelJohns JohnBoehner SarahPalinUSA Heritage RedState GlennBeck KarlRove NewtGingrich FredThompson MittRomney IngrahamAngle JoeNBC SeanHannity theMRC RNC dickmorristweet LoyaltoLiberty HotAirBlog USConservatives realDonaldTrump POTUS GOP

PoliticalBee It's a 'potent term' only because the more fragile mind swallows the term as though it were factual. If the media really believes in 'balance' it should be insisting the Trump regime explain why right wing groups aren't being branded as well. Follow Andy ngoo for real info on ANTIFA It helps him when liberals will not acknowledge AntiFa exists.

There's leadership somewhere He hates Antifa bc they fight his radical supporters. ICantBreathe NoViolence Being decentralized doesn’t really matter. Look at ISIS they are now more of a loose organization since the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi yet their followers are highly committed and growing again. Is ANTIFA supposed to have some office headquarters

Antifa angry at their paymaster GEORG SOROS for supplying their WAGES on time. Lol Give it up. There are picture after picture of these Antifa punks wearing military grade audio. Not to mention the pallets of bricks suddenly appearing on the protest routes all over the Country. is a sad excuse for news.

Oh no, they're not organized😂 WATCH: BLM protester calls out white Antifa for vandalizing local Starbucks This won't age well. ANTIFA is GOP 's WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, except this the target is the American people. Jesus, please take the wheel. Tina doesn’t step outside her delusional bubble much I’m guessing. Or she’s just flat out lying 🤥

Elf and ALF were structured the same way (Linearly) .... FBI successfully all but finished them by various classified terrorism task force tools they use....antifa and other leftist groups are on borrowed time....Just watch Politico WHY DO YOU LIE ? BE A WHISTLE BLOWER STAND UP

There's Only One Reason To Be Scared Of ANTIFA (Because You Like Fascism)Even though the group’s stated doctrine is fighting fascism in all its forms, the right has long sought to use examples of violence and skirmishes at protests as examples of false equivalency between ANTIFA members and the often self-declared white supremacists they frequently square off against.

Trump Claims U.S. Will Designate Antifa A Terrorist OrganizationThough he lacks the legal authority to do so, President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he will order the government to label antifa a terrorist group, a move that would face First Amendment challenges in court. What do you think? Rene must have a liberal arts education ffs

Amid protests, Trump says he will designate Antifa as terrorist organizationU.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday the U.S. government will designate anti-fascist group Antifa as a terrorist organization, a move that legal experts say would be hard to execute. Trump = 🤡 realDonaldTrump how about the KKK and various other White Supremacy groups as well? Declaring Anti Fashist as a terrorist organisation makes him a fashist right?

Anna Kendrick condemns 'suburban white boys' looting and vandalizing during George Floyd protestsThe 'Pitch Perfect' star's tweet comes as President Trump announces plan to designate anti-fascist group Antifa a terrorist organization. Has she not watched the news the last three nights or is she just getting reports from JoyAnnReid? Right... its all white suburbanites.

Protests rage nationwide Sunday as Trump threatens to label 'antifa' a terrorist groupProtesters took to the streets across the country again Sunday in angry but largely peaceful demonstrations, as officials in several states called in more National Guard troops and curfews were imposed to stem days of fires, tear gas and unrest cut it out with the 'mostly peaceful' nonsense

Trump vows to designate antifa a terrorist group. Here’s why DOJ officials call that 'highly problematic'NEW: Senior officials from within the Justice Department have publicly warned against designating any U.S.-based groups as terrorist organizations—with one senior official telling Congress such a move would be 'highly problematic.' Only problematic if it's one of ABC's leftist friends right? Get those folks (Obama, 2013) who were arrested down there to clean it all up. They are a terrorist group....period