How Africa can encourage home-grown maths boffins

An African maths institute is creating opportunities to study and stay


Africa's maths whizzes can fulfil their potential on the continent, thanks to the African Institute of Mathematical Science

An African maths institute is creating opportunities to study and stay

campus in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. “Now I can join a company, become a data scientist, do a

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The course was founded by Moustapha Cisse, who runs Google’s

Professor Ndifon argues it is vital that the institute does not just teach, but conducts research as well. African researchers bring “unique perspectives”, he argues. Google has funded Quantum Leap Africa, an artificial-intelligence centre, in Kigali, and

African mathematicians, like all ambitious masterminds, will still look for jobs at top global universities and companies abroad. The resources at elite colleges in Europe or America surpass those in Senegal or Rwanda. But the growth of

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Mathematicians are useful because they are the taxi drivers 🚕of science, engineering and, in the statistical sense, economics, and finance. They get us from A to B. I recommend to tip 💴 the math 🚕well, in case point B is the wrong place and you want a lift to C. Long live ali_naka I'm sure you'd like this.

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Africa is a continent... Like with umpteen countries with people of different ethnicities and color... And you guys are promoting one center of mathematics branding all Africans under one umbrella?....leftist . Identity politics gone loco Africa once belonged to Britain. Now Britain belongs to Boris. PoeticJustice

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