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How advocates say Trump’s endangered species rules could threaten conservation

How advocates say the Trump administration's latest move to weaken the law that protects endangered species could threaten conservation.


How advocates say the Trump administration's latest move to weaken the law that protects endangered species could threaten conservation.

Conservation experts and environmental advocates are sounding the alarms on the Trump administration’s latest move to weaken the law that protects endangered species .

The proposed rules are expected to face legal challenges that could hold them up in court, but conservation advocates said that if they go into effect it could be harder to protect species in the future and mean more human activity is allowed in areas where protected species live.

That could impact species like the Monarch butterfly, which has been awaiting a decision since 2014. Under the previous rules, if the butterflies were granted a “threatened” designation, it could trigger restrictions on pesticide use, study on the impact of climate change on that population and possibly protections for habitats where the insects migrate. If the new rules go into effect, the agency would have to go through a separate rule-making process to institute those protections.

Conservation experts and advocates say the changes announced Monday would make it even more difficult to get protections for more species in the future in part because it sets a higher bar by saying scientific information has to be “reasonably certain” about what will happen to a species in the future.

Another change in the rules would allow agencies working on endangered species decisions to publish information on the economic impact of protecting a species, though the Endangered Species Act doesn’t allow the cost to be a factor in deciding whether to add a species to the list.

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Here’s the thing with trump, he doesn’t care! Did we really expect them to care? I don't get it! WHY? What's he trying to prove doing this? What's the purpose? wolves are not endangered real_farmacist If only we could make HIM extinct! Planet is gone in a decade anyway Some wolves do have gold eyes. Not this one. It has yellow jaundice eyes. It’s normal eye color is the evident brown you see in its pupillary muscle.

OldWhiteGal1 This is all too sickening. The USA is a modern day fascist regime. It is hateful and horrid and I will not be spending my vacation money there.🇨🇦 It is not messed up. It is cold and desiccated not just dehydrated. It needed ice to thaw enough to lick for water only not play or fun. All that ice on it is from old snow not recent snow. The yellow in the eye is jaundice. It is due to lack of meal and desiccated state.


Trump administration weakens endangered species rules, advocates sayTrump administration announces changes to how government handles endangered species , a move advocates say could make it more difficult to protect species threatened by human activity and climate change. Democrats want to kill all the cows. Seriously. Their Green New Deal says cows cause global warming and must be eliminated More stuffed animals in the zoo Environmentally unconscious

realDonaldTrump Dear Lord! They couldn't get anywhere with Russia or with Kids in Cages, so now on to Animals? Meanwhile, millions of babies are killed before they're born. They ignore that part. Trump2020Landslide So sad that we protect wild animals and pets while aborting Full-Term human babies. He aim to destroy our endanger species, and our economy. Putin’s revenge!!

Lovely wolves☺ Lions are stronger than wolfs, but who is in circus. Think about it Our Wildlife is important for our planets survival. Trump once again puts profit before betterment of the country.

Editorial: Trump guts the Endangered Species Act. Polar bears and bald eagles, take notice'These irresponsible and short-sighted changes will lead to further extinctions, damage the ecosystem and set back the nation’s efforts to protect wildlife — all as a gift to industry, which finds the law costly and burdensome.' (via latimesopinion) opinion UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!! Don’t let this happen please opinion Read the Act, not the liberal spin? Are liberals for science when it applies to climate change ONLY? “The Secretary shall make a [listing] determination solely on the basis of the best scientific and commercial information regarding a species’ status.” opinion WIND farms are the 1 KILLER of the Bald Eagle...

Conservatives are anti-conservation now? I would like to see our beloved animals kept safe. “Could” Thats Just wrong This regime must end ASAP and then need to try to undo the damage.

Trump Administration Weakens Endangered Species Act Because, MoneyThe Trump administration's overhaul of the Endangered Species Act is bad news for animals and plants, but great news for oil companies and other developers.

Monarchs caught up in rewrite of endangered species ruleThe monarch butterfly is in trouble. Farming and other human development have eradicated much of its habitat. Conservationists fear the Trump administration’s new order weakening the Endangered Species Act will make matters worse. Ahahahahaha Zero credibility hollyrock7718 Thank you for what you do for the Monarchs. I have about 10 of those on my windshield, endangered I think not.

Panda bears, elephants, might not be saved in Trump’s AmericaThe Trump administration taking aim at the nation's most important conservation law, The Endangered Species Act, gutting key provisions that make it easier to remove a species from the endangered list. The popular act was passed President Nixon. If we allow America that has endured for over 2 centuries be re-defined by these clowns, then shame on us, we’ll be the generation that allowed it to happen; we’d be to blame: Nov 3, 20/20, vote these anti American elements out of Office & cleanse the WH.. What is wrong with him?

Trump administration plans to drastically weaken law protecting endangered speciesTrump admin. is finalizing major changes to the way it enforces the landmark Endangered Species Act, a move it says will reduce regulatory burden but critics charge will drive more creatures to extinction. Wind turbines wreak havoc on endangered species. Every Democrat is promoting wind energy. If they don’t care for the human species, what do you expect ? 🥴😢😭🤬🌊🌊🌊

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