How a Toxic Boss Can Ruin Your Sleep

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When bosses brag about how little sleep they need, it can be harmful to employee health. Here's why, explains swhitbo.

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in the current economic and social climate, making the stakes that much higher in the supervisor-employee relationship.

In a new study conducted prior to COVID but recently published, Oregon Health and Science University’s Marjaana Sianoja and colleagues (2020) found that employees who sleep better also perform better on the job. Not only are the well-rested happier and healthier, but they are also safer in occupations that present a risk of potential physical harm due to accidents. Given that theestimates that more than one-third of those in the U.S.

The second component of sleep leadership involves, as you might expect, the support a supervisor provides for helping employees maintain a family-work life balance. If part of the toxicity involved increated by your boss includes the expectation that you’re available 24/7, this will further erode your ability to get some well-deserved R&R.

Participant dyads completed measures assessing both components of the WSN model. Supervisors described their own sleep leadership behaviors by rating themselves on items such as, “I ask my subordinates about theirhabits.” Employees rated their supervisors on a comparable item. To assess FSSB’s, researchers asked participants to indicate their comfort levels (as employees or supervisors) in discussing conflicts between work and non-work responsibilities.

Turning now to the findings, contrary to the study’s predictions, employees who rated their supervisors more favorably on the FSSB measure of work-family support slept shorter hours per night as measured by their wearable recording devices. The authors interpreted this result as potentially reflecting the influence of factors not measured in the study on sleep length.

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swhitbo Yes, it's possible but the Exception to the rule toxic people project their own character defects onto their victims. Because the brain knows only what it knows . Rule one when we talk no matter what we talk about , We talk about Ourselves .

swhitbo So very true

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