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How a Principal is Relieving Stress During the Coronavirus Crisis

Paterson, N.J., principal Rebecca Cecala must ensure students can access remote learning, while making sure her two boys are doing their lessons

4/9/2020 10:00:00 AM

Paterson, N.J., principal Rebecca Cecala must ensure students can access remote learning, while making sure her two boys are doing their lessons

A N.J. principal on dealing with stress during the coronavirus: balancing home life with two children and making sure that all students have everything they need. “Things aren’t normal at the moment.”

April 8, 2020 11:46 am ETIn a series called How I Cope, we speak to people across the country about the things they are doing to relieve stress in these uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rebecca Cecala, 40, is the principal of Paterson Public School 7 in Paterson, N.J. The school has about 250 students from grades five through eight. Ms. Cecala’s husband is a math and science teacher in the district. They have two young sons and live in Bloomingdale, N.J.

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