How A Coronavirus Blood Test Could Solve Some Medical Mysteries

Researchers in Asia are using a blood test that identifies people who've previously been exposed to the new coronavirus. In the U.S., that kind of test isn't yet available.


Scientists are starting to use a new tool against coronavirus: a test that identifies people who were infected but didn't have symptoms — or people who were sick but have recovered. Here's how that could help 👇

Researchers in Asia are using a blood test that identifies people who've previously been exposed to the new coronavirus. In the U.S., that kind of test isn't yet available.

Very few kids globally have ended up in the hospital. Is that because they're not getting infected, or they're getting infected but not getting sick? An answer to that question will help public health officials figure out whether it makes sense to close schools if there's a big outbreak.

"I think that the Chinese laboratories have been amazingly fast," says"I haven't seen any publications to show they're validated — and that's of course what you want to know. But I think they are really capable of doing this pretty quickly."Assuming the Chinese test is reliable, scientists there can figure out if these antibodies provide good protection against disease, and how long they persist. People who have been exposed to the virus might only be immune for a matter of months, Perlman says.

Because it likely takes the body one to three weeks to produce these antibodies, this test isn't useful for tracking the illness in real time. That means it won't replace the diagnostic test the CDC is currently running and that is, after a delay due to technical problems,

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

ValueAnalyst1 No one is taking my DNA period! You can keep your scientific profiling... If 1 person is infected today and he transmits to 5 tomorrow, and each of them transmits to 5 more each day, and each of them to 5 more, and so on, at the end of 14 days approximately 1.5 Billion could be exposed. By the end of the next day, the entire world population is exposed

Only 451 tests for coronavirus COVAD19 had been done in the United States as of Feb 26. 15 tested positive, about 3%%. This does not include 43 cases among repatriated persons from a cruise ship under quarantine. putmygamefaceon Why is this the focus when the WHO has a test that works? .CDCgov CDC has only test 451 people to date they better get on with it. This is Trumps Biggest Blunder ever.

Seems like tremendous progress to me. Oh FFS... New Propaganda Report is trying to claim using a Titer test is something new. We in rescue have been using it to detect feline Corona virus (which can lead to FIP) for decades now. This isn't new morons and especially not new in US Listen to the interview with the doctor about the government's response which I found to be biased. You guys so obviously wanted to take a jab at the President...

I had read the article. ✅ Nothing really special. Except that the kids are not being hospitalized from coronavirus. I readed the article. ✅

Corona will continue controversial promotion for hard seltzer amid coronavirus outbreakConstellation Brands will continue a marketing push for its new Corona Hard Seltzer amid controversy that its tagline 'coming ashore soon' is in poor taste. There is no outbreak you cnbc criminal boiler room carnival barkers.. Re your last guest's statement on foot traffic in the USA, please refer him to this: There is nothing 'controversial' about it. Merely coincidence, not controversy.

A new generation of Typhoid Marys? Why is the Trump administration not pushing annual flu vaccine to keep non corona virus victims out of hospitals so health professionals take care of corona patients? Has this communication been approved for release to the public by Pence? Keep calm and keep pursuing knowledge. That's the way to go on any issue. Thanks for posting.

People are scared of buying Corona beer amid coronavirus pandemic fears, new poll shows'Unfortunately for one of America's favorite beers, that fear has extended to [Corona] even though the illness has nothing to do with the adult beverage,' said YouGov. No they aren’t. People are stupid Who exactly are these stupid individuals? I mean, everyone here says they aren’t thinkin this ridiculous thought.

Corona releases 'poorly timed' ad during coronavirus outbreak - Business InsiderAs the coronavirus goes global, Corona Hard Seltzer releases new ad about the beverage 'coming ashore soon' pensando assim vemos a seriedade da empresa! Somewhere, it’s some poor soul’s job to answer the “we’re just reaching out for comment, are you trying to profit from the recent popularity of the coronavirus?” phone calls.

‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ searches increase as fears of outbreak spreadAs the coronavirus continues to spread, Mexican beer brand Corona is drawing criticism for a social teaser promoting the brand's hard seltzer. Strike while the iron is hot... News is taking advantage of the fear tactic Did coronaextrausa hire the astros PR team? wingoz minakimes MGolicJR57 katienolan Who knew

The spread of the coronavirus couldn't have come at a worse time for Corona beerCorona beer isn't making any changes to its advertising despite the name's unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronavirus. Two surveys released this week show that the Corona's brand is suffering from negative buzz. Corona, Ca. is probably going to change their name. I hear the sun is thinking about getting rid of its corona due to the negative connotations. The loss of sales is a sad testimony to the stupidity of people...what else is new?

CDC Reports First U.S. Coronavirus Case of ‘Unknown’ OriginThe CDC announced the first U.S. case of “unknown” origin — meaning that the patient had no known exposure to the virus through international travel, or close contact with a person known to be infected NancyLeeGrahn This is frightening! CoronavirusOutbreak 'According to the hospital, there was a five-day delay between their request for Covid-19 testing and the CDC follow-through.' Ouch.

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