Houston Police Are Searching For A Murder Suspect Out On Bond Who Ran Away With A Tiger - Cnn

Houston Police Are Searching For A Murder Suspect Out On Bond Who Ran Away With A Tiger - Cnn

Houston police are searching for a murder suspect out on bond who ran away with a tiger

A man has been charged with felony evading arrest after he escaped from police while housing a Bengal tiger in his yard.

5/11/2021 4:22:00 AM

Houston police are searching for a man out on bond on a murder charge who allegedly put a tiger in his SUV and drove off to escape from police

A man has been charged with felony evading arrest after he escaped from police while housing a Bengal tiger in his yard.

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I'm glad he was caught bout now I want an animated buddy film about a man who robbed a bank who is on the run with a fucking tiger How American is this headline? Is this real life Carlos Mencia- joke? 'Tiger, wraooooow'😆 When are american politicians going to make laws to stop people from having wildlife as pets?

Why didn’t I think of that Awful incident in Houston,Texas ! Owning tigers as exotic pets are very dangerous!AuriaChrista Fuck him, find that mfking Tiger! colbertlateshow Only in Texas…🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ What?! Oh TEXAS this state is a joke

Bengal tiger still missing after last seen roaming the streets of HoustonVictor Hugo Cuevas, the alleged owner of the 9-month-old male Bengal tiger, is back behind bars, but the whereabouts of the animal remain a mystery. stay safe Houston

Is that the same tiger that was roaming a neighborhood ? What murderer gets bond? I hope they find this guy and keep him locked up this time. No tiger should ever be a pet and this nation needs to go after these awful selfish people that do this to these great animals. idiots Te Invito a que mire este video y porfa ir te suscriba a mi canal de Youtube

I missed this episode of Life if Pi Owning a tiger and having it in your yard...but monkeys are not ? WTH made that law up and voted to pass it. Geeez Oh No, its Texas this time 🤣😢 Only in Florida, you can’t make this Shit up! Tiger king 2021 Ah Texas man! Florida’s finally get a break 😂 غزة_تنتفض انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح لن_نرحل المسجدالأقصى

Exotic pet specialist Tim Harrison talks about 9-month-old Bengal tiger India being found after it escaped from its owner's home last weekTim Harrison joins Lindsey Reiser and Kendis Gibson on MSNBC Weekends to talk about the illegal ownership of Bengal tigers and how common it is for big cats to be in private ownership in the United States Wtf 😂😂😭 Protect the oceans! Thread:

I'm putting my money on the tiger. Bizarre Zionists and Jews are criminals Tigers shouldn't be pets. Free it into a big cat sanctuary. People suck. Texas is pitiful. are those just... lying around? No, it wasn't this guy Then put a tiger in your truck.

Tiger seen roaming Houston still missing, murder-accused suspect in custodyThe 26-year-old had also been arrested for a November 2020 murder in Fort Bend County, Texas, and was released on bond, Houston Police revealed.

Maybe the tiger will maul him & all will be fine!! No taxpayer waste of funds!! America is getting weirder by the day. Like some kind of dystopian movie. Perhaps they should go back to basics, a simple life. ON BOND FOR A MURDER CHARGE ? WHEN THEY CATCH HIM, THEY SHOULD THROW THE JUDGE OR D.A. WHO OKAYED HIS RELEASE IN JAIL WITH HIM !

المسجد_الأقصى غزة_تحت_القصف القدس_ينتفض فلسطين_تنتفض انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح And my first question here is how does any judge give a bond that is bondable Your move, Florida What in the f*ck did I just read. “Murderer out on bond?” W? T? F? He’s gotta be white, & have money.

Accused Murderer And His Escaped Tiger Run From Police In HoustonAccused Murderer And His Escaped Tiger On The Run From Police In Houston

Wait was it his tiger or did he steal someone else’s tiger...? It was that bitch Carole Baskin! Out for curiosity did they double check to make sure Tiger King is still in prison? Look inside the Tiger. The guy was charged with murder, but they let out on bond. How crazy is that, only in Texas. ‘One Woods parody, coming up!’

He was arrested a full hour before this tweet It's probably a soft toy one 😹 Hite privilege, at its best Are you sure this isn’t Florida?

A tiger seen roaming a Houston yard is nowhere to be found 3 days later. A 'Tiger King' star says she's extremely worriedA Bengal tiger named India might still be on the loose three days after it was spotted in a Houston neighborhood and taken away by a man accused of murder. Headline of the decade. I probably shouldn't ask, but does anyone else hope this tiger has Ted Cruz for lunch?...would ANYBODY miss him

Life imitating art Texas Dang. He out did Florida man. Here they just steal beer while carrying an alligator What's with people and tigers in the 2020s Let the tiger eat him. This is very Houston. 🤦🏾‍♀️ kweenfudiyah girl you good over? 😳😱👀 What da Hell Sure this isn’t Florida? How is a tiger going to help him escap.... forget it, i don’t care... every day these headlines get crazier

That’s not good for the SUV interior Tiger. 😲 As if a tiger in suburban Houston wasn’t weird enough for Texas headlines.