Houston Mayor Cancels Texas GOP's In-Person Convention, Citing Public Health Concerns

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the move on Wednesday, as the city reported hundreds of new cases of COVID-19.

7/9/2020 6:54:00 AM

The mayor of Houston has canceled the Texas Republican Party's in-person convention, citing safety concerns as the city sees a surge in COVID-19 cases. The event was expected to draw 6,000 participants.

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the move on Wednesday, as the city reported hundreds of new cases of COVID-19.

David J. Phillip/APtoggle captionDavid J. Phillip/APThe 2020 Texas GOP convention was set to take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, until Mayor Sylvester Turner announced it would be canceled over public health concerns.David J. Phillip/AP

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A week before the Texas Republican Party's in-person convention was set to draw thousands to Houston, city officials have hit the brakes.Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner canceled the event on Wednesday, citing safety concerns as the coronavirus continues its

record-breakingspread in the region."The public health concern for our first responders, convention workers, and those who would have attended weighed heavily in our decision making," he."Houston is in the midst of a global health crisis and we are doing everything in our power to combat [COVID-19]."

The convention wasto take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center from July 16 to 18. City officials expected it to draw 6,000 participants. Read more: NPR »

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Isn’t going to stop anyone from voting Trump hahahahaha DancyGeorgia 'Mayor of Houston canceled the Texas Republican Party's in-person convention, citing safety concerns as the city sees a surge in COVID-19 cases.The event was expected to draw 6,000 participants.' Sylvester Turner: intelligence, common sense, & no fear of Trump's insane tantrums.

Good move. But let’s reopen schools? Wasn't Texas saying it's a hoax? Leave it open then. What could have possibly gone wrong? When irresponsible leaders like DanCrenshawTX packed restaurants for political hug feats two weeks ago 🤷‍♀️ Mayor Turner did the right thing!! We don’t need any more COVID-19 in Houston. Republicans are totally irresponsible!!

Mayor Turner is a Democrat so not a surprise. A move worthy of the Democratic play book.. totally odious The only good thing about COVID19 is that it does not give a fuck about Donald Trump. It won’t be bullied, or cowed or be deterred. It’s impervious to lies, or plans. Trump is at its mercy. For once, he knows he has no control.

The one that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor were not going to attend in person, only by video FINALLY Mayor Turner, would you have canceled a scheduled protest of 6,000? Or even 100,000? So COH Pay texas gop 450000 for the cancellation? Cool! Do schools next! Thank the Lord! I am an expert in your social media manager and personal assistant, Web research and Lead Generation. For more details please click below

...And then there is Trump threatning states to get the kids back in school. Makes no sense. It was trash anyway 'When people are marching and protesting, no one is making lunch/dinner, cleaning up behind them.' GREAT!! Sounds like the beaches and all outdoor activities are safe from COVID now without limiting 's. I just can't imagine there would be a double standard, no, not at all!

Oh, let em meet, with a gently blowing recirculating fan blowing air around in the closed room Good: 60k protestor shoulder to shoulder at discovery green for 3 days straight and a funeral that drew in thousands. Bad: 6k GOP delegates wearing masks for a few hours at George R Brown. Seize the city. They're not going to follow any order from the governor or potus.

Sanity! Good for you, ST!!

Houston mayor cancels Texas GOP in-person conventionThe Democratic mayor of Houston stops the Texas Republican Party from holding its state convention in-person next week amid a spike in coronavirus cases Democrats doing Democrat things...Change the name to the Republican Riots and it should get a pass. Can't say the same for the shithead mayor of Jacksonville Fl. That will cause a few Trump tantrums. soon he’ll just say F it I’m taking over the country because I can’t win legally.

Houston Mayor Cancels Texas Republican Party ConventionHouston's mayor has canceled the Texas Republican Party convention the city had planned to hold next week Must be a Democrat No dont cancel please: Turner is a wannabe tyrant, and he will be voted out.

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