Houston hospital suspends 178 employees who refused Covid-19 vaccine

A hospital in Houston, Texas, has suspended 178 of its staff members who have refused to abide by its mandate that employees be fully vaccinated.

6/10/2021 2:10:00 AM

A hospital in Houston, Texas, has suspended 178 of its staff members who have refused to abide by its mandate that employees be fully vaccinated.

Nearly 25,000 of Houston Methodist’s staff members have been fully inoculated against Covid-19 as part of a vaccination requirement announced in April.

Yi-Chin Lee / Houston Chronicle via APJune 9, 2021, 10:25 PM UTCByDoha MadaniA Houston, Texas, hospital has suspended 178 of its staff members who have refused to abide by its mandate that employees be fully vaccinated by Monday.Nearly 25,000 of Houston Methodist’s staff members have been fully inoculated against Covid-19 as part of a vaccination requirement announced in April, according to a statement Tuesday from Houston Methodist President Dr. Marc Boom.

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But the 178 unvaccinated employees who did not obtain religious or medical exemptions were suspended without pay, including 27 who are only partially vaccinated.June 9, 202104:02“We won’t have the final numbers for two weeks as employees can still get vaccinated with their second dose or with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” Boom’s statement said. “I wish the number could be zero, but unfortunately, a small number of individuals have decided not to put their patients first."

There are 285 unvaccinated employees who received a medical or religious exemption, and another 332 who were granted deferrals.Boom’s statement went on to say that he understood that for some employees it was a “very difficult decision” to get the vaccine, but that they did the right thing in order to protect “our patients, your colleagues, your families, and our community.” headtopics.com

“The science proves that the vaccines are not only safe, but necessary if we are going to turn the corner against COVID-19,” Boom said."The mRNA technology behind the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines isn’t new or experimental. It’s been around for many years.”

Amanda Rivera, an emergency room nurse, toldNBC affiliate KPRCthat she is among the suspended employees and faces termination if she refuses to comply.“I feel like they kind of bullied us into this little corner like you have to do it or you don’t have a job. This is my only source of income,” Rivera said.

June 9, 202103:31A lawsuit was filed by 117 employees at the end of May against the hospital, which argued that Covid-19 vaccines were “experimental” and that Houston Methodist could not force an employee “to accept an FDA unapproved vaccine on penalty of termination or other sanctions.”

“None of the currently available experimental vaccines for COVID-19 has received final approval from the FDA,” the lawsuit stated.There are three Covid-19 vaccines in the U.S. — manufactured by Pfizer, Modern and Johnson & Johnson — which have received emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two shots a few weeks apart while the Johnson & Johnson is a single inoculation. headtopics.com

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Jared Woodfill, the attorney who filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County, said he intends to file with the state court. Woodfill maintains that the hospital violated the law by requiring its employees to take a vaccine that has not received full approval and that his clients are threatened with termination following the suspension.

“Essentially, Dr. Boom is requiring my clients to serve as human guinea pigs and if they’re not they’re taken to the door… there’s no choice, it’s all about coercion, all about pressure,” Woodfill said.He added that the idea of Covid-19 vaccine mandates is “a question that needs to be answered not just for my clients, but for hospitals and employers everywhere.” Woodfill accused Boom of putting profits over people in his decision in an effort to brand the hospital as the first to mandate vaccines for its employees.

“It's clearly about the bottom line but not about the people who put their lives on the line,” Woodfill said. “This is how they’re repaid, with a pink slip.” Read more: NBC News »

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Vaccines have been required for more than a century. Those people should be ashamed Unethical and morally wrong 😑 Good for them!!! Don’t let them try to control your body!!!! Go work somewhere else!!!! Good. Nobody has a right to a job. 🤘🤘🤘 It's the right move. Their individual rights end when their actions threaten the lives of others.

No one is forcing them to work there. .... BRAVO !! These employees are free to get a job someplace else.. where there are no rules... what about.. working for Trump hotels No rules applied!! .... BY THE WAY .. ALERT ... ....YOU MAY NEVER BE PAID.. Good 👍 Fire them. Capitalism is a bitch

Many Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses may be close to expiringThe buildup of unused doses is a result of safety concerns after the FDA paused distribution of the J&J doses, state health officials say. Vergüenza! NBC news network will not put Black Americans on TV unless they are Half Jewish. Underlying racism Lester Holt (1/2 Jewish) Al Roker (1/2 Jewish) Shanielle Jones (1/2 Jewish)

Seems well within their rights as employers. That whole 'at will' employment thing - an employee chooses not to follow the employers requirements, therefore the employer is under no obligation to keep employing them. Instead, they should be free to hire someone fully vax'd. First of all you work in health care so this should be a no brainer. HOWEVER..... Welcome to Texas, a right to work State. If the State of Texas decides to get involved they will be opening up a HUGE can of worms for themselves.

Too bad, so sad 😊 Nuremberg Nazi trials outlawed forcing people to be experimented on.

Wisconsin pharmacist who left Covid-19 vaccine vials out is sentenced to 3 years in prisonThe Wisconsin pharmacist who tried tampering with vials of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine because he believed it was not safe for people has been sentenced to three years in federal prison As a convicted criminal he cannot vote and legally own a gun. Now every person he 'assaulted' with a fake vaccine needs to litigate! Oh my gosh u wasted ur career !! stupid !!!🤨😏😏🤪😏🤪 u didn't die of covid but hello jail term cnn

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Oklahoma may throw out thousands of COVID-19 vaccines as demand dropsOklahoma may throw out tens of thousands of vaccines as vaccination rates drop from 8,000 shots per day to 4,500 per day, according to the state health department. We need more of our southern states to get on board with the vaccine lottery. Anything that can encourage vaccinations is great. In my own home state, only about a third have been vaccinated. Our pastors need to step up and encourage people. What a waste! If nobody wants them here I'm certain countries in Latin America would greatly appreciate these vaccines. Why can't our government work together during all of this? Stay away from Oklahoma!

Actually, Your Employer CAN Require A COVID-19 VaxxLike many rules in the U.S., this one's up to private businesses, state, and local laws.

COVID-19 Derailed Fight Against AIDS, UN SaysThe pandemic has stymied global efforts to eradicate AIDS, the UN General Assembly said Tuesday as it called for urgent action to end AIDS by 2030. Yes its amazing other serious illnesses seem less important presently But it may also finally give us the AIDS vaccine with MRNA tech. Another problem created by the Dem-Panic.. TheDemocrats don't care about anything but power.