Impeachment Trial: Live Updates From The Senate - Cnnpolitics

Impeachment Trial: Live Updates From The Senate - Cnnpolitics

House votes to kill amendment calling for John Bolton's testimony

The Senate is expected to take up a resolution today setting the rules of the impeachment trial of President Trump. Follow here for the latest.


The Senate has voted 53-47 along party lines to kill a proposal from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that would have issued a subpoena for President Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton's testimony.

The Senate is expected to take up a resolution today setting the rules of the impeachment trial of President Trump. Follow here for the latest.

share link 28 min ago Trump's lawyers slam Nadler after he accuses Senate Republicans of 'voting for a coverup' Senate TV White House counsel Pat Cipollone chastised House impeachment manager Jerry Nadler for his argument in favor of former national security adviser John Bolton’s testimony, during which Nadler repeatedly accused Senate Republicans of participating in a coverup if they denied Democratic requests for witnesses. Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, harangued the Senate just after midnight on Wednesday on multiple occasions, saying, “The Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people” and voting in favor of restricting witnesses was akin to being “complicit in the President’s coverup.” “Will you vote to allow all of the evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your pledge to be impartial juror?” Nadler said. “Will you bring Bolton here and permit us to present you with the entire record of the President's misconduct? Or choose to be complicit in the President's cover up." "So far, I'm sad to say, I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup. Voting to deny witnesses and obviously a treacherous vote. A vote against an honest consideration of the evidence against the President. A vote against an honest trial. A vote against the United States.” That led Cipollone to say Nadler owed the Senate an apology. “We have been respectful of the Senate. We have made our arguments to you. And you don't deserve, and we don't deserve, what just happened,” Cipollone said. “Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team, he made false allegations against all of you. He accused you of a cover up. He's been making false allegations against the President." "The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you. For the way you addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You're not in charge here.” Jay Sekulow, another one of Trump’s attorneys, continued the onslaught against Nadler. “We hopefully are closing the proceedings. Not on a high note,” Sekulow said. “’Only guilty people try to hide evidence’? So I guess when President Obama instructed the attorney general to not give information, he was guilty of a crime. "That's the way it works, Mr. Nadler? Is that the way the United States Constitution works? Because that's not the way it was written. That's is not the way it is interpreted. And there's not the way the American people should have to live. I'll tell you what's treacherous -- coming to the floor of Senate and say, 'Executive privilege and other non-sense.' ” share with Facebook Read more: CNN

Let the truth RING I love all the anger. Where was it when Schiff turned down all the GOP requested witnesses during the Senate trial? Oh yeah there wasn't!! They had their chance during the Congressional trial and had nothing and still have nothing. Like no one saw this coming. The GOP know Trump is guilty but they sit there and do nothing. senatemajldr you are SCUM!!!! But if being a floor mate helps you sleep at night, well...

Never in my life did I think I would see a United States Senate as corrupt as we currently face. The self serving of the GOP is disgusting. How do these people sleep at night. Taking a paycheck from taxpayers without actually doing their job equates to having no integrity. Shame! Sucks to be a dem pushing witch hunts

Republicans are afraid of the truth because Bolton is a good witness to show that Donald Trump is a criminal. The party will go down in history with a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Time to vote blue for 2020! Since the beginning of this impeachment, all votes has been along party lines ,why making a case from it now .

The only appropriate response to SenSchumer is to reject everything he submits until he is truly ready to defend the citizens of the USA against all enemies, foreign and domestic. senatemajldr SenateDems SenateGOP LindseyGrahamSC SenSusanCollins Must be breathing a sigh of relief but “its not over til it’s .” Mr President.

Trump’s team is preparing just in case witnesses like John Bolton are called.White House lawyers are preparing for the possibility that witnesses like John Bolton, the former national security advisor, will be allowed at President Trump’s impeachment trial. Their objections could involve arguing that portions of it are classified. Do we seek to know the truth or do we object to the truth. Oh, so now all of a sudden the White House Counsel is preparing for witnesses to testify. The incompetence of this administration will never cease to amaze me.

Executive privilege and Presidential prerogative exist for a reason. MittRomney do right thing bub John Bolton should hit every single news outlet and spill the beans. Let’s see how thing go in the Senate while he’s on the air everywhere. Come on Uncle Johnny, do it for the country and the ratings. ParkeyJennifer Table doesn’t not equal KILL

Sad day for America! Sad day for democracy! It was fun when the house made up their own rules and you schmucks ate it up! So sorry the senate isn’t accommodating their BS! Enjoy the show 🤡s! Everyone here stop crying and vote in November. 10 months. Simple as that. Not the house hut the senate Schiff is claiming the Senate must call 'important witnesses' instead of 'kicking the can down the road' on calling witnesses and yet, if the witnesses were so important, he could have called them. He refused. He kicked the can down the road to the Senate by not calling them.

Isn't it the Congress that is already supposed to have all the evidence, before it goes to the Senate? Why didn't didn't they already have this done in the Congress? Trump is going to win in 2020 because of the Democrats! Plus when AlanDersh says, no question, dismiss, Problem

White House may assert executive privilege to block Bolton testimony, Republicans sayWhite House may assert executive privilege to block former National Security Adviser Bolton from testifying during Senate impeachment trial, several Republicans tell NBCNews. u do not have any executive priviledge,,liar trump it is for crimes u committed on ukraine are u 2 much of a dim wit to understand/. And Chief Justice Roberts can rule on that right then & there. Go ahead. Be my guest.

Yes because this impeachment hoax is a sham. If another Democrat ever get selected to the White House I hope he'll enjoy being impeached every year they're in office they open the floodgates GOP SenateGOP ChrisCuomo AC360 coverupmitch senatemajldr Mitch is done I’m watching the impeachment trial and can’t believe that the GOP don’t want any witnesses. What kind of trial is this, what are they afraid is going to come out.The truth, I’m starting to believe that the law was broken and the GOP are covering it up. I want to hear from witness

Remember Adam shits didn’t even subpoena Jon Bolton What a mockery. If he has nothing to hide why the cover up? Republicans lack any credibility. What a shame. And the corruption continues! Let truth prevail is it a misnomer? Life Goes On Half Truths Legally Just Businesses we all are Busy with? Do we hear cries noises from within or Matter has crushed Spirit? How long how far how much?God also doesnot know Amen President shall be buried legally cleanly always?

Americans are watching. We will vote in a few months .wellcometoothesenate!

Mitt Romney reiterates that he's 'interested' in John Bolton, others testifying as Trump impeachment trial gets underway'But I'm not going to be making that vote today. I'm going to make that vote after the opening [arguments],' the GOP senator told CNN. Then do something! Let’s see if Romney and other GOP officials, including Trump attorneys, will put their words into actions. If they do act as they suggest, they do so willingly or after their typical angry debate? Why don’t you act like a man. I expected more from you. The way he treated you.

GOP cover up. They “tabled” the amendment, to be more precise. This is a misconception. The Senate yes denied the amendments but some Republicans Senators willing to have witnesses said it would be in the vote after the opening arguments in a few days. shocking to see Cipollone and senatemajldr lie in front of the camera without shame, denying Americans access to the TRUTH of this Trump Impeachment

Republicans: Most senators are over 60 and i bet some are wearing an adult diaper tonight. 😂😂 Why does the title say that The House did it?

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Democrats lose again. Great Why won't they subpoena Hunter Biden What I've also learnt today. ▶️ It is bad for the country to have impeachment driven by partisan politicians who want a political outcome — the process be damned! ▶️ It’s unconscionable that the House would ask the Senate to treat the courts as an impediment to impeachment.

Trump's Defense Brief Is So Weak He Likely Dictated Parts Himself, John Dean Suspects“It’s of that vernacular,” said Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel. “It’s not legally sophisticated. It obviously plays to the base.” Fake news This dude is insane. Dems are getting blistered and being made to look like chumps. TheEndofTheDemocratParty How many bash trump articles can Yahoo get on line in one day? Can't find the ones that you mislead the country on. Funny how you don't want comments on your big misleading lying headlines.

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