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House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt

BREAKING: House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress for defying subpoena on Jan. 6 probe. Justice Department will now decide whether to prosecute.

10/21/2021 11:16:00 PM

BREAKING: House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress for defying subpoena on Jan. 6 probe. Justice Department will now decide whether to prosecute.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House voted Thursday to hold Steve Bannon , a longtime ally and aide to former President Donald Trump , in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena from the committee investigating the violent Jan.

ADVERTISEMENTThe Jan. 6 committee voted 9-0 Tuesday to recommend the contempt charges after Bannon missed a scheduled interview with the panel last week, citing a letter from Trump’s lawyer that directed him not to answer questions. The committee noted that Bannon did not work at the White House at the time of the attack, and that he not only spoke with Trump before it but also promoted the protests on his podcast and predicted there would be unrest. On Jan. 5, Bannon said that “all hell is going to break loose.”

Lawmakers on the panel said Bannon was alone in completely defying its subpoena, while more than a dozen other subpoenaed witnesses were at least negotiating with them.“Mr. Bannon’s own public statements make clear he knew what was going to happen before it did, and thus he must have been aware of -- and may well have been involved in -- the planning of everything that played out on that day,” Cheney said ahead of the vote. “The American people deserve to know what he knew and what he did.”

Even if the Justice Department does decide to prosecute, the case could take years to play out — potentially pushing past the 2022 election when Republicans could win control of the House and end the investigation.There’s still considerable uncertainty about whether the department will pursue the charges, despite Democratic demands for action. It’s a decision that will determine not only the effectiveness of the House investigation but also the strength of Congress’ power to call witnesses and demand information.

While the department has historically been reluctant to use its prosecution power against witnesses found in contempt of Congress, the circumstances are exceptional as lawmakers investigate the worst attack on the U.S. Capitol in two centuries.Democrats are pressuring Justice to take the case, arguing that nothing less than democracy is on the line.

“The stakes are enormous,” Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin said in an interview with The Associated Press.If the Justice Department doesn’t prosecute, the House has other options, including a civil lawsuit. That could also take years but would force Bannon and any other witnesses to defend themselves in court.

Another option would be for Congress to try to imprison defiant witnesses — an unlikely, if not outlandish, scenario. Called “inherent contempt,” the process was used in the country’s early years but hasn’t been employed in almost a century.The lingering acrimony over the insurrection, and the Bannon subpoena, flared Wednesday at a House Rules Committee hearing held to set the parameters of Thursday’s debate. Under intense questioning from Raskin, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican who defended Trump and opposed the Bannon contempt effort, said he accepted that Biden is the president but would not say that Biden won the election.

Raskin said, “I know that might work on Steve Bannon’s podcast, but that’s not going to work in the Rules Committee of the United States House of Representatives, Mr. Gaetz. I’m sorry.”___Associated Press writers Michael Balsamo, Eric Tucker and Farnoush Amiri contributed to this report.

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A la cárcel todos esos hptas ! Bannon Bannonmaxpenalty2yrs PodSaveAmerica What is Garland waiting for? LockHimUp You mean Dems in Congress with 9 rhino republicans. This is not bipartisanship. They better prosecute to the fullest extent. Excuse me where is the judge in all of this? ARREST HIM GET IT OVER WITH!

The House needs to hold every democratic leader in contempt that funded activists to burn down cities and even killed children. Democratic leaders including the vice president bailed each one out of jail. WarRoomPandemic 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BannonForever

Trump aide Steve Bannon faces House vote on contempt chargesFormer White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon faced a House vote on criminal contempt charges for refusing to comply with a subpoena in the investigation of the deadly Capitol Riot. the vote was passed unanimously. Read more:

About f$&$in time! Owl_Farmer It shouldn't take one day. There's nothing to decide Bannon IS a major player along with Donald Trump. The American people should not be under the control of these evil men. They belong under the jailhouse. TREASON! If its not DOMESTIC TERRORISM SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS

Sorry, but if he's being held in contempt he should be prosecuted. LockHimUp Imagine what would’ve happened if everybody that attacked the Capital Buildings weren’t white Good. Now move forward with it unannounced and round his miserable ass up. Burn baby Burn! Steve Bannon to Garland.

House Votes To Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt Of CongressBREAKING: The House has voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt for ignoring a subpoena from the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection. There was no insurrection I hold lots of contempt too, come get me! lock him up

Glad to see fear in his eyes! I'm all for the Justice Department being impartial and not a weapon for an admin, but Garland has to pull the trigger on this. Just 9 republicans stood with the rule of law.... counties and dem reps can defy subpoenas all year long but not this bannon guy on the capitol peaceful walkin

One of the men who stole money from the gullible. The other is Donald Trump. the whole GOP is getting defunded now. here is the thing. you can try and silence bannon but it will not change a thing just make us more energized to clean political house, oh you think anyone is scared?WEARESTEVEBANNON Just looking at his picture makes me want to shower.

Someday, the same thing will happen to Pelosi who has been committing insider trading for decades. Why is he still free?

House votes to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contemptThe House of Representatives voted to hold Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress on Thursday. America has always set an example for the world to follow. It should not external or internal forces destroy the values on which it was built. Jan 06 will forever be linked to 1 such attack on its choice to elect who they voted for. That bitterness will remain. Trump thanks Why he's not arrested? A typical American would be arrested and charged criminally. What are the American laws for and the US Constitution. Lawyers who represent these people need to be held in contempt because they just make up their f u laws.

And why would the answer be 'no, don't prosecute' Is there a lawyer in the house who might explain this to me? 👏👏👏👏👏 LockHimUp Thank you to the 239 House Representatives who voted to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt! ProDemocracyDems Shame on those 202 representatives who voted against holding Bannon in contempt! AntiDemocracyGOP

Who's next for a Jan 6th committee subpoena? Donny Jr or Jared? Call me when they actually slap some cuffs on him. Hopefully Nancy Pelosi won't send her KGB. Doesn't Steve Bannon know that the Capitol Police have a license to kill? Pelosi's Storm Troopers can execute American citizens without trial. ABOUT FRICKING TIME

and this is as far as it will go, like always. Nobody there has the balls to punish anyone ,plain and simple The fact that so few Republicans voted for this tells U.S. everything we need to know about their culpability in the insurrection. It also exposes to the 🌎 that the feet dragging of our elected officials is more because they are willing ACCOMPLICES than actual Patriots! 🇺🇸🔍

God. His boss to! Most of us legally would be locked up just for threatening violence. But that's right Republicans hold him above the law.

House approves vote to hold former Trump adviser Bannon in contemptBREAKING: U.S. House passes resolution finding former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress and referring him to the Justice Dept. for his refusal to cooperate in the investigation of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Nobody cares about 1/6 I'm more concerned about everything that happened during the riots in 2020 burning government buildings and businesses. The violent attack on innocent people and the murder. They all got off because they were peaceful only a few deaths and hospitalization.

Why bother to take the vote if they were uncertain whether to prosecute? What’s with all the show with ZERO action? PROSECUTE! what am I not understanding? Time for the hammer of justice. Don’t be weak Democrats! Republicans are strong in deception be finely strong in justice. Have the same intense passion of Trumpers but for justice.

There should be a laundry list of corrupticans that should be right behind him! If DOJ doesn’t prosecute, get rid of Garland! Do you think Barr & Trump would waste one second thinking about it? DOJPH the world is watching! Do your damn job! Start by arresting Bannon. Lock him up 202 anti law enforcement votes.

Guilty AF They better darn well prosecute Bannon!!! Good. No one is above the law no matter how hard Republicans try to convince us otherwise.

U.S. House committee backs contempt charge against Trump aide BannonA U.S. congressional committee probing the deadly Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of contempt-of-Congress charges against Steve Bannon , a longtime aide to former President Donald Trump . The seven Democratic and two Republican members of the House of Representatives Select Committee approved a report recommending the criminal charge by a 9-0 vote, calling it 'shocking' that Bannon refused to comply with subpoenas seeking documents and testimony. Approval of the report paved the way for the entire House to vote on whether to recommend contempt charges. Democrats really gonna milk this all the way huh

Precedent was set when Eric Holder didn’t show up during the Fast & Furious hearings. Get him Hoss! SteveBannonWhyAreYouSoFugly EvilIncarnate Anyone want to bet me a 'doll hair' that nothing will be done about this? 'Merrick Garland pees a little and declines.' We must defeat Calamity Bannon Which is why Congress (the Democrats) are not passing any of the infrastructure bills. Too busy going after the 'little not important stuff'. HA HA the Republicans laugh all the way to the bank sort of.

EricDarnes $4 says DOJ will not prosecute. prayerfeathers Stevie is in trouble! In other news: Bannon now under serious consideration for a republican presidential ticket.. cause that’s the kind of street cred you need in that party right?

Liz Cheney: Bannon refusal to cooperate suggests Trump was 'personally involved' in the planning riotRepublican Rep. Liz Cheney blasted former President Donald Trump 's ally Steve Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the House committee investigating the January 6 riot, saying that his claim of executive privilege is not only invalid, but suggests Trump was 'personally involved' in the planning and execution of the riot. Doesn't suggest anything, CNN is suggesting it, they litterly make up news and outrage everyday. Suggestions don't hold up in court. Duh!

'US Justice Department' whether to or not to prosecute... How long before we get an answer? If I ignored a subpoena from a house of Congress I’d already be in jail. They kind of had to do this, no? As much of a joke as Congress is, if you get subpoenaed, you go like the rest of us would have to. I mean the juiced up MLB players had to go. If you want Congress to have any legitimacy, they have to enforce this.

What the hell are you trying to hide, try and tell the truth wend you testify . Who's been charged with a crime in this 'investigation'? HE as guilty as sin. Already got get out of jail free from donald. He's a piece of work. Send to JAIL AGAIN. LockHimUp LockHimUp The greatest political strategist of his age...history will judge him as either a machiavellian character or a modern day Rasputin.

Brannon…”The first domino to fall”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lizharris Prosecute and see where the thread leads - it is time to shred what remains of the evil orange empire. TDS DOJ litmus test, wouldn't you say? Let's go! So when does he get arrested? Rich3Dawg Lock him up! Just freaking get on with it. Put him in jail.

KaivanShroff 202 Republicans vote to cede congress’ ability to conduct oversight of the Executive. “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.” Luke 12:2-3 NIV

bannonneedswaterboarding Are they going to send Bannon where they were going to send Paul Manafort before Barr rescued him? NEVER MIND WHAT PELOSI DID BY NOT SUPPLYING THE BUILDING WITH ENOUGH SECURITY. JAIL FOR PELOSOI. nagy_minaj Justice Department will do no such thing They had no problem prosecuting Cohen! Why not this guy?

Anybody else that ignores a subpoena would have been in jail. PodSaveAmerica Annnnnddddd that's where it will all fall apart. Gitmo has open cells for Stevie.

Only 9 Republicans voted yes. My representative RepNewhouse voted no. SHAME. Bannon was pardoned by Trump for a felony! I thought that was Richard Lewis Utter shame if they DON'T prosecute. If they don't prosecute why have laws at all. PodSaveAmerica Could this process take any longer? _Politics If they’re waiting for Garland they’re in for a long one

Merrick Garland won’t do anything Lock him up! Lock him up!! Let’s have a luau with that pig!