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House urges Pence to help oust Trump; impeachment next

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. House rushed ahead Tuesday toward impeaching President Donald Trump for the deadly Capitol attack, taking time only to try to persuade his vice president to push him out...

1/13/2021 7:38:00 AM

U.S. House Democrats have passed a resolution urging Vice President Mike Pence to remove President Donald Trump from office using the 25th Amendment, but Pence said hours earlier he would not do so. The House is set to vote on impeaching Trump Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. House rushed ahead Tuesday toward impeaching President Donald Trump for the deadly Capitol attack, taking time only to try to persuade his vice president to push him out...

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. House rushed ahead Tuesday toward impeaching President Donald Trump for the deadly Capitol attack, taking time only to try to persuade his vice president to push him out first. Trump showed no remorse, blaming impeachment itself for the “tremendous anger” in America.

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Already scheduled to leave office next week, Trump is on the verge of becoming the only president in history to be twice impeached. His incendiary rhetoric at a rally ahead of the Capitol uprising is now in the impeachment charge against him, even as the falsehoods he spread about election fraud are still being championed by some Republicans.

ADVERTISEMENTThe House on Tuesday night approved a resolution urging Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Trump with a Cabinet vote and “declare what is obvious to a horrified Nation: That the President is unable to successfully discharge the duties and powers of his office.” The resolution passed, It was approved 223-205.

Democrats proceeded even though Pence said he would not do what the resolution asked. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, he said it would not be in the best interest of the nation and it was “time to unite our country as we prepare to inaugurate President-elect Joe Biden.”

Meanwhile, four Republican lawmakers, including third-ranking House GOP leader Liz Cheney of Wyoming, announced they would vote to impeach Trump on Wednesday, cleaving the Republican leadership, and the party itself.“The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack,” said Cheney in a statement. “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

As lawmakers reconvened at the Capitol for the first time since the bloody siege, they werebracing for more violenceahead of Democrat Biden’s inauguration, Jan. 20.“All of us have to do some soul searching,” said Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, imploring other Republicans to join.

Trump, meanwhile,warned the lawmakers off impeachmentand suggested it was the drive to oust him that was dividing the country.“To continue on this path, I think it’s causing tremendous danger to our country, and it’s causing tremendous anger,” Trump said.

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In his first remarks to reporters since last week’s violence, the outgoing president offered no condolences for those dead or injured, only saying, “I want no violence.”With Pence’s agreement to invoke the 25th Amendment ruled out, the House will move swiftly to impeachment on Wednesday.

Trump faces a single charge — “incitement of insurrection” — in theimpeachment resolutionafter the most serious and deadly domestic incursion at the Capitol in the nation’s history.Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, argued that Trump must go because, as she said in Spanish, he’s “loco” - crazy.

Republican Reps. John Katko of New York, a former federal prosecutor, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, an Air Force veteran, and Fred Upton of Michigan announced they, too, would vote to impeach.But Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said the “cancel culture” was just trying to cancel the president. He said the Democrats had been trying to reverse the 2016 election ever since Trump took office and were finishing his term the same way.

Though a handful of House Republicans will join the impeachment vote — and leaders are allowing them to vote as they wish — it’s far from clear there would then be the two-thirds vote needed to convict from the narrowly divided Senate. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania did join Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska over the weekend in calling for Trump to “go away as soon as possible.”

Unprecedented events, with just over a week remaining in Trump’s term, are unfolding in a nation bracing for more unrest. The FBI hasby Trump loyalists ahead of Biden’s inauguration, and Capitol Police urged lawmakers to be on alert. The inauguration ceremony on the west steps of the Capitol will be off limits to the public.

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Raskin: I am not going to lose my son in 2020 and country in 2021

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin said Sunday that he's 'not going to lose my son at the end of 2020 and lose my country and my republic in 2021,' in a moving message that comes as he grapples with his family's loss and his role as the House's lead impeachment manager in President Donald Trump's second impeachment.

Incitement to insurrection... There's an unpredictable thing for a malignant narcissist to do! There's almost a lesson in this eh..... Paranoid schizophrenics are unsuitable for high office and nuclear codes, so to should be malignant narcissists. For the same reasons. Remember violnence is only ok against the poor not the rich and powerful, stay in your lane plebs

6 things the Lord hates : A proud look a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that manufactures wicked thoughts and plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, false witness who breathes out lies [even under oath]and he who sows discord among his brethren. Every second he's allowed to stay empowers them more. More will join there ranks due to this power we are giving them, 1st by letting them go and now by letting DT stay! Call every person working in Congress now! Demand his immediate removal the Impeach and then indite!!!

Republicans are a conspiracy against the United States. Pence should change his mind and do it now. Pence knows these rioters were doing it at the behest of POTUS. Don't make us all go through months of wasted time on impeachment. Urge the VP and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th. POTUS is a sick man. InvokeThe25th

And just hours after this, trump messed up and call pence the P-word (and no not his name XP) if he didn't help him out. Now I'm excited to see what happens either way. stand your ground mr. Pence show America you are a man of your word. For better or Worse VP do what's right for America. Please invoke the 25th. Trump must be gone before next week.

AngieCLopez1 You are one confused girl. Sadly, it’s people like you who are destroying this country. Ask the trumpsters to respond to this : If we let the ‘Stealers’ get away with it, we let BLM get away with it in the future. healingImpeachment TRUMP PLAYING HITLER 😊😀🤓🤠, ASWELL BLACK POWER ✊✊✊WITH HIS FIST UP WITH BLACK GLOVES ON A PLOT AGAINST THE ELECTION, BLOWING UP THE CAPITOL 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣. UNJUST UNJUSTIFIED THOUGHTS ABOUT MURDER, TERROIST AND KIDNAPPING TOP REPRESENTATIVE 😊😀🤓🤠.

A During the Presidential runoff race I heard the Democratic party speak of a message of Unity and Healing. Please take the 'Impeachment Stick' and turn it into and 'Olive Branch' of Healing and Unity. Please reconsider your push to Impeach President Trump. Offer Forgiveness rather than Reprimand, Healing rather than Divisiveness, and Inclusiveness rather than Disenfranchisement. Prove to the 75 Million that voted for President Trump that the Democratic party is a party of Unity, a Party for all of the people in the USA.

They are afraid Trump will run in 2024. I’m proud of Vice President Pence for being the real republican. Until we meat again. it would prolly be extra to work on this rn. yeah, trump was ass. now fix our economy, fuck this publicity in congress BS. it’s all for getting re-elected. people pleasers instead of situation fixers

In typical fed gov fashion blame dont address the problem!!!! Trump is a fruit. That's known, but the fact that people are that upset with Congress should be a sign. Trump may have incited it but there is a deeper problem here!!!! But blame and act like everything's fine But omg, those women who need to have abortions VP Insurrection before abortion

Stupid fake news. Mike Pence is absolutely screwed no matter what he does. My heart bleeds for him. All that smirking and groveling and he still gets kicked down the steps like Grima Wormtongue. When Trump leaves office he is going to have lifetime Secret Service protection. The question is should Trump continue down this path against America can he keep that protection paid for by the American people.

Now that they tried to burn down the capitol and got pushed out of power. Republicans are talking about unity. For some reason I don't think they are being ingenuous.... They need to investigate the capitol police if they want real answers. Lets impeach Pence too. He is gutless and has been part of this. We all know he’s a patsy, but to deny he knew about this would be a fault on our part.

Why don’t you vote to get rid of ALL OF YALL and start over. Bunch of kids on the playground, clicked up! EnoughIsEnough Pence not willing to remove trump using the 25th is tantamount to supporting trump in a 2024 run for president and giving trump a small slap on the wrist for his lead role in the deadly insurrection.

A *GROTESQUE* injustice will occur unless we protest right now! Don't let the Trumps weasel their way out of answering for their crimes with a pardon! SPREAD THE WORD!!! 'NO PARDONS FOR THE TRUMPS!' NOPARDONSFORTRUMP On what? And 7 days until Biden gets lost finding the WH? Hint: Follow the Ryder Truck 🚚. Our TAX DOLLAR$ AT WORK!

Now that’s what you call trolling😂 they are actually just having a good old laugh! I wish someone would show me where his speech enticed those ppl to do the insanity and chaos. I'm serious. Maybe it depends on the state of mind of each individual who hears it I dunno What a beautiful scenery bro The house is a bunch of a**holes. Proved that during the whole pandemic

This is a terrible way to ask for peace in this country. Again, the Democrats dont want peace. How can we have peace when the Media has been showing riots everywhere and they do nothing to them? Democrats are hypocrites Without speaker Pelosi? What’s going on? You can't impeach a president because the election was stolen from him. StopTheSteaI2020

This is just plain stupid. They breached the area while Trump was still giving his speech. And we will fight like hell to keep communists from ruining and running our country. Okay so when I wake up tomorrow, this better be happening. Or I could just check timezones ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW Oh now you wanna impeach sit y'all asses down.

How far are they allowed to go before we call this treason? When will the military step in and make arrest That’s really what the American people want to know, WHEN? Everybody in the house trying to force Pence should resign immediately. This is a violent act against the vice president. After Pence already confirmed he opposed.

if this corrupt government and peaches him it just proves the corruption in our government we the people we the Americans will take our country back in your best interest do not do not do what you’re doing you need to back down and do it right Best news ever. Trump did not pay for violence but the Democrats did. impeach him watch a Civil War start it is don’t have anything to do with Trump.. it’s our crooked government it’s time for the people to take their government back

So you can have this? Fuck you. do you want to impeach Trump because all of the secrets that you have to hide. Pelosi Biden Biden son are frauds do not impeach Trump. The violence and the riots stopped when Biden got elected in a rigged election then you wanna blame Trump this is all the Democrats fault

Trump said it best Mike Pence is a 😽. One of the things he was spot on Mike_Pence SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden FoxNews CNBC CBSNews What has Donald trump got on Mike Pence that he is so scared? 🙏 He has commited acts of treason against the US and should be impeached ,tried and convicted.A leader of this country isnt out playing golf while people are losing their jobs and loss of life during this pandemic and he is not a leader of this country!

WHERE WAS CONGRESS FOR FOUR YEARSFoxNews LouDobbs HouseGOP HouseDemocrats SenateDems SenateGOP senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi He is a detriment to society,to the US.he has done nothing to help the people in this panmdemic,holding a rally just before the attack on THE PEOPLE S HOUSE!he s trying to cut everything down that Biden is going to improve!

No called for the congresswoman who incited violence against Trump supporters... What saying that's okay? VP, You could have invoked the 25th and you chose not to. We had 4,327 deaths to COVID19 yesterday. Did u realize that? It’s obvious you didn’t act in the best interest of Americans being the COVID19 TF Director, and by not using the 25th, ur failing to protect us again. 👎👎

The GOP and republicans are spinless, they don't care that trump is trying to destroy our country! I doubt they will convict or ban him from public 'service'! GOP = party of criminals traitors, and thugs! Beating someone with an American flag to them = a patriot! Sick! Ali Alexander have implicated 3 in organizing the siege of Capitol: ⚫️Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) ⚫️Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) ⚫️Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) All 3 of them who were involved in the siege of our Nation Capitol have violated their oaths of office and 3 of them must be expelled 🇺🇸🇺🇸

The U.S. Congress is A Lot of things but it is CERTAINLY NOT A 'House of Representatives' What is happening to america and it people? 133 mil people and 74mil of us see the through what the demons have been doing. Why cant our senate, house, supreme court see what 74mil americans see? Are they all that blind?

This is rediculous...Mr President Trump has fought these jacknuts for years. And all the insane things Pelosi and Biden have done goes unmentioned and ignored by all our leaders. Allowing tje demon party to get away with unhinged rioters, killings of innocent people. There would need to be proof that participants had no prior plans to storm the capital until they believed Trump told them to, which he didn’t. This is stupid

Who cares After Idi-Amin of Uganda, Trump comes next in term of worst PRESIDENT in the modern world Many americans are homeless, jobless, or haven't even received any unemployment benefits since the first time we shut down. Cut the fucking promises and just help your people America. All these bullshit ass distractions when there's bigger issues🤦

Fools..wickedness..liars...hypocrites...One day it will all be over... Good he needs to be impeached Waste of time! All for show! No need to vote again, if republicans turn on Trump. Republicans would be the same as democrats, they won’t stand up for our values. This makes me really not want biden in office

Spent the past 5 days studying US politics. I think I'm DemaRepubaLib 🤔 ThisIsUs AmericanPolitics Trump Biden Harris PelosiLovesTrump Congress usacapitol CNN FoxNews The Democrats back at trying impeachment will only a week left 🙄 How easily they can pass this B.S but Americans hurting from this Covid-19 Epidemic are still waiting on the $2k promised by Pelosi and Biden. Just shows where their priorities are 😡💩

Pence is not right but he is just a man.We have no idea how many death threats he is getting daily...the right, the left, trump, russia, etc.I believe he is horrified for himself & his family and can't wait for it to be over. Trust he has a grip on every sphincter in his body Trump may be a lame duck , but do you call lame Pense !

But Trump said on Twitter that it was useless to him. So what do you think is going on behind the scenes right now? IT TAKING LONG TIME IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED LAST NIGHT I like how they are so fast to prosecute the right yet BLM riots went on for 7 months, 500mil in damages, 15+ deaths, multiple federal buildings and statues damaged and no one held accountable even though there is massive evidence the left incited them.

I see the VP has thrown this hat in with the traitors and insurrectionists. There was a clear clarion call for standing up for what was right and honoring his oath to the constitution and America. He ignored that call. Coward. It's amazing how fast the government operates when it's main motivation is hate and revenge.

Yay Mike Pence super mensch! Boo intimidation and coercion ! We the people allow this you get what you get !! It’s disgusting the USA has fallen !! Remember do you think you can do to Biden what they did to Trump ? Surly if the VP won’t do what’s been asked of him he’s as bad as the president himself 🤔

Pence is useless. Mother pulls his strings. Forget about any help from him in removing the Orange Buffoon. Just impeach the Dumpster Fire already and get it over with! Sheesh! 🤦‍♀️ This system has been compromised. Your republic has fallen. You just don't see it yet. Democratic Congress! Maxine Water made a threat on public same as Harris ! It’s ok for Democratic Congress not Republican Congress! Democratic Congress is not above the laws! Pelosi withheld stimulus check and desperately needed help for USA and small businesses not Corporations!

If Trump is not removed after the latest nonsense the world will lose confidence in America for a long time to come. 👏👏👏🙏🇺🇸 Impeach Trump. My understanding: The Senate can impeach a private citizen, and the Constitution empowers the Senate to impose a sentence on the convicted that isn't limited to removal from office.

Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congress ! You and your Democratic Congress don’t have right to vote 25 Amendment Only People by People for people USA Vote! We’re Government! We’re are one vote whoever work USA’s Government! You have ask USA vote election 25 Amendment! The point so late in the game Please, Nancy, give us so.e relief! Because this guy's not gonna stop! He will start a war AND give Alaska to the oil robbers

Vice President Pence has proven to America that he is too weak to be a President. This was one of those moments that he had to show bravery and he was a coward. If the 'constitution empowers the vice president to exercise his constitutional oth of office to unseat the president. But the vice president refused to honor his oth, he is a party to the insurrection on the people of the United states. He has no regard for his own life.

GMA🌞! &🥱🐫 day! Your considering it! You’re thinking about it! Your thinking🤔about considering to think🤔about it! He do ooone more thing & that may be all it takes to consider talking about maybe thinking about having a conversation about thinking about it! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! JackHockett1 Pence is blowing 10 years of USSS protection by not removing Trump*. You’d think he’d want it, the way those terrorists were calling for his execution.

BREAKING NEWS- H B LAPTOP PICS HAVE BEEN RELEASED H B LAPTOP PICS- BREAKING NEWS HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP PICS- BREAKING NEWS Peloser & her satan-loving buddies r absolutely out of line! They work (ha) for “we the people” & it is time to set them straight. U all r the problem I'm 75 but I will NOT let u crooks destroy America or Trump. U do not run this nation Peloser!

Pence, Cruz, and Hawley all are weak. There is no reason for Trump to still be in office!!! This country has POOR leadership!!! Pence wont run again after selling his soul to this madman Stop creating more wounds to people that lost. Why can’t you let the people have the time to heal ? Give people a brake. Wowwww

What time The people of this country Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Conservatives and Liberals needs to come together and demand that our government to stop wasting money and start healing the country. This will only push us further on a deadly path to war. Trump should declare martial law and declare these individuals to be in a state of rebellion, and arrest every one of them.

How embarrassing to be a democratic in america, once a great country will be turned into a shithole. Have fun making excuses 😂😂😂 It's not like he only has a week left...... This is not right ! I cant do this because it's not right . The Presidentt did not invoke that crowd to do that at the White house. This witch hunt needs to stop. They need to quit acting like kids and quit using our tax dollars to do this! All there doing is bring more hurt

Pence should do his job.pece witness threats.we are recieving more much more illegal stuff trump can do ? Donald trump has been danger to our we get more threats nation wide.congress continue allowing danger from Donald trump I suggest Pelosi BIDEN and the rest of the wolves sit down with pence and whimper with the puppies

Why do we do this when we already know the result could someone explain this to me please Pence knows something we don't know. What is going on. I feel like I'm living in a different country. We have 15,000 National Guard ready to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. And in true fashion Trump won't even be at the transfer of power on Jan 20. I wish he could show up for work at least on his last day.

Trump ordered his followers to go to the capitol bldg this is an attack on America & must be stopped trump is dangerous and must be removed quickly Seriously, expecting Pence to be honorable after the last four years has got to be the definition of insanity. VP you'd think almost being dragged out and hanged at the Capitol would make you think differently. Nope not pence.

USA don't negotiate with TerroristTrump and his anti-constitutional cult of criminals! So, the vote was close but in favour of impeachment. I guess we wait and see what happens now? Yes ImpeachTrump SpeakerPelosi senatemajldr The truth is Biden will be Impeached for “laptop evidence when it comes to light, its will destroy him and more to the point. With America fighting internally her enemies circle and at her height of vulnerability “it becomes dangerous“... this is Bidens Unity...

If Pence don’t do what he supposed to do, his political career is over. Cuz an attempt to overthrow the government because you lost an election Certainly couldn't be grounds for impeachment, eh, trump suckers? The US will never heal... it’s so sad Where did our legal justice system go when citizens have a right to be innocent before proven guilty by the court of law? This is not how Thomas Jefferson or Madison wrote our great laws to use them to make mockery of ourselves.

Nothing but a desperate act by the House. Here's the proof that this is rigged and nothing will happen to Trump. Y would he do this 2 help the GOP is he so pissed at them 4 not backing him? Retweet 2 inform ppl. Absolutely ridicules when he's gonna be gone next week this really looks like they keep drinking the bath water

Get it done, over, get him outo.? Its pretty funny that they are trying to accuse him of 'inciting violence' when the people that started the 'violence ' didn't even listen to the man speak. 🙄 funny how that works huh? Everything about this is wrong I just hacked Pence’s phone using a simple sim swap from his Verizon carrier. He just sent Trump this msg: Pence: yo dude wtf? Trump: yeah dude I’m out Pence: bet

Pence had an opportunity to have significance, a legacy, but he chose to remain a footnote. its good news He's getting out soon anyways, idk why this matters. What is really sad is Evangelicals who are still standing behind Trump in the name of Christianity. It proves there really was a 4 year long witch hunt. Good luck to all who are continuing it! Hatred can only give you a temporary victory as with evil and lies! Love, goodness and truth always conquers in the end.

Impeach Republicans need to Man up / Woman up ! Make a stand against the defiant democrats !!!! They have stole this election and made everyone's vote (voice) silent !!!!! makeastand TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica proof or shut the hell up!! Praying they will NOT impeach!! This whole thing is ludicrous. The people we need to impeach are the ones who are perpetuating this insanity and who are NOT doing their own job because they're too busy HATING Trump!

What happened to Pelosi? I still remember she was opposing to Impeachment until end of 2019. Now Trump only has less than 10 days to go. Why bother? Very intriguing, indeed. If there is one thing that many have learned over the past weeks & days, it's that 'it's never over till it's over' & things can change on a dime. It happened twice today: first w/Liz Cheney in the House & later w/Senator McConnell, both favoring impeachment. Crazy!❤️🇺🇲📜⚖️😷👍👍🏿

Trump invited his supporters to DC to watch Democrats deny the reality of voter fraud and the reality that Trump had won a landslide victory as seen by his popular support. These voters came to hear the testimony of voter fraud. ANTIFA stormed the Capital to obscure reality. Trump needs to be arrested and when in custody impeached.

I will fix this for you guys... ImpeachBiden Pence may know something terrifying and is trying to not make waves for the next few days. Funny how the first President to ever have the 25th invoked on them was during the Civil War for going against Congress and was used to set a precedent. Trump did that a long time ago and has done more serious acts of insurgence!

Wasted precious time on this vote when had already said he is not going to do it. Dems r already late in bringing in their impeachment articles by six days When pence refuse to invoke the 25 make 👌🏻pence guilty and pelosi have the right to invoke the 25 impeach trump pence and Turn be the president pelosi util Biden get in 😕👌🏻

There cannot be a bigger coward than pence on this planet! How weak do we look to the rest of the world?! pence has the ability to hold the person accountable, who wanted to murder him, and he’s like I’m cool with that, to save a party that clearly is beyond salvaging! Smfh! Buncha crack heads. I’m not understanding why they did this knowing it wouldn’t happen. Could someone explain like I’m in 1st grade?

Impeachment is not enough. Trump should face criminal charges. Mike Pence will go down in the American history book as the worse VP America has ever had. Heinous crime committed by the Leader to destroy democracy remain unpunish. Now look at this america president. So no problem. RepMGS reveals some details of Capitol Police officers’ injuries not previously known: -The rioters tased officers and tried to shoot one with his own gun. -One officer will likely lose his eye. - RIP for the lives lost defending the Cap. 🙏🏾 EugeneGoodmanIsAHero

People don't realize that had this coup succeed, the US would no longer be a democracy it would have become a dictatorship ! If they want to live in a dictatorship MOVE ! VP 25thAmendmentTrumpNOW