House-Senate fix could break gridlock on 'surprise' medical bills

The administration is 'supportive,' according to a senior administration official.


Bipartisan efforts to protect patients from “surprise” medical bills are regaining momentum after stalling out over the summer

The administration is 'supportive,' according to a senior administration official.

Senate HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), called for swift passage of the package, though it's unclear whether there's enough time in a legislative calendar already consumed with impeachment and year-end spending debates. Congressional aides said details of the legislation were forthcoming.

The announcement comes as consumer advocates pushed for a solution that would hold patients harmless in billing disputes between health plans and providers. Congress set the issue as one of its top health care priorities this year, citing sometimes jaw dropping bills for care received out of network.

Both the Senate health and House Energy and Commerce panels approved legislation over the summer only to be confronted by a wave of attack ads over the August recess that

As outlined, the deal would also incorporate other unresolved health policy matters, by providing $20 billion over five years for community health centers. The package also addressed prescription drug costs with new measures to boost transparency and drug competition. It would also increase the age to buy tobacco to 21.

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